Thursday, 22 December 2011

Macavity ponders: Battlefoam

Right there is this bloke in Americat whu makes all these really awesome bags amd stuff fur teh masters miniatures. I mean they is gud as kat beds but we kats think he can do better! What is teh point in putting miniatures in bags enyway? You only takes them out again! Tis ver strange behaviour if you ask meh. Why doesn't this Rowmeeyo fella just make teh Battlefoam kat bed instead? It would sells far better than teh stoopid miniatures bags he sells now!

Tis obvious that teh foam is designed fur kats, it keeps us warm amd comfurtable. It would keep us safe to amd you wouldn't wont your kats to get damaged now would you? Who would keep your lap warm then? Now I know you Hughmans aren't ver gud artists (unless it is teh piss variety) like us kats are. Your puny eyes can't focus properly and sees stoof properly. Tis not your fault you is rubbish really. So I haz done some wicked awesome pictures fur teh Rowmeeyo fella to copy amd makes us kats some propa Battulefoam so we don't have to put up with teh inferior bags enymoar! Take a look:

Greytest deesign eva: Paytent Macavity

So what do you think? Pretty awesome right? You could stack them to, you know to make a proper kat palace! I bet my master would buy meh at least one fur Kristmus. Email meh Rowmeeyo amd we can discuss contracts. Paws owet meow!


  1. What do I think?

    I haven't bothered to read any of your cat/speak articles. Which is unfortunate because that is all that seems to be happening.

  2. @Spifferson, sorry, but in the run up to Christmas there is no way I'm going to be sensible or posting serious articles... unless Sarissa Precision contact me anytime soon! I'm aware that lolzcat speak isn't the easiest of things to read... but a lot of readers asked me to do them. so here they are. The hits haven't been too bad on them to be honest with you considering it's the run up to Christmas.

  3. I'll probably shut my blog over the xmas period. Thinking of posting a picture of my Guinea pigs in xmas hats. That will probably be the only post for 2-3 weeks.

    It's a slow period, especially for us in the southern hemisphere as its xmas and summer holidays at the same time.

  4. @Vomkreig, I'll continue posting stuff as I like doing it and it keeps me out of trouble!!! lol.

    By the way Guinea Pigs in Christmas hats sounds full of Epic win. Carlie Sheen would approve.

  5. Me liek the cat speak articles, my kitteh's concur they wantz beddez too !

  6. @Sorrowshard, I tell you what mate, my fecking cats have turned all my Battlefoam bags into nothing more than chuffing glorified cat beds!!! The little buggars.

  7. Needs moar Tybalt!
    ....and I luvs da kitteh posts....

  8. @SinSynn,there is zero chance that the whirlwind of destruction that is Tybs will ever be let loose on a computer. The little beggar would eat the damn thing.