Saturday 3 September 2011

Retrospective Approval by Cats

Over the last few months I have reviewed a good number of items for this very blog. During that time I was in talks with the Ministry of Cat Approval about instigating an award scheme. I had hoped to start the blog with an agreement in place, however legal wrangles and a lack agreement of fair compensation for services rendered meant that I felt the need to move forward with my blog and hope to come to some arrangement later on with the Ministry itself. Well yesterday I was finally able to announce the unique collaboration between myself, this blog and the Ministry of Cat Approval over an award scheme designed to showcase simply the best products in the hobby. As part of this historic agreement the Ministry has kindly agreed to look back over my reviews and award certain products deemed worthy of the award retrospectively. So without further ado here they are:

Dwarf Kings Hold: Dead Rising ( Original Review and 2 month reappraisal )

Poppy: How longe du I has to sit here fur?
Macavity: Don't be rood and sits up straite. This game is ver gud, I fourt master wud be bored of it by now, but he seems to likes it moor evury day. Tis cleerly a ver, ver, ver gud game and peoples shud gets it.
Tybalt: I chewed one of its figures and teh non furry...
Macavity: Teh master!!!
Tybalt: Yeah, I is not goin to calls im teh master...
Macavity: You wud if 'e was 'ere.
Tybalt: Shurrup, teh non furry one gotte ver angree so I is guessin its ver valubull to him... so its teh best kinda chewings the kind dat annoys im.
Dinah: I is goin to talks about teh game, its ver balanced and technik... tekna... erm.. in-depth and has lots to lurn but is easy to plays it. Also is ver cheap for what it is.
Poppy: An teh box is too small for teh otha catz so only I can fits on it, so its a great Poppy bed!!!

Shuuro ( Original Review )

Poppy: Well its ver easy to giv dis an award as teh Turanga box is the purrfect size fur meh like teh otha one was. No otha kitteh can fit... ohh look a ball...
Tybalt: Yes and teh pieces are hard chewings, ver gud!!!
Dinah: I likes teh way its done new stuff with old stuff. Fewzion gaming is gud, almost as gud as fewzion cooking... mmmm...mareenated salmon with Sichuan pepper & orange sliseyz... oh Gods is anywun else ver hungry now?
Poppy: Chase teh ball, chase teh ball!!! Is fun.
Macavity: The master is likking it. When he is happy, I is happy, coz it means he's not shouwtin at us to stop been catz!!!

Ruby ( Original Review )

Macavity: Well she is a ver gud model. Yes. With cowgirl hats, butt I knows that hughman males will like it fur teh boobz and dynosaw. I get ver confuzed by hughman males.
Dinah: Quite, but is ver detailed and luverly sculpt.
Macavity: I agree but it needed a kitteh or sumthing. At least the hat hides the ears.
Tybalt: Yes but its ver soft chewings, so I'd says its not to be chewed daily, shud saves it fur ver special occassiunal chewings.
Dinah: I is seriously hungry, wud dynosaw make gud eatings?
Poppy: Wat? I is playing with a ball... oh yeah ruby is teh bomb... come here ball!!!

Y'Sala and Darkness ( Original Review )

Macavity: tho hughman males is weird and like boobz, I disagree with master on dis one, I think Y'sala is betta than Ruby. Fur starters her ears look more like a catz, and we know catz ears don't looks as silly as hughman ears.
Dinah: Hughman ears aside, tho they are silly, I feels that Y'Sala and Darkness are wunderfully compozed. Easily one of Studio McVeys bestest pieces.
Tybalt: Agains it makes fur delicat chewings, and you can't really sharpen pawz on its. But fur paintings I guess it'll do.
Dinah: Can you stop saying chewings I is gettin ver hungry!!!
Poppy: Where did teh ball go... wat you do with teh ball!!! Eh? Yeah Y'Sala is gud coz it sound like its a curry, and I likes curry... where'd teh ball go!!!
Dinah: Stop wiv teh food!!! Oh salmon curry... Wud master knows if I nibbled just a bit of it?
Macavity: Yes fur I wud tells him!

Y'Sidyra ( Original Review )

Poppy: Oh Gods teh ball!!! Where teh ball go, I need teh ball!!!
Macavity: Its another fine model from teh Studio McVey peoples. I likes it again coz its ver moving like a ketteh.
Poppy: Where is teh feckin ball... help me you basta..
Dinah: Any wayz you is right Macca, he is ver movin like a catz so is clearly ver awesome. Yes ver gud poze.
Poppy: SHUT UP bouts teh model, just says is gud an stuff and helps me look fur teh ball!!!
Tybalt: And teh base is nice and big and better for chewings, but teh faery thingy is ver delicat chewings so I'd still say its not fur everyday chewings... shud we help her look for teh ball?
Poppy: YESSSSS!!! Its gone missings!!!
Dinah: No and pleaz stop saying chewings, yu're all starting to look like tallkin salmon to meh!!!

However the Ministry has saved perhaps its most shocking announcement until last. The panel decided unanimously to take the unusual step of awarding the Seal of Cat Approval to an entire company, who have demonstrated a 'cat'mmitment (their word not mine) to excellence in all aspects of their business... without further ado, I give you the first company to ever be awarded the Seal of Cat Approval:

Dragon Forge Designs ( Omega Prime Review and Tech Deck Review )

Macavity: Whell I is not sure wat we can say about teh company. They is making teh bestest rezsin bayses that is knot destructables  by catz.
Tybalt: Yes I has tried chewings all of teh bayses teh non furry one keeps buyin' and I must say they makes teh best of teh chewings so fagh. Other bases do chip eazier and even snap under meh chewings. But thisa guys are gud!!!
Dinah: Butt its not only dat they make gud chewings boyz *rolls eyes* I needz food... tehy is looking fabulouz too. Teh Omega Prime bayses are purrfect for masters Alephz and teh Tech Deck ones look ver detailed!!!
Poppy: Seriously has anyone seen teh Ball!!! Oh tehre it is....

So there you... erm... have it. The 'considered' opinion of catz, sorry cats. As you can see not many have been awarded and it'll stay that way. Very few products will receive this accolade on this here blog and I'll use it as a way of showing people the products that I really like and I think I couldn't do without. Its just a way of distinguishing those exceptional products that are now a part of my life, from those that I deem just bloody good!!! Hopefully you guys will find it useful in my reviews, it'll very rarely come out so when you see it you know its something I personally endorse to the hilt. Peace out!


  1. O mai gawd!

    I has a prize!

  2. Well you should cherish it. Perhaps I should produce a certificate of some sort to give to those individuals who receive the award... I mean its a momentous occasion!!!

  3. LOL I gots won tooo :)

    Wed like a certificate :)

  4. Well it looks like I'll need to produce some form of certificate then I guess...

  5. Hey Frontline!
    Holy crap this was so funny!
    (cats are Xenos, y'know)


  6. Heya SinSynn, nice of you to drop by!!! Yeah anyone who has seen a cat lick its own bum knows that only dirty foul alien Xenos would do such a thing!!! lol.

    Thanks for the compliment, although I'm not too sure the cats will thank you for calling it funny. They took it very seriously and were adamant that I notate their deliberations exactly as they said the stuff... turns out that it looks a bit like lolz cat speech!!!