Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dragon Forge Resin bases: Omega Prime

Dragon Forge Designs

Resin bases and me didn't get off to a very good start as I mentioned earlier today, years and years ago before gravity had been discovered I brought some resin bases to mount some nicely converted knights onto. Things didn't start well, doing my usual washing trick with the resin and even though the water could be fairly described as tepid they started to dissolve a little bit like an Alka-Seltzer, things went from bad to worse when the first one I managed to save had more air bubbles in it than an Jacuzzi!!! In the end I binned them, muttered something about never again and cursed the gaming gods!!! However it turns out though things have moved on a fair chunk.

As I'm sure I may have mentioned at least once or twice now, I have turned into a pretty damn lazy hobbyist. Whereas before I'd gladly whip out the green stuff, slate, sand and plasticard now I just want an already done base and for me to just pin my minis to their already wonderfully sculpted bases. In my Games Workshop days I have to be honest and say the thought of plumping for resin bases for an entire Warhammer Fantasy Battle army brought me out in hives and gave me panic attacks... but since I'm now playing skirmish games its not so bad.

Its one of the many reasons I'm starting to love the smaller game systems because you can afford to go to town on things like resin bases to make your entire force look super awesome. So imagine my delight when my lazy eyes saw the Omega Prime bases from Dragon Forge Designs. It was meant to be, as I was trying to work out whether I was too lazy or not to dig out a compass cutter and some plasticard for mounting my Aleph force, and then a solution presented itself to me, so perfect it'd have been rude not to!!!

Character of the pieces 9 out of 10

If you've seen the studio paint job for the Aleph miniatures in Infinity you can't have failed to notice the utterly awesome bases they've been put on. They look sweet and I have to say the crisp clean look really appealed to me. What didn't appeal was the thought of cutting all those plasticard discs and straight edges. Luckily these bases do all that for me. They're sleek and crisp and ape the studio bases perfectly and match up beautifully to the Aleph Infinity aesthetic.

Detail 8 out of 10

The design of these bases isn't really meant to be hugely detailed as they're meant to look clean and crisp and futuristic, the sort of future really tidy moms and Apple would make. Luckily though they do indeed look clean and crisp, the molding is sharp and although the detail is 'minimalist' by design they are nicely detailed, perfect for Aleph if you ask me. As a design aesthetic I also like beveled bases that are sloped all the way without over hangs etc. and these are basically an Infinity base with detail on top and they don't add too much height to the base either.

Quality 10 out of 10

As I said earlier some of the first resin bases I got were... average at best. However these bases are really, really high quality. The resin feels more like a high quality plastic. No miscasts on over 30 bases and and absolutely no cleaning up to do and no minor blemishes. It takes a lot to please me 100% but I can't find fault with this product at all, Hell even my cats approved as I found the little feckers chewing on my 'reserve pile' which I then had to photograph for this review and trust me if they can stand up to my Maine Coons they'll stand up to any act of God or force of nature you can throw at them. So take a look at those pictures can you see much damage? I can't, and I had all four of the beastly small dog sized cats going at them!!! I just thank God they didn't eat any as the thought of the vets bill was enough to make me shudder.

Service 10 out of 10

Again I have to say that given I live in the UK and that these bases had to come from the USA, they got them to me in 5 working days. You really can't grumble at that and Jeff at Dragon Forge seems a really nice guy and very friendly and is very helpful. The bases were well packaged so there wasn't any scope for damage in transit, really good... then they turn up in the UK and my cats take a shine to them. Why didn't I get gold fish?

Price 9 out of 10

Although I spend a lot of money on my hobby at heart I'm a skin flint!!! So things can always be cheaper (even when they can't) BUT I think these bases represent absolutely fantastic value for money. For well over 30 bases I paid roughly £25 excluding P&P. I brought everything in the current range with a duplicate order on the 25mm bases. Honestly in terms of value for money they're brilliant and for saving me the agony and time of working with Plasticard and liquid poly I'm guessing they're probably some of the most worthwhile hobby purchases I've made in recent months and as such come heartily recommended.

Overall 9 out of 10

I'd highly recommend the Omega Prime bases to anyone who is just as lazy at bases as I've become and even to those who just want cool looking bases for their mini's.They do scream Infinity to me and in particular Aleph, but the hi-tech Pan-O and Yu Jing factions would look just as at home on them and hell maybe even the space pikey Nomads as well. I have some of Dragon Forges Tech Deck bases winging their way to the UK as I speak (type?) for the large Nomad force I got a few days ago so I'll hopefully have a review of those soon, but judging by the quality of these bases personally I'd have to go and give the entire range a thumbs up, if you like the look of a certain base range on the Dragon Forge website give them a go because these bases are utterly brilliant. Peace out!


  1. Thanks!!!
    Anyone has any questions feel free to stop by my blog or website or email to ask questions!

    Jeff Wilhelm

  2. Wow, thank you so much Sir. as the sculptor for this line I love to see people happy with them. :D

  3. Well thank you for sculpting them, a lot of the people I play Infinity with have seen these bases and really like them. I personally like them more than the Micro Art Infinity bases and that's saying something because they're amazing as well all round. My Aleph do look purty on them... just have to paint the buggers now!!!

  4. Just so you know, the original design of these were for my Aleph. ;) Make sure you post pictures onve they are painted!

  5. Yeah I know, I think you posted them on the Infinity forums didn't you? Pictures when finished, wow at the rate I'm currently painting we could be looking at 2020 at the earliest... and well we all know either the raptures going to get us soon or 2012 will. lol.

  6. They're brilliant Doc, they really are, nice and crisp as well so those straight edges are very straight.

  7. These are my bases for my ALEPH force. They look gorgeous painted in light and dark green (washed with devlan mud to bring out the recesses). It makes my ALEPH force look like it's running around on a circuit board, which is terribly appropriate.

    1. Yep I use them for my Aleph stuff too... they just look right for Aleph.