Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I love blogging

A wonderful box full of free!!!

You know what, I started this blog to let people know what I think about this awesome hobby of ours and you know, listen to what you guys have to say about things too. Because without an opponent to play with all we're really doing is collecting unpainted toys. However, my blog has had a totally unexpected and totally awesome consequence. People send me free stuff! I know it's totally awesome. It started with an Ika Squid and rapidly escalated to the awesomely generous donation by Mike McVey of Studio McVey with a literal box load of sexy Sedition Wars miniatures. Just to be clear I didn't start my blog so I'd get free stuff, although if someone wants to pay my mortgage off...

So imagine my delight when this morning I received a lovely little white box. Prey tell what is this? I asked in a totally none thespian manner. Turns out that those lovely chaps over at Sarissa Precision decided to send me their Oldwest Livery Stables building for free. Huzzah!!! So yeah, my Oldwest collection is almost complete and I have a swanky new piece of scenery over which to fight my glorious games of Malifaux. So a big thanks goes out to the guys who really didn't have to send me any free stuff as I'm enough of a sucker that I'd have brought it eventually any way. It is though very much appreciated.

It's staying sealed until I can review it properly

As always I will be doing a review of this fine looking piece of scenery just as soon as my bloody cat gets off of my lap and stops clawing my new jumper. You know what? I am totally this cats bitch. However, as always as this has landed in my lap for free I wanted to let you guys know so as you'll all be able to make your own minds up as to whether you want to take my word on it as being honest and unhindered by freebies... or indeed the smell of burnt wood. Seriously, I swear the next time I'm at a hobby convention I fear I'll find zonked out geeks sniffing laser cut pieces of HDF out of plastic bags and asking for spare change so they can get their next 'hit'. Peace out!


  1. free smiles? How about black beans or free drinks? LOL!!!

  2. Damn your charismatic hide! How do you get free stuff?

    Maybe I need to start doing product reviews . . .

  3. Dude, this is a score! Very nice. I have to say I am really, really excited about the Terraclips, but those laser cut things are sweet, too.

  4. @HOTpanda, as far as I'm concerned free is the best kinda price for anything!!!

    @James S, I was neither aware I was charismatic or that indeed my hide potentially oozed charisma. I'm not too sure it's the product reviews that got me some of my other free stuff I'm really not. However, I get the feeling the guys at Sarissa Precission are actually very proud of their livery Stables. And they want me to review it. Having had a look at it and part dry assembled it last night... all I can say is wow. I liked their other stuff, but this like the Jailhouse shows me they're starting to hit their stride design wise and whats possible with their tech. They're clearly learning all the time.

    @Lo, I have to say it, between the Micro Art stuff and the stuff I picked up from Sarissa precision I'm going to say that I think laser cut HDF buildings are the way forward for games terrain. Its sturdy, better to work with than plastic, lightweight and cheap. If you actually want to stock their stuff ask Lauby or Dethtron for my email and I'll put you in contact. Their stuff is super cheap for what it is and the Wild West stuff is just perfect for Malifaux.

  5. Free! Huzzah!! Now that's what I call a result.

  6. Awesome! Good for you, at least I get to see all sorts of cool/neat stuff and gain more hobby exposure!

    I figured out a while back I'm too lazy to blog...didn't really enjoy it...but I like reading blogs - especially ones with lots of pictures

  7. nobody ever sends me free stuff. Granted I spend most of my time online making fun of people and arguing for a certain gaming company's price rises, but still....

  8. @BigLee, indeed free is the best kind of result going!!!

    @Lord Azaghul, yeah, if more people send me free things I can review them and show people them. Hint, hint manufacturers. Send me free stuff!!! lol. But seriously it's really cool that Sarissa have sent this, 1) because I obviously want it because it looks freaking brilliant and 2) because people have asked me to review it so its a win all round!!!

    @Dethtron, well GW don't send anything free out to anybody... honest they don't *rolls his eyes* and if all you do is take the piss then nobody is going to send you free stuff!!! :P I'll have to buy you a free beer when you're over in the UK next year. Sorrowshard said last night that we have to destroy you with alcohol when you visit! So you have that to look forward too I guess.