Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Sermon: New Year resolutions!!!

My front room might look a bit like this!!!

This New Year Sunday Sermon will be mercifully short, and hopefully bloody brief. This is mainly due to the fact that quite frankly I'm way too busy at the moment dealing with headaches, and empty spirit bottles strewn haphazardly across the floor to even care about writing something cohesive for the blog. I'm also guessing that many of you have been struck down with mysterious headaches this morning. I mean it happens every year, I'm surprised nobody has asked for research grant funding to look into the phenomenon. So 'what is today's sermon about then', I hear you all groggily ask? Well my good friends it's about those all important New Year resolutions. Yeah, those things many of us make and then never stick too!

Now many of you will have made very worthy New Years resolutions, like I have in previous years. You know, have more sex, drink more alcohol, consume more drugs and listen to more rock and roll. You know the classics... what? Really? No way! Are you sure they're not the normal ones people make? I mean those have been my New Years resolutions pretty much since I was 14! What? Really? Diets?!?!?! Why? Giving up smoking!!! You're taking the piss now... right? You're not! Oh! Apparently reader I've just been informed that I've been doing this New Year Resolution 'thing' all wrong. Now personally I think my resolutions sound far more 'fun' and 'worthy', but apparently the aim of New Year resolutions is to make us all a little bit more miserable and possibly suicidal. No I don't understand it either. Society and social norms confuses me sometimes... and by sometimes I mean all the time!

Well Bollocks to that I say! I'm sticking with my usual resolutions. However, this year I'm making some gaming based resolutions, and I think you should all think about making some hobby pledges too. Mine are below:

  1. I pledge to continue to introduce people to new gaming experiences, whether they fecking like it or not. You WILL play Infinity God damn it!
  2. I will continue to seek out new gaming experiences myself and I pledge to be constantly open minded and on the look out for awesome games.
  3. And finally, I pledge to do way more painting this year and finish some of my pet 'projects' off.

I'll finish my EotBS fleet by the end of January 2012!!!
In terms of number 1, I don't think many of you will be able to keep me honest on that score. However, given that it's what I've always done as a hobbyist it shouldn't be too hard to keep. Yeah I know that means it's 'cheating' right? As for number 2, well I'm actually going to be doing a series of articles over the next few weeks or so, specifically looking at new games that intrigue me. It's kind of a follow on series from my Golden Age of Gaming article I did half soaked on New Years Eve. You'll be able to keep me honest on this one I guess by nagging me to tell you about these sorts of games I'm going to write about. You should also let me know if there are any games you'd like to see me cover. Because if I can you know I will. The third and final pledge to actually do some sodding painting you can all nag me about as well. Keep pestering me to see some of my finished projects. At the start of each month I'll promise to post a list of things I plan to paint that month... if I fail you'll all have to promise to say nasty things about me.

Deadpool's New Years Eve party. You had to be there!!!

As for you guys, have any of you made any hobby related New Year Resolutions? If so what are they? We'd all like to know. So jot them down in the comments below. Obviously the only reason we all want to know is because we want to be able to point and laugh at you when you too fail to keep your overly ambitious targets. Hell, I'll be surprised at myself if I keep to my own gaming resolutions through January! Yeah, I'm that bad at keeping them. If I could urge people to adopt one of my own resolutions for themselves though, it would have be number 2. Seriously, I don't care how many or what games you already play, there's still more cool stuff out there you haven't yet played. Simply put, if you're not trying out the amazing products people are putting out there this year, then it is you who are missing out. Lets make 2012 the year we all go out and try to play some new things. Peace out and have an utterly awesome 2012 everyone!


  1. My main resolution is to finish the painting I still have outstanding as I have all the incursion minis, my Yu Jing starter.and a eotbs fleet to do before I get to my birthday in feb

    As regards to new games go ahead I'm always looking for something new I am a gaming hummingbird flirting from one game to another

  2. Flitting not flirting stupid auto correct

  3. @ishibei, I think it works perfectly well as it is. lol. Like you too, I'm going to set some distinct targets to get certain pet projects done. Rather than doing lots of bits and bobs and completing nothing. I guess I'll have to be a lot more disciplined about stuff.

  4. Yupyup. Paint more, sell more old unused stuff, play more (especially non-Privateer games, as almost all of my tabletop time is HordeMachine). Same as it always is. Plus, get some scenery done, for a change, and get back on the tournamenting horse.

    I've been very productive in terms of painting in the last few years, and the selling is going well already. However, I've got sleeping issues that make spending weekends tournamenting problematic. So, my main resolution is to take the steps I need to take in order to resolve the sleeping issues.

  5. I would have lost a considerable bet on this, had I made one.
    I woulda thought you were WAY too hung over to post today!
    I actually will steal your resolutions.
    -Have more sex (even if it means going it alone! LMAO!)
    -Drink more alcohol (this one should be a breeze)
    -Do more drugs (only the kind that grows outta the ground naturally...or hydroponically...I have a history)

    Yeah, yeah...something 'bout the hobby...

    Looking forward to another year of Frontline posts....and perhaps hassling you on FB.

  6. Hah. Yeah. More sex and more rock'n'roll (I'm off the alcohol at the moment, and haven't had any drugs in several years now). I've passed on going to a lot of good gigs this year thanks to sleep deprivation, and haven't been picking up new music at all, so those two need rectifying.

    And the wife is certainly willing, when I'm not too bloody tired...

  7. @Fiendil, I feel for you buddy. Having anything that screws with your sleeping patterns is a real pain in the ass. Not pleasant at all. Good luck with those!!!

    @SinSynn, I was way too hung over really. It took some meditation, strong mental fortitude, pain killers and buckets and buckets of water to rehydrate myself. The scary thing is I seem to make mere sense either drunk or hung over than I do when perfectly sober. I think God is trying to tell me something!

    Hopefully I can reach my first real personal milestone and make this Blog last at least 12 months. And people still find it useful / interesting. Plus hopefully I'll still enjoy doing it. With December out of the way that makes it 7 month down and that means I'm over half way. Only 5 more months to go!!! As for FB, I can alays just choose to ignore ant stalkers I pick up.

  8. As the bad guy tells the rest of the gang in the remake of The Italian Job, after they pulled of the heist: " I like what you are selling, I'll take one of each."

  9. After only 1 game of Infinity a few months back I want to get a game in every week, with all painted mini's as soon as I can.

  10. @Joesmokem, I loved the original. Never seen the remake. So I'll take your word for it. lol.

    @Casper. Now that is a laudable New Years Resolution!!!

  11. Ta.

    I know I write most fluidly when plastered. I do lose a certain amount of restraint though. :-D