Tuesday, 29 May 2012

HoP Idol 2 - The revenge


As some of you will remember from last year, I took part in a Blogging contest over at the International House of Paincakes. I did pretty bloody well at it too, winning the first three rounds comfortably, because I'm utterly awesome. I was leading in the fourth round with a big bloody lead too, but real life got in the way and I had to bow out of the competition, when clearly I was going to go on and come second... wait what? Trust me I don't think anything I could have written for the final round of the competition would have topped Vons final entry, which deservedly won him the competition. Any way why am I telling you all this? Well they're running another competition this year... and... sadly real life is getting in the way yet again for me. Bugger! So I won't be entering this year either, so that should give the rest of you a chance! So if you fancy entering what are the rules of the competition? Well here are the competition rules lifted straight from their website:

  1. Write an article of up to 500 words that you think clearly represents your style and viewpoint.  There are no restrictions on topic, so feel free to send us a news report, battle report, tactics article, painting/modeling tutorial, or whatevs.  All we care about is that it is about tabletop gaming/ roleplaying and that it's short enough that we can quickly read them and potentially publish them quickly.
  2. Do not publish the article created for step 1 on your own blog.  All content for the HoP Idol contest is to be considered exclusive to the HoP without written permission.  We will link every article back to your blog (if you have one) every time we publish and you're welcome to link to the articles on the HoP.
  3. Send your article to contest@houseofpaincakes.com .  Make sure that the subject line includes "HoP Idol entry."
  4. The article may be attached as a word or text document in html format or embedded into the body of an e-mail.  You may include up to one picture in your article which must be either attached to your e-mail or otherwise embedded in your article.  
  5. The deadline for submitting your article is Thursday June 7.  We will beginning announcing contestants shortly thereafter.
  6. Questions can be sent to info@houseofpaincakes.com

If you want to have a look at the original article you can do so here. So if you're up for it you should enter the competition, in fact I sorta demand it of you. I need someone to go out there and stand up for the broader pantheon of wargaming, and uphold the ideals of polygamist wargaming that we all at Frontline Gamer hold so dear to our games whore hearts!!! The House of Paincakes is a really good wargaming Blog, and an even better Blogging network. It was the first Blogging network that I joined when I started my own Blog, and they've been a great help to me here at Frontline Gamer towers, offering me useful advice and support. If you have a wargaming Blog you should join their network too. Peace out!


  1. It certainly is tempting, but I'm not sure if I would be able to adhere to first prize schedule.

    Not that I'm so confident of my abilities that I think I would win, but stranger things have happened.

    1. That's certainly a consideration. People will have to decide for themselves whether they can commit to producing that much work. I do hope though some of the more varied Bloggers out there enter and that it's not just another 40k sausage fest!!!