Friday, 21 October 2011

Claustrophobia unboxing

'Yers, iz moar pleesing syez bocx, ver gud'

No the irony of that title didn't pass me by! Any who, when I plumped for the D&D Adventure Games all those months ago many people told me I should give this little box of wonders a blast. So I did, and I found it interesting, even in spite of the boring person who ran me through it as an intro. Even his dull monotonous voice and lack of communication skills didn't manage to kill the joy that the game contains, so I thought I'd get it. So here it is, and I'm looking forward to playing it with human opponents, as opposed to the sub-human fun sponge I had my into game with. Word of warning to all those people who intro games to people. If your not enthused how the hell do you expect the customer to be? Beggars belief, any way onto the unboxing:

Poppy and I were greeted with this view when we took the lid off

Underneath the rulebook and card spru we have the floor tiles etc.

The pre-painted mini's as they come in the box

Pre-painted mini's free from their plastic prison

There is only one sheet of card components that requires your attention...

Because the floor tiles come ready. Surely half the fun is removing them yourself?
And that's your lot!

Yeah, so I was surprised the miniatures came pre-painted, I really was. I'd assumed the demo gimp had sloshed paint on them himself and so I'd given him extra credit he clearly didn't sodding deserve. I mean, how the hell did he fail to mention the miniatures came pre-painted? Sometimes I really wander about some peoples abilities to sell stuff. I'm glad I didn't give them my cash now and brought it from elsewhere! The pre-painted thing isn't too much of a hassle, and if I want too I can always finish the job off myself. The miniatures aren't that bad either, and the floor tiles are crammed with character. Really looking forward to sitting down and playing this properly now. Peace out!


  1. saw this advertised ages ago....looks pretty cool :)

  2. Yeah, I saw it a while back but didn't think anything of it, as there was the Hell Dorado wargame, and who wants a board game when you can have a wrgame? Well turns out I do, especially as I now understand that board games fill a different niche. Really looking forward to getting stuck in with this game.

  3. This is really an excellent game! Glad you decided to get it. :)

    I think it manage to straddle both the dungeon crawler and the skirmish category quite beautifully! It's has very low setup/teardown time and you can play an entire game in less than an hour (sometimes much less!) and it comes with a number of different scenarios, with more available on the web.

    It's been a blast every time we've played it and has created interesting little stories. Like the time when a lone hired sword had been pretty much left for dead in the far end of of the cave system but then managed to run all the way back, fighting trogs and demons along the way.

    Looking forward to seeing more of it over here. Oh, and you know the expansion was just released right? :)

  4. @Martin, yeah despite the bad intro game I thought it showed some promise as a game. I'm building up quite the selection of board games now. I might have to stop buying so many. lol. Most of these have been on back order long since before I lost my job and those that weren't I've brought with 'loyalty' points from OG Games. I really need a job!!!