Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Battlefoam Infinity bag update

Just a brief one really today. Just to say that I got to use my Infinity Battlefoam bag in anger and see 'the Cursed' use his too. We went to the Solihull club last night to get some games of infinity in with Sorrowshard. Except I didn't get the chance to play a game at all, because the game between Sorrowshard and the Cursed turned into a game of cat and mouse that ebbed and flowed and flip flopped between sides. Both made cock ups and both made bold decisions and it was good to sit on the side lines and see how a game plays out, and think how I'd do things differently to both sides in the game. They played the game out on a total unfinished MAS board, and we think there might be a need for more walkways, walls and some of those billboards when they come out.

Sorry It's so blurry but it was taken on an iPhone

However, it was the Battlefoam bags that really impressed me. I thought the bag might be a little bit too front heavy with those chunky Infinity rulebooks in it, and it sort of is, however it actually makes carrying the bag easier on you if you use the shoulder strap. By putting the strap across my chest the weight of those books actually pushed the bag comfortably into my side. Don't if this was intentional or not, but I'm sure Romeo will claim it! When I first looked at the foam putting my minin's in it I was concerned they wouldn't fit and I thought Romeo et al had made a faux pas, until I worked out they're supposed to stand up in the foam. After this eureka moment, or me not being so dense I found fitting my mini's into the bag a cinch. I'm happy to report though I wasn't the only one to struggle with the concept of the foam, the Cursed too was just as thick as I initially. The bottom pick and pluck foam tray might be total over kill though for most armies and a half and half solution might actually be preferable for some, and I'd urge Battlefoam to consider it.

But what about protecting those models? There is no denying it, although the Infinity miniatures are made of sterner substances than most metal miniatures I've used over the years, there are some exceedingly delicate pieces and joins. Carrying them around can be a real headache. So I've been patiently awaiting this product for some time now, and it performed admirably. My P.A.C.K 720 I loaded out to take my Fantasy / 40k mini's really and as such the gaps weren't really well suited to my Infinity miniatures. Although it performed perfectly well, I'm happier using the tighter fitting spaces provided by the Infinty bag. As a comparison Sorrowshard was using an old Games Workshop carry case, the ones with what I call the egg foam and there were two of his miniatures that had broken. Whereas the Cursed entire Nomad and Combined Army collections were totally unscathed, ditto my Yu Jing and Aleph. Those of you who have seen Sorrowshards Rant in E Minor blog will know that this disparity was almost certainly down to the carrying case solution as opposed to any paucity of modelling skills.

So yeah, I have to say you can colour me impressed. I've already given it one decent run out, it'll possibly get one or two more this week and the Cursed will be doing likewise, I'll collate the data from these outings and let you know what I think of it as a product on the whole, but so far it's thumbs up. I'd possibly say that the two pockets on the side of the bag could do with being a tad bigger for my purposes. The baggy pocket on the left of the bag will fit my dice and tape measure in happily, but if you store your counters in anything but a very small bag you might struggle to fit them in as well. The tight fitting side pocket to the right, is great for the Micro Art templates, but little else. You could fit those templates though in the large pocket at the back of the bag, along with army lists and any laminated quick reference sheets you might have. Still the configuration isn't bad, it just means I might have to re-jig my Infinity counter storage solutions. Peace out!


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  2. How's the foam itself? I've heard from a few people that the Battlefoam is a little too hard and has a tendency to rub paint off.

  3. Not sure why this didn't post the first time, but just so it's out there:

    What's your opinion on the foam itself? I've heard from a few people that it's a little too hard and causes problems with rubbing off paint.

  4. @Ant, sometimes the comments section plays up big time on here. It might turn up sooner or later. As to the foam. I've heard people have concerns over the foam being harsh on paint jobs because of the way Romeo describes it in his vids. I've had no problems and I wouldn't own as much of their product if I did, because it's way more expensive really than some of their competitors. It's not scratchy, or harsh in any way in my experience. I do think on the whole they're worth the money and the UK distribution center just makes it easier for me to get their stuff now. The bag has little bits I'd personally change, as I said above, but on the whole I like it. I'm really not sure why the hell you'd get the smaller one now though.

  5. Hey presto and there it appears post the inquest!!! Sometimes I think it does it just to make us all look stupid... not that it takes much in my case!!!

  6. Game was fun, very much liking the different style of terrain to the 40k style I am used to, windows doors and balconies all have purpose now.

    'The Cursed' nearly had me too, had the Anethematic not ran out of gum I think one would have received a jolly good shoeing.

    Going to have to break out the Sphinx soon ....oh ho ho solo ....

    As for battlefoam, I have seen your bag first hand and dig it, my big bag o doom has yet to please me sufficiently yet but i'll give it a fair innings, the infinity has nice quality metal fittings.

  7. @Sorrowshard, yeah Annie did kick much ass last night. Those crits at vital times helped too. It was close and had the Cursed remembered he had smoke that would have caused you a pain in the ass. Luckily he was too busy failing to dodge!!! lol.

    I like your big bag o doom, but the PACK bags are my least favourute of the Battlefoam system bags. I prefer the bags that are designed for specific systems tbh with you. There just seems to be more useful pockets and doohikeys on the branded game bags.

  8. Thanks for the review. I might well pick one of these up, especially considering the limited addition miniature that comes with it (love the background for those guys)!

    My only complaint is the minor poo-storm in a tea cup that one of the creators made, when they remarked that the expanded capacity of the box (much larger than the size you would need for a force or two) might be indicative of the game system changing its direction towards larger games and away from skirmish. I can understand why that might have been said to help shift some bags (and in a way to justify its existence) but I don't think that will have endeared the company to many people.

  9. @Pacific, I know, but I think Romeo was talking about the new book and the extra options he'd heard about. Reality is if you're the sort of person who likes to have all the options in their Infinity army you'll need the Alpha bag. You might also want to check to see if there are any of the limited edition mini left. In fact the limited Edition mini actually annoys me more than any comments Romeo made. I just don't like it as a sales ploy, but that's my own opinion.

  10. What happened to make you lot test the abbility of your bags to soak the damage?

  11. @Joesmokem, I haven't 'really' tested the bags ability to test impact damage beyond having my 4 Maine Coon cats argue over it as a cat seat. However if you read my review of my Warmachine bag here:


    Hopefully you'll be able to understand why I rate them so highly. All of the accidents and many more besides have befallen that bag and still nothing have broken or chipped or anything else. My PACK 720 has been through the wars a bit too and nothing untoward has happened to my mini's in that. My Malifaux bag has led a blessed existence though and I can't think of a single mishap I've had with that.

    However, just carrying Infinity miniatures around, given how delicate and fine some of the pieces are is test enough surely? It had another outing today on public transport to test the rough and tumble of daily travel and again not a single thing out of place or damaged. It'll get one more outing this Friday and I might even do some drop tests on it... if I'm feeling brave and bold by then.

  12. Ok, you and 'Shard gotta stop talking about how hot this game is.....

    Having recently spent a bit of time trying to convert my 40k 'foam tray baggie thing' to FoW usage (unsuccessfully, 15mm and 28mm- big difference!, and then suffering much breakage due to an 'accident,' I've learned the value of having the appropriate bag for the job.

    If yer gonna spend a ton of dough, followed by a ton of time/effort to get an army (of any kind) on the table...it's prolly a good idea to invest in a proper bag to cart them around in.

    Stupid...'accidents'....they're stupid.