Friday, 23 December 2011

Frontline Cat, now with added English!

Macavity is distraught

Frontline Cat is having a new recipe. It'll still have the same great lolzcatz flavour but will now have added juicy meaty chunks of English!!!

Well I tried having a bit of fun with the lolzcatz speech and letting Macavity do so articles, but it seems some of our non-native English speakers are having a bit of a hard time understanding the cats. Some of our native speaking English buddies too seem to have problems, which truth be told as a dyslexic I can fully understand. So the next articles will have added English with little bits of lolcatz speech, I'll also go back and edit the previous articles to make them slightly more 'comprehensible'. Macavity is distraught that his Sweedish, German, Polish, French and Spanish friends couldn't understand how awesome his opinions are and has decided to let me translate his words into English... after he went and sulked for a couple of hours. Peace out!

Articles now with added English:

Macavity Ponders: Battlefoam
Clash of the Dungeon Crawlers Quarter-finals
Clash of the Dungeon Crawlers Semi-Finals
Clash of the Dungeon Crawlers Grand Final

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