Tuesday, 29 May 2012

And the winner of the Heavy Gear PDF's is...

Me!!!! Nah, I'm only kidding, I didn't enter... mainly because I don't win competitions... because I never enter. It's a vicious cycle! The actual winner of the Heavy Gear Blitz PDF's, who was pulled out of the Sainsbury's carrier bag of win is none other than Heid, Avatar picture thingy below, just in case there is more than one of you:

I checked out Heid's profile to see if they had a Blog or anything. Turns out Heid started writing a Blog on December the 13th, 2011. It wasn't quite a Friday the 13th, although it might well have been. He hasn't written anything else on it since. So I'm now using this opportunity to try and publicly shame him into writing more stuff... hey how about you start with a review of your awesome Heavy Gear Blitz PDF's? Also did I mention that I'm his only follower? I think we should all follow his Blog and put loads of peer pressure on them until they cave, and start writing again. Any way if you could email me Heid at:


I'll sort of getting you your prize. Oh yes and congratulations, that's a lot of PDF goodness you now own. Peace out!

PS. There are still two more competitions running on this Blog. The Bushido faction giveaway and the £40 gift voucher for Sarissa Precision, if you haven't already done so follow the links and enter yourself into the competition.


  1. Umm....congratulations to Heid on the PDFs & the bad press for his blog...attempt?


    1. He's probably going to hit me when he see's me!!! lol


      It'll be worth it though. Lets hope he takes less time to respond to winning this competition than Jordan did.

  2. Hey, thanks man, wasn't expecting that, my record in these types of drwas is terrible. I'll drop you an e-mail once I get home - I do like the look of HGB, so this will be a nice head start into the game.

    Yeah, apologies for the blog - I got all carried away in the run up to Xmas, then realised that I spend all my time reading other blogs, thereby leaving no time to actually complete my own - d'oh!!

    Consider me duly chastised, I'll try to use this as an opportunity to re-start my blogging muse - I'm working on a Malifaux board at present so I might as well start with that.


    1. =P

      Don't worry too much about the Blog. Just write when you can, if you want to. I'd be interested in reading your thoughts on building a board though. I mean I'm currently working on some scenery and board myself so I'd find it useful too.

      I'll look forward to getting your email and letting John Ngyen knowing your email address etc so you can claim your prize.

    2. Hi Heid,

      you said you'd email me after you got home from work. It's roughly 8:00 now and I've still not had your email. I'd like to get this wrapped up tonight if I could, so could I ask you to email me ASAP? I'd like to get the Freebooter's Fate Rulebook competition online tomorrow and I need to clear this one off my desk first.


    3. E-mailed you just now.

  3. Grats Heid! (>^_^)>[='=] *celebratory cake*