Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Review: Y'Sidyra Studio McVey

Again another miniature I was always going to buy. The pose is just so dynamic and full of movement. It looks impressive in the pictures you see of it and it only impresses more in the flesh. Its one of the few pieces in the Studio McVey range that looks like something truly energetic is happening and that the evil Y'Sidyra is about to pounce on something... and brutally kill it. Its just a really nice piece. Oh yeah and did I forget to mention that he's the second of my dark and nasty faeries!!! Yay more faeries.

Product description

So he's another naughty faery and from the looks of him, he's a pretty deadly naughty faery, with twin 'punching blades' attached to his hands. He's comprised of 5 pieces himself, those blades make up two of them, with two further strap type thingies that attach around his hips and flail off behind him helping greatly with the sense of animation and motion in the piece. The largest component though is his main body. There is also a highly detailed scenic resin base as well, which in itself is a work of art and easily the best scenic base out of all the Studio McVey pieces I own, its highly detailed and creates a 'scene' for Y'Sidyra to occupy.
Character 9.5 out of 10

As I've said he's a vicious looking faery that looks ready to slit somethings throat wide open. He's got so much animation and motion going on in his pose that he just begs to be stared at. Its a truly wonderful piece to hold in your hands and honestly the photographs can't do justice to the air and grace this piece possesses and just how bloody dynamic it is. Its just very, very powerful sculpting.

Detail 9.5 out of 10

Well I'm getting quite used to saying it now, but it is a very fine piece. I have to say I'd almost have been happy paying the asking price for his glorious resin base alone. Look at it, its just simply brilliant! Its a doddle to put together but its rocky goodness looks fantastical and craggy with stalagmites and stalactites and what look like lime stone columns built out of water erosion, honestly I think its superb... and the fact there's a stunning model to go on the top of it just makes it even better. To take you off on a bit of a tangent I've always been slightly disappointed with Games Workshops Dark Elf Assassin miniatures. They've always been a little bit too static for my liking, especially as they're supposedly representing a quite dramatic moment where they leap out and attack somebody quite brutally. Y'Sidyra is where they should be looking to any future inspiration, he's dynamic, aggressive, full of poise and menace. His armour is elegant and spiteful looking his overcoat elaborate and finely detailed and his sleeves and pantaloons are all billowy and alive with movement. He is a fabulous piece.

Quality 9 out of 10

No complaints again whatsoever. The resin base fits together perfectly well and I'm pretty sure the joint between the upper and lower level on the base won't require much green stuff at all to conceal. Its also made of stern stuff again because even the fine detail seems more than capable of standing up to a little bit of applied pressure. Y'Sidyra himself fits together pretty snugly too, but I think its fair to say I had a spot of bother with those two trailing belt strap thingies, but even they weren't too much hassle and it was more down to me not taking my time to work out how they were supposed to line up first... and one of my famous cats snapping one of them. Bet you can't tell which belt it was though can you? Nope because it was a clean break that went back together really, really well.

Service 9 out of 10

Once more if I can please ask you to look at my Ruby review, for a more detailed break down of service.

Price 9 out of 10

Y'Sidyra clocks in at £12.99, so the way I look at it you're paying £1 more over say Isabella or Al-Vianna for that sumptuous resin base... its well worth it to be honest, maybe its worth a little bit more as well. I think for a stunning dynamic piece you can't really grumble at that price. Especially when the market leader is charging quite a bit more for their single sculpts, none of which can't hold a candle too this... although that's probably more to do with them not being able to hold candles due to them melting, sorry I couldn't resist!!!

Overall 9 out of 10

Y'Sidyra is a glorious piece of sculpting and its pretty damn amazing how close Yannick Hennebo got to his original concept with this sculpt, it really is. Its another piece that oozes class and quality and if you're looking for a dynamic sculpt to paint then I really don't think you can go too far wrong with this. Peace out!

Assembly comments: The base is as easy as can be to put together, it comes in two pieces that fit together really well, and only the smallest amount of green stuff will be required to hide any joins. Y'Sidyra himself slots onto the base easily and his two sword arm things attach easily. The only bits which caused any issues were the two belt type ribbons that swish off the model, I recommend dry assembly here before you glue them in place to get them right, but be careful as they are really thin and won't take much to snap... and not letting cats near them to chew or tread on them, because as I say they're very fine and are quite easy to break... bloody cats.

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