Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thank you Mike McVey!!!

My Sedition Wars Maps!!!

Some days you feel like the world is against you, not just rubbish, but actively working against you. You've finished giving CV's out to plenty of people who'll just chuck them in the bin and ignore you. You've sent off countless job applications to people who probably won't even bother reading it and will just pick people randomly out of a hat for interview. Hell you've been rained on, missed you're train home and dropped the change you'd saved for a fecking bag of crisps down a drain while being rained on, after missing your fecking train home. Some day's suck so hard you wander whether your life is just one big cosmic joke for some higher entity that takes great pleasure in your abject misery...

...and some day's you get home and somebody has done something really nice for you that you didn't expect and almost certainly didn't deserve!!! That somebody is Mike McVey at Studio McVey. A few days ago I mentioned how they'd published the Alpha rules for Sedition Wars and how you should all get involved. I was originally planning on using my Space Hulk board tiles and any old miniatures I had lying around because I'm skint. Well Mike has sent me some really nice looking maps for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabster, which my cat Tybs clearly approves of. However getting the maps out of the well packaged tube something else fell out...

Well to be more precise 'something's' fell out. Mike has sent me a load of Colonial Vanguard miniatures:

and then to top it all off I have a beastly Strain miniature too...

  • Brimstone (utterly awesome looking gribbly monster and my favourite of the Strain)

Just want to say a very big personal thanks to Mike for cheering me up after having some pretty awful days recently. Its very much appreciated and it shows there are still tip top people out there. Peace out!


  1. Nice one, hopefully you can write a battle report using the system.

  2. I'm looking to get some games in, and I'll give my thoughts into Mike and I'll certainly do a write up on my blog about how it plays and my thoughts. So far I genuinely think it looks like it could be an interesting board game.

  3. Great stuff! Looking forward to your thoughts on the system.

  4. Huzzah!

    Occasionally I get packages like that in the mail yesterday ;)

  5. @Pacific, for an Alpha I don't think its too bad you know. I think some of the rules need to be clearer and as always diagrams would help, as they do in all rulebooks, but I think they're pretty sturdy foundations tbh.

    @Jeff, yeah but I know what was in your package and it wasn't as good as mine!!! :P

  6. That sounds like a shocking day to start with...then BOOM what a turnaround! That right there is a step above community spirit!! Plus, the minis are very lovely!!

  7. Best of luck to you on the job front- I know very well what you're dealing with. My situation ended nicely with a posh job, so sending "money and recognition vibes" to you.

    And how nice to get loot in the post!

  8. @Ven & Lo, yeah it sucks to be out if work especially after it was no fault of your own just another casualty of the economic cock up facing the world. Still I try and keep things positive I keep myself busy... shame though I was good at my job and I take pride in everything I do, but its not enough in this economy. So yeah Mike sending me free stuff was just so nice and unexpected. I again urge people to go over and have a look at what Studio McVey are doing give Sedition Wars a read and maybe even a go and help them shape it into an awesome game.

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