Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Infinity May releases


Once again we're at that time of the month, where we gawp in awe at the shiny toys Corvus Belli are planning on selling us for the best looking wargame on the market, Infinity. This month has some pretty sweet looking mini's, nothing unusual there then! However, I'm making a slightly sad panda face right now, because I'm going to have to go at least another month or two without the Missions / Campaign rulebook, which the game is starting to desperately need now. But also because I'm not getting to see either the Raicho TAG for the Morats or the Iguana TAG for the Nomads. However, we do at least have something I've been waiting a long time for...

Deva Functionaries and Devabot's

First up we have something that pretty much all Aleph players have been begging for, for over a year now. Not some more Deva Functionaries, not that they're unwelcome, especially when they look this good, no, what we've all been waiting for is the Devabot's and finally we have some. I might have done a little dance when I saw these mini's. The Devabots look suitably similar to both the Dakinis and Garudas, but different enough to be their own distinct 'thing'. I like them. I do though like the two new Devas a lot more. The new male Deva Functionary looks particularly good and dynamic, and the female Deva also looks pretty darn good brandishing her knife, and sporting a severe 80's power haircut... or perhaps she's just gone a bit emo. Either way I think they're cool looking, and would be a welcome addition to any Aleph collection. So why have people being clamouring after this unit? Well I think it's mainly because the Deva Functionary Lieutenant is actually a good solid Lieutenant choice for Aleph, and they're supposed to come with a Devabot. So obviously if you pay for something in points you want it on the tabletop! The Devabot actually makes a damn good Lieutenant body guard as well, as it has a heavy flame thrower and electric pulse, so anything getting too close will be hit, meaning you don't have to worry about the Devabots low BS of 10. The Devabot is also quite nippy with its Mov of 6-4, so you can get it in position easily enough to take care of any emerging threats. I like Deva's and I'm glad they've got their Devabots finally. These will find their way into my Aleph force for sure.

Dozer Field Engineer

Next up is a release for Ariadna. Now I have very mixed opinions of the Ariadna range, either I love them, and really like and get the military vibe of them... or it's the complete opposite, and I just can't stand them. I love this Dozer though, I really, really do. I love his helmet (stop it! You dirty beggar), his face mask, his backpack, his bandoliers... the whole works. I think he just looks all sorts of awesome, standing there like some hard knock, nonchalantly surveying the battlefield, his clunky Traktor Mul control device at his side. For me when Corvus Belli do current / retro / near future military chic right, they really do it right, and I think with this miniature they got it right, it is splendid looking, some say arguably the best of the bunch this month. Ariadna players will feel like they've had far too long a wait for this miniature though, especially after Corvus Belli cruelly released the Traktor Mul's months and months ago now. But here he is, he's not wearing a crop top or hot pants, and he's certainly not a cheesecake. So why have Ariadna players been so desperate for him? Well because the other Dozer isn't really 'suitable' as a controller of the awesome looking Traktor Mul, plus it's carrying an Akrylat-Kanone. Dozers have a pretty average BS 11, pretty standard Mov 4-4 and CC 13. Their PH 11 and WIP 13 aren't really anything to write home about either really. But they do come with D-Charges and only cost 18 points. Result!

Malignos Hacker

Ah yes the Combined Army, the only gribbly alien faction in Infinity, so I know a certain somebody will be pleased to see them get a  release this month. I know a lot of people don't like the Combined Army mini's, and in particular the Shasvastii stuff. I happen to love the look of them, and I happen to really like this mini, even though I was surprised to see another Malignos released this month. The visor across his face does look a little like something you'd expect to see in Mass Effect, but hey, it's cool looking so does it matter? I also really like his HUGE hand, which I guess is a hacking device of some sort, and I always like the Combined Army weapons, so this really is a home run sculpt for me. It just ticks a lot of the Combined Army boxes for me. So is it worth fielding? Well yes actually. They might be an expensive hacker, but they are potentially one of the better offensive hackers in the Combined army. They have TO Camo, an auto medikit and infiltration... for an offensive hacker that's really not too bad a list of skills. They have a good solid PH 12 a damn good WIP 14 that puts them in the 'good hackers' category. They even have a decent BS 12. At 49 points and 0.5 SWC I actually quite like them, but it's a sizable chunk of any Combined Army force... as always it comes down to what you want to do on the table. You can't take all the nice toys, and this is a nice toy.

Nomad Support Pack

Last month we had a Yu Jing support pack, and this month we get a Nomad Support pack. I fully expect to see more of these boxed sets. Apparently these are being released with that new rulebook, we haven't had released yet, in mind. So again I'm hoping this means it's really, really close now. In terms of what you get in the boxed set we've already seem the incredibly cute looking Zondbot's and the ever so Nu Metal looking Clockmaker... seriously he looks like an extra from some God awful Papa Roach video, or maybe early Linkin Park... any way... the only new sculpt in the packet is therefore the rather different looking Daktari. Here's a picture of her on her own:

I like the dynamic pose.

As you can see she's quite a bit different from the current cat girl furry effort... and... I quite like her! The previous Daktari split opinion quite a bit, some liked the cat girl with her bum sticking out, others... well... didn't. I don't think this sculpt will divide opinion quite as much as its predecessor, but I think it might be as equally loved. I love the action of the pose, with her dashing across the battlefield to go and help a fallen comrade, her huge mane flowing behind her. Its a great sculpt. So are they any good? Well the Clock Maker is spookily similar to the Dozer, except he has a WIP 15, so yeah that's a result for me! The Daktari isn't a bad Doctor option either, as she is as cheap as chips at 14 points and 0 SWC. Her WIP of 13 doesn't make her the best medic in the game, but at those points she doesn't have to be. Link either of them with the Zondbots for an extra 3 points and you have a far safer way of using their respective skills. Personally I think most Nomad forces should consider having these options around. So it's a good solid release for me, even if there were already options available for them, and that I already have them. If you haven't you should pick this box set up.


And so we come to the last release of the month, and it's the official / unofficial Angel Giraldez leaked mini we got to see earlier in the month. Yet more reinforcements for the foul forces of Pan-O. I happen to really love the tri-horn head of the Mulebot EVO Repeater, I just think as a design it looks bloody brilliant, and aesthetically it just appeals to me. The other Mulebot with combi-rifle is OK, but I just think its average looking. Nothing wrong with that, but next to the sexy looking EVO Repeater its just put to shame. So how about using them in anger on the tabletop? Personally if you have a hacker in your force you ought to have an EVO Repeater no matter what faction you are. It's just the way it is. This cool little REM also has Baggage, which ups your retreat value as an added bonus. Sweet! If I was a Pan-O player it would be my Mulbot of choice. The Mulebot with Minesweeper is useful but that's what grunts are for surely? Right? The final Mulbot option is a pretty nice cheerleader defender, or an attack support REM, the Total Reaction Mulbot with Combi-Rifle. It will hit people with it's full burst in ARO and might be enough to dissuade an attacker, it's certainly something your opponent will need to deal with, and for 21 points is worth a punt maybe. Again this month it seems we have a useful release for those dastardly Pan-O players.

So even though this months miniatures are really quite nice, and I love the Devabots and new Deva Functionaries I'm calling this month a let down, because we have no campaign or mission rulebook. For me every month that goes by without it being released now I think Infinity gets harmed a little as a game, and a product. As such every month that passes by without its release will be a huge disappointment for me. I just really, really hope Corvus Belli can pull their collective fingers out, and get it out soon, as the game really needs it now. I get the feeling that some of the veterans are getting tired of waiting for what is essentially the last missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. But enough of the negative vibes, what's my favourite mini of the month? The Daktari is splendid looking, but not quite good enough. I also love the new Deva and Devabots, and they too were close to taking the accolade... but not quite. While I like the Dozer I don't think it's quite as good as the previous two none contenders, so it's not him, nor is it the splendid looking Malignos. So yep it has to be that EVO Repeater Mulbot. Peace out!

PS. This is a delaying tactic, because I've just picked the winner of the Heavy Gear Blitz PDF's from a Sainsbury's carry bag, and I need a distraction for you all while I write a brief article up!!! And yes that does mean I know who has won...


  1. Huh.
    well now I know I'm weird- I love the look of the Shas, and it's the Combined monkey troops I dinna like the look of (Morats).
    Waddayagonnado? Different strokes, different folks, I guess...

    I've been lurking about the Infinity forums a bit lately, and I've finally managed to order the templates.
    Now I've gotta get to a...wood cutting store?
    What does one call these places? I'm positive lumber mills don't exist in NYC...
    I need a 4x4 piece o' wood (that's what she said) for a tabletop.
    20 sided dice? Totally funky, by the way.

    I'm pretty psyched- the latest quickstart rules really cleared some of my questions up- very simple, nicely laid out and...awesome artwork, even.
    My online hobby-shopping-place, The WarStore, never has Infinity accessories in stock. It'll be there for a day, but everyone like myself has the e-mail alert set up.
    I was lucky to get the templates.

    Xenos posts incoming...I'm so happy, there's a lil' tear in the corner of several of my stalk mounted occular appendages.

    1. Yeah the new quickstart rules are pretty splendid actually and a really nice touch from CB.

      I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make of Infinity actually SinSyn. I'll be keeping an eye out for any articles you might be writing on the game.

    2. Here ya go, buddy

      There may be a reference to you in there somewhere!

    3. Had a read of it, and found it interesting. I hope you enjoy the game and you can get yourself a group of players together.

    4. In my opinion it is a really good game. It only needs a bunch of scenaries so there are no more "cheerleaders" (cheap miniatures that are only good to increase poolof orders).

    5. Well I'm a bit of an odd sod where Infinity is concerned. My so called cheerleaders are always used to provide covering ARO fire for my super soldiers or Rambo's as it were. I really don't get this whole hide a load of cheap troops in a corner and hope nobody blows them away. The amount of times I've landed an AD trooper behind enemy lines and wiped out theor orders with 1 grenade is silly... or an over zealous HMG. lol. You need to use them or lose them against good gamers... and if I may be so bold, I'm a bloody good gamer.

    6. PS. I 100% agree with you over the missions book. Corvus Belli bring that out and we're golden.

  2. A Daktari that doesn't suck! May the gods of dirty, dirty Nomads be praised!

    Totally getting one of those now.

    1. I didn't mind the previous Daktari as much as some people did, but I have to admit I prefer this one.

  3. I really liked the other Daktari! :P

    The Nomads have a great Manga-esque appeal, with the Daktari, Uberfallkommando and lolly-pop wielding Moderators..

    Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure, although I read that the much maligned Daktari is consistently in CB's 'top 5 sellers' list. Not everyone wants bad-ass, masked hard-asses looking like bad-asses all the time! :)

    1. Indeed, I'm told it's in the top 20, but given the list of mini's that is impressive. It's not that I didn't like the previous Daktari, I liked it was cheeky. But I can understand why some didn't like it.