Monday, 2 January 2012

System ∞ terrain launches today!!!

A simple Pod Combo I've used.

Yep as the title says! The Sarissa Precision System ∞ terrain is now available to buy. That is all for today as I'm going to have to go to the Police Station to report a crime. You see I woke up yesterday (1/1/2012) with a searing pain in my head and then later discovered that all my money had disappeared!!! The only plausible explanation that I've been able to come up with is that I was clearly bloody mugged. The blaggard must have koshed me over the back of my head, and then made off with my money. It must have happened at some point just after midnight because things get a little bleary after that. Oh yeah here's the price list for the System ∞ stuff:

  • Habitation Pod - Explorer: £12 ( My Review )
  • Habitation Pod - Settler: £16 ( My Review )
  • Habitation Pod - Family: £20 ( My Review) )
  • Commercial Pod - Plaza: £22.50 (not yet reviewed)
  • Industrial Pod - Warehouse: £22.50 ( My Review )
  • Roof Access ladder kit (contains 2 ladders): £5
  • Pod Trade Sign Set: £2.50 (not yet reviewed)
  • Pod Tech Panel Set: £5 (not yet reviewed)
  • Pod Internal Wall Set: £5 (not yet reviewed)
  • Silo: £7.50 (or 4 Silos with both ladder and support kits for £30) ( My Review )
  • Silo Support set, 2 Supports: £5 (see above silo review)
  • Silo Vertical Ladder Kit: £5 (see above silo review)
  • Silo Horizontal Ladder Kit, 2 Ladders: £5 (see above silo review)
  • Shipping Container: £7.50 (or 4 Containers for £25) ( My Review )
  • Satellite Array: £7.50 (not yet reviewed)
  • Street Lighting x6: £5 ( My Review )     
  • Street Canopy with Lighting: £5 ( My Review )
  • Solar Panel Set: £5 (not yet reviewed)
  • Air Con Unit / Access Door: £5 (not yet reviewed)

That's all that has been released for now. You might notice that the gantry system has yet to go up on Sarissa Precision's website. That's because they're making some last minute adjustments to them after they received some feedback from you guys and yours truly. Hopefully I'll be able to review the new and improved gantry system at some point this week and you'll all be able to order it ASAP. Also any items I've yet to give a review to will also be getting reviews shortly. Peace out!

EDIT: Insomniazzz on the Infinity forums asked if I could post some more comparison picks with a normal sized Infinity mini. So here they are:

As you can see they're fairly big....

Inside the Explorer (smallest) Pod

Inside the Settler (medium) Pod, those stanchions can be moved around

Inside the Family (largest) Pod... look how small he looks

Hopefully people will find these pictures useful when trying to gauge the size of the buildings themselves.


  1. Dear Lord....they thought of everything!
    Solar panels....multiple ladder variants...signs?

  2. @SinSynn, I think that was their aim all along. To have a good range of modular options ready to go from day one. I think it's the right way to go about it if you ask me. It's a shame the gantries weren't quite ready to go from day one. However, its better they release something everybody is happy with rather than rush things out just for the sake of getting them out.

  3. I ordered mine! Started with Hab Pod (Settler), 4 Silos and Roof Access set. I wish I could afford more, but this will have to do for now.

  4. @Angus, everything in moderation as they say!!! The settler pod is a really good size actually. I think the urge to build upwards when you start playing Infinity is massive, but actually what you need is a lot of ground coverage I've found.

    Once you've got the ground level coverage sorted then you can start adding some height. Well that's what I've found anyway. The Sarissa Precision stuff, as it's modular allows you to do this and to go at your own pace!

  5. Waitaminute...Does the street lighting set really come with 6 individual street lamps? Because if it does then it's really good value for the money.

  6. @mDZ, yes as far as I'm aware there are 6 street lights. 3 tall and 3 short. They come with laser cut acrylic discs to represent the lights. Just to be clear they aren't 'actual' lights. I'll be reviewing them along with the other street 'clutter' I have at some point this week.

  7. Did my question imply that I thought they were actual lights? :)

  8. @mDZ, nope but this is the Internet and I find it's always best to ere on the side of caution. I don't want somebody trying to sue me because they thought some HDF and clear acrylic actually constituted real lights!!! lol. My review of them should be up tomorrow along with the review of the Street Canopy and the AC Unit / roof access thingy.

  9. I love these! I already spent my monthly hobby budget but I will pick them up as soon as possible. :) Any advice on what to get first if you're just starting out on building your Infinity terrain?

  10. @gmarksthespot, that's a really interesting question actually. And my answer is I don't really know!!! lol.

    Here's some things I'd consider though:

    1) If you are just starting to fill a board with terrain then look at ground coverage first. Rather than height. Luckily thois terrain is modular so you can build up.
    2) The terrain needs to block LoS. You probably have terrain from other games, possibly 40k. This stuff is OK when starting out but will rapidly show itself to be unsuitable. Some cheap LoS blocking terrain will help though.

    With that in mind I personally think ordering as many of the shipping containers as you can would be a wise Idea. You can drop them at choice locations all over your board. They can be stacked etc. The other pieces of terrain to consider would be the Explorer and Settler Pods. Again because they can be scattered around the table and stacked if you want them to be. What sort of budget do you have? If you give me a ball park figure and the size of board and what other sort of terrain you have I'll give it some thought and try to come up with a good list for you. I hope that's helpful. :)

  11. Thanks, that was actually very helpful! My budget isn't much, usually around US$20-30 a month. But, the table I aim to game on is 4x4 so I'm hoping it won't take too long to fill up. :)

  12. Just reading msg boards, the Gantries will be coming soon. We have made a detail change that effected a number of parts that needed cross checking across many components, and added 2 new kits we hadnt thought of as a result.

  13. @Gmarksthespot, my advice would be to save your funds up for a month or two, possibly 3. Order a few of the Settler Pods and the Shipping container bundle and see what you want to add from there on out. THe reason I say save up is because if you go over £30 you'll get free shipping. :)

    @Gary, yep I've just seen the 'amended' designs. They look pretty good and will strengthen the walkways quite a bit. They also add further detail so that's nice!!!

  14. I was wondering if you were going to review painting them at all. I've never dealt with HDF before so I have no idea about any specific painting requirements and durability issues.

    I can only imagine a table full of them unpainted would look pretty bad and it sort of bleed into one big eyesore.

  15. @Went Aqwer, sorry this was in the spam folder for some reason. Not too sure why!!!

    It doesn't look too bad unpaited to be honest with you... but you're right it really should be painted! If you bear with me I'll be doing some 'things' with the Sarissa Precision Secenery when I get a bit more of it as I'm planning on doing a series of articles of making an Infinity board with them. :) Hopefully that'll show you some ideas. Honestly though there is no problem with painting these and no risk of damage or warping. I inked my Old West buildings and they're fine.

  16. They do look okay to me unpainted, but in the sense of one or two at most per-table sort of way. But if they take inking then they'll take full painting.

    I'll definitely be getting some of the smaller pods with the access ladder kit and maybe the solar or air unit.

    I will have to make a more natural bases for them, the sharply defined rectangles won't quite fit with my greenery tables. Though they'll match real nice on my dessert board.

    That's as far as I'd go just based on reviews. Need to handle them myself to invest more.

  17. @Went Aqwer, yet again a comment of yours seems to have got caught up in the spam filter. Sorry about that, I have no idea why, or how I can stop it very frustrating! Hope it hasn't put you off commenting here.

    Any way, don't get me wrong I think they need painting, I just don't think they're an 'eyesore'. I totally understand wanting to see them for yourself though, I'm the same with things. I'm sorry though I don't have the AC unit or solar panel to show you, so sorry about that.

  18. Looking at these reviews FG, I'll have to start badgering Rob at Firestorm Games to get this jazz in for my Infinity lusts!

  19. If it is at all relevant to the spam folder issue . . .

    I type out my entire reply, select profile: 1. OpenID, 2. input the OpenID url in the pop-up window, 3. Click "Publish" browser changes to yahoo, 4. Click okay on the security window pop-up, 5. Sign-in to yahoo if not already, 6. Get taken back to blog page, 7. Input bot prevention text, and 8. Click publish again.

    7. and 8. may or may not be interrupted by editing. For this particular post I have edited and was already signed into yahoo.

  20. @Flipswitch, well if Rob wants to have a smooch at the stuff let me know. I was in Firestorm Games recently. Finally met him and had a chat. Nice fella. Only thing is there wasn't much Infinity on the shelves which was a shame.

    @Went Aqwar, that might be it. Blogger seems to take issue with Yahoo for some reason. No matter. I check my spam filter on a regular basis. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything at my end!!! :)

  21. To be honest most of his Infinity stock has been there quite a while, I've been in buying what I can but a lot of the stuff (Ie HaqqIslam and CA) hasn't really moved because we're still a very small budding group of players!

    I've been planning to get a few demo/introduction sessions in Firestorm sometime Jan/Feb, hopefully this'll generate the interest and get the D20s rolling.

  22. Just found these reviews after seeing the article on TGN. Great work! :-D

    These look like just the ticket for my club & myself for Infinity! I've seen the Wild West stuff at Malifaux tournaments so no concerns about the quality at all.

    If you don't mind me asking as you've had a good look at them what would you consider a good starting setup with a budget of around £100-£150?



  23. @Rich_B, Absolutely no problem at all helping with a set up at that price.

    Simply for their ability to be stacked and for their LoS blocking ability I'd go and pick up the 4 set of Shipping containers @ £25.

    As a nice central piece I'd recommend the warehouse @ £22.50 as well. Can open the doors close the doors, chuck scatter box terrain around it and inside it. Plus it comes with access ladders so it'll be a nice accessible roof top.

    Simply because they'll help you fill out a board for Infinity quite quickly the size of the Family Pods are great as they take up a lot of floor coverage so I'd get 2 @ £20 each, £40 in total.

    Add an Explorer Pod @ £12 and you'll pretty much have hit your £100 figure.

    Adding onto that though I'd then go 3 Settler Pods at £16 each adding £48 your grand total to £147.50.

    You'll probably want to add access ladder etc to that and maybe get the silo deal to add some height. I'd play around with the set ups as well with those buildings and decide where to go from there. This stuff is really versatile and when the Gantries are released you'll have massive scope to build real varied terrain. Hope that was helpful!!! :)

  24. @Flipswitch, if you need a had drop me an email at Cheers.

  25. Definitely useful, thank you :-)

    Already plotting a Nomad work encampment, I think the pods could look stunning with a black lower half, white upper half, split by a red key line, plus Nomad logos etc for detailing :-D

  26. @Rich_B, if you do that I demand pictures and lots of them. Sounds like an awesome idea.

  27. @Rich_B, I'll hold you to it!!! :P

    1. All being well I should have an industrial pod, a family pod and an explorer pod on the way along with a bunch of sci-fi furniture and brass etch detailing from Antenociti's Workshop and Hasslefree :-)

      I'll keep you posted on how I get on...

    2. Definitely keep me up to speed on how you get on with it.

  28. Just finished prepping and priming the warehouse for painting. So far it is looking good. Will have it painted before my weekly game this sunday

  29. Dammit, just as we start the serious saving for a new house (no specific gaming room planned yet, but there is spare space...), you remind me of these awesome pieces of kit. Must resist...

    1. Also, yes, I'm *very* behind catching up on blog posts after christmas, so I've rolled my frustration over all the newer reviews into the one post :P

    2. Well good to see you haven't totally disappeared from the face of the earth!!! You'll have a lot of catching up to do I think. :P

      As for the Sarissa Precision stuff, simply put it's awesome. Perfect partner for Infinity the game and what many Infinity players have been waiting for I think.