Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review: System ∞ - Shipping Containers (Sarissa Precision)

Shipping container and unpainted Guija for size comparison!

I guess when I asked Steve months ago now if they could do a shipping container, that they'd already been considering it. I mean lets face it, everyone knows how useful shipping containers are in games right? They're a great way to fill out a board and block LoS... besides the AT-43 Shipping Containers are now worth more than their weight in platinum!!! As with the other pieces from the System ∞ range I've reviewed Sarissa Precision were kind enough to make this an early Christmas present.

Product description

This could arguably be the most anticipated product launch of the year. Seriously forget Nintendo's weird looking Wii U, I'm not even bothered by Ridley Scott's new film Prometheus and genuinely I'm no longer excited about playing Uncharted on the move with the PS Vita. Nope, I've now got access to a cheap cool looking futuristic shipping container for my games of Infinity! Ahem... yeah, that makes me an über geek. As always it's a laser cut and etched HDF. It has 10 components. 4 long sides, 2 end plates and 4 external supports. The vital statistics are as follows, it's 7" long, 3" wide and 3" high, these are rough measurements.

Usefulness 10 out of 10

Seriously I'm not joking. Stackable shipping containers are so universally loved as pieces of scenery for a very damn go reason. Their size normally means that they're perfect to squeeze into gaps that other buildings wouldn't fit into on the table, and they don't look out of place in most modern environments like some pieces of terrain can. They break the board up and provide great cover for larger models too that some low level walls and other urban street clutter wouldn't. This is a reason why gamers hoard and hunt down AT-43 shipping containers like it's gold flecked cocaine! Check out eBay and see how much some of them have gone for. One auction I was watching for two containers went for £55 plus P&P, my reaction was WTF. So I did kind of wander why no one had picked them up as a business opportunity. But hey, we can all rejoice because we have these now.

Character 9 out of 10

Yeah I know, its an elongated cube, with some simple sleek panels etched on its sides and some nifty looking external support structures that stack them with a nice gap. Doesn't sound like much does it? Yeah I know what you are thinking he's gone made. But seriously take a look at the mock up sketch to the left and tell me they don't look cool. They also look a little bit more sci-fi and anime sleek than the AT-43 shipping containers. Bloody brilliant.

Detail 7.5 out of 10

Yeah true, there is actually that much 'detail' etched onto the surface. But, that's kind of the point as far as I'm concerned, they're meant to be sleek and futuristic looking and on that count they're utterly made of win. Plus I really like the stacking / support bracket thingies. Those flat panels will also allow all sorts of shenanigans with various sci-fi corporation logo's and transfers. Can I hear Weyland Yutani or maybe Cyberdyne...

Quality 7.5 out of 10

Yeah it's all accurately cut and etched. So it fits together fantastically. The only potential issue that I can see is that these will need to be glued together for proper gaming use. Because when they're just dray assembled they don't stay standing. They don't actually have any clip in tabs to hold it together to try and maintain that sleek look. It's not too hard to glue together though in all honesty, some watered down PVA on the joints. Then a dab of super glue on the inside to hold it in place and a quick squirt of super glue accelerator and bingo!
Yep its the container without a Guija

Service N/A out of 10

As before I can't really comment on the service, but hey remember it's free worldwide shipping on orders over £30. You can't say fairer than that.

Price 9.5 out of 10

These cost £7.50 per container. That's a brilliant price if you ask me, obviously it's better if you can get them for free, but hey you can't all be me!

Overall 8.5 out of 10

You might not like any of the other Sarissa Precision System ∞ scenery I've shown you over the last few days then surely these must excite you just a little bit. I've heard so many people talk about wanted some cheap shipping containers for their gaming boards. Well guess what? Here they are. I'll need a hell of a lot more of these for my board. Peace out!


  1. Can't get enough of this info - keep them coming if you've got more!

    Already planning my board...

  2. @Ant, you and thousands of others if my hits per article are to be believed!!! o_0

    Something tells me Sarissa Precision have genuinely struck gold with this stuff.

  3. Ive contacted a few different laser cut terrain makers stateside suggestion some scifi terrain just like this. No one really understood what I was asking for (no I don't mean gothic ruins!!!). I am beyond thrilled for these products. I think the Infinity community will really embrace these, especially as we start to see more painted models/completed tables. I hope to place an order next month.

  4. @Frontline, Infinity has been crying out for this stuff. If it ever has a boxed starter it better come with some cardboard terrain or something.

    Once gamers start seeing Infinity played on fully decked-out boards it's going to be so easy to win new blood over.

    This stuff has put Sarissa on my map (had no interest in their older ranges) - they keep creating this kind of stuff and they'll need a moneybin to go diving in.

  5. Huh....that's funny- I feel the same way about-
    1) Nintendo Wii-U...they'll never make a good competitive FPS game for it (it's Nintendo...the Japanese have zero idea how to make a FPS game), and the name alone makes me think of one of my favorite stupid film:

    2)Prometheus- *yawn* Where's the Alien movie, Ridley? A PROPER ONE. Sigh...I'll bootleg it. Aliens woulda gotten me to the theater...sorry.
    Underworld Awakenings? I AM SO THERE.

    3) The Sony Vita- I've got a PSP Paperweight, thanks....shoulda put a phone it, then....maybe.
    AT&T wireless service- LMAO!

    This terrain, however, is so very, very se-

  6. I really like these, but I'm tempted to say that these are a little expensive for what they are. I have no problem with the pricing of the other 'habs' I've seen for this system, but for a wooden box, I think about £5 would have been a better mark.

    But I've already got a long list of stuff I'm going to buy on the 2nd of Janurary. ;)

  7. @Jon, I know what you mean. Prior to discovering Sarissa Precision I'd pretty much done the same. I've said it for a few weeks now to some of my inner circle of friends I've been allowed to shown this stuff too... 'this is what Infinity has been waiting for'. The Micro Art buildings as insanely well detailed, designed and pretty they are, they're just not varied enough. With Infinity you need to fill a board out and I don't know about you lot but fighting over the same apartment block 8 or 9 times on a board just doesn't turn me on. this stuff totally turns my inner geek on.

    @Ant, I hear you buddy, and as you can see from my response to Jon, I'm in total agreement. I also happen to think that maybe you're not the only person planning on splashing some of their Christmas present cash on some laser cut HDF!!!

    @SinSynn, Glad it's not just me then!!! And yes my good man you most definitely are a geek. Embrace that fact and just accept it.

    @Angus, I can see where you're coming from, but having used them and seen them in the flesh and knowing just how damn useful they are within the context of filling a board up, I think £7.50 is an acceptable price to pay for this stuff.

  8. Hi

    Dont forget that if glued together the end panels could be left open... could be cut in half as doors open to use the interior, they are 56mm x 56mm square...


  9. @Gary, yep they can be put together and glued with doors open etc. Me though? I'll most likely be using these as a way to block LoS and as walls in effect. I don't want to give my opponents snipers anywhere else to hide!!!

  10. Street Walls for LoS blocking are to follow...

  11. @Gary, yep I know I've seen them too... :)

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