Friday, 28 October 2011

Could it already be approved by cats?

Tybalt inspects the stiching... with his fecking teeth

That's better... no bloody cat!!!

This is the Alpha bag, or the bigger bag of the two Battlefoam Infinity bags. Although calling it big is a bit too grand really. It's really probably a third bigger than the Malifaux bag I own, which is great for Infinity fans who want to carry around all their options for one faction in a bag, or maybe take two forces around with them for Intro games. Looking at the size of it and how easy I think it'll be to drag around the place, I am now struggling to see the point of the Beta bag, or the smaller of the two Battlefoam bags. Perhaps if one of you lot out there in Interwebs land has got one of the Beta bags you can tell me your thoughts. Any way, more pretty pictures:

The large front pocket is big enough for 3 books! It's future proof, unlike my laptop.

A nice sized side pocket for dice and illegal Nomad meds...

 Flip the bag 180 and on the other side is a good sized pocket for those MAS templates

There is this large pocket on the back, although I have no idea what to use it for

Inside the bag is the foam, 3 layers and a topper

I think the first tray will hold 41 normal sized troops

Tray 2 allows for 14 more normal troops, 12 slightly larger more 
dynamic troops, 5 small remotes and 4 larger remotes

Pick and pluck foam for TAGs and hiding those illegal nanopulsers

Obviously this isn't a review, it's just some pictures to give you guys an idea of what to expect from the product. Until I've used it in anger and dragged an army around with me I'm not going to write my full thoughts on it. However, right now as I look at it with my Aleph and Yu Jing in it, I have to say I'm yet again mightily impressed with a Battlefoam product. Peace out!


  1. Looks like a great bag! I really should get myself a proper bag to store/transport my minis......maybe one day.....

    p.s. gears came......:)

  2. Awesome, have you had a chance to play it yet?

  3. I'm starting to get a lil' jealous about this Infinity thing....
    I gotta get my hands on some of that stuff.

  4. not yet mate been too busy working......:(

  5. btw- the 'Stelek rants about other systems and declares 40k the mostest competitive-est' post has taken a strange turn.
    It seems he finds Infinity's 'Muslim' faction...very offensive.
    ...he never replied to my argument defending FoW, in true Stelek fashion.
    Read through the comments if you get a chance, I'm VERY interested to see what you have to say regarding the Infinity Faction issue.

  6. Sigh....what a knucklehead I am...
    ...Duh, SinSynn..

  7. @Darth Tater, you'll have to let me know what you think about it when you give it a bash. I love it.

    @SinSynn, I've never had the pleasure before of reading anything Stalek has written. However, reading his ill informed drivel on Infinity raised a wry smile. He sounds like someone raging against the world, he's obviously built a justifiable reputation on the 40k forums / scene as a damn fine 40k. I think he however knows very little about Infinity and its backstory, I also think from his comments he knows even less about Islam. He needs to accept he's wrong and move on. But he has such a high opinion of himself that he won't do that. He's not a big enough man to back down. Very sad to watch.

  8. Lol- yeah, he does talk a good game.
    But once he veers away from 40k he tends to get a little silly.
    Sorry to subject you to that...heh.

  9. Hey SinSynn I sent you an email to your hotmail account.

  10. I definitely look forward to getting some reviews on how the bag protects the mini's as I am interested in getting on in the future (hopefully near but probably far).

    Stelek is a tool. Its one thing to dismiss a game system, another to completely misjudge it and look like a fool at the same time.

    As for 40k being the most competitive = what a joke.

  11. @Alphz, I am sorry to say I have to agree with you over Stelek. He's an imbecile of epic proportions. I know there are some complete gormless morons in the 40k online scene but he takes the absolute biscuit. I've read a few threads where people offer counter points and opinions, often far more eloquently than his own limited intellect allows him to give voice to his own. His response, always to call them trolls, insult them and act superior without actually answering or even attempting to counter any of their points. Why? Because he's clearly a moron incapable of doing so, otherwise he'd be able to formulate far better response. In the thread SinSynn has linked he was roundly taken to pieces and his response? To edit the posts that showed him up to be the ill-informed cretin he is. He seems to think writting spam lists in 40k is some kind of amazingly complex thing. Someone needs to tell him 40k is a kids game. Nothing wrong with that mind you, but its overly simplistic nature does mean even my 9 year old nephew can work it out. Hardly difficult. Sad really as that seems to be all he has going for him in his life, really I suppose I should pity somebody that pathetic... but his tone and demeanour make that very difficult.

    I'll let you know how I get on with the bag. So far it looks good. It'll be getting a few outings over the next week and I promise I'll have the review up by next Saturday. Cheers.

  12. Really I think it is far better to just ignore, otherwise you will just get pulled into an ever decreasing spiral that will never end. The guy obviously has some problems, and it should be left at that.

  13. @Pacific, absolutely. He's clearly not open to learning anything new or accepting he's in the wrong end of. Only a fool doesn't want to learn.

  14. You know, based on his writing I always imagined Stelek as an angry teenage boy, and then one day I saw a picture of him and he's a middle-aged man. It really freaked me out.

  15. @James S, are you kidding me? I genuinely thought based on his writings I'd assumed he was in his early 20's at the oldest!!! Oh dear. I hear he has a penchant for editing people's posts if they put up salient points or facts that prove him wrong. He takes these points out and leaves posts looking weird. Even changing some of them to say completely different things. He's even gone back and edited some of his own posts after an event where what he said originally didn't make sense. When I read on forums people accusing him of this I thought that perhaps they were talking baloney. But I've seen personal proof of it now. He's clearly very insecure and his online 'persona' of being the self declared best 40k gamer in the world and the most knowledgeable is more important to him than being known as a decent guy. Reality is, spamming things in GW games has been possible since 4th ed Fantasy and 2nd ed 40k. It's not rocket science, but if he and others think it's some kind highly attuned skill then good luck to them. lol.

  16. Loving the infinity stuff FG, but what about the fluff is there much in the rulebooks otherwise my group will never play it

  17. @Ishibei, there's a fair bit in both the main rulebook and the Human Sphere book actually. I'd give you a flavour of it but I've lent mine to Sorrowshard because he's struggling to find copies right now. I might have to do a brief synopsis if you will of the background behind each nation to give people an idea of what it's all about.

  18. Wow that post was really...erm interesting...
    Found your blog off the infinity forums, just starting the game.

    Followed <3

  19. @Scrap Square, awesome. I hope you enjoy the game. I've got a few Infinity articles although Hopefully I'm planning on doing some more soon. If you have any questions just drop them in one of the Infinity articles and I'll try my best to help you out. Cheers.

  20. @FG thanks I have my first game using the qsr tomorrow and if the game plays as well as it looks then it should be my new game