Sunday, 29 May 2011

Top 10 Infinity models - 5th to 1st

Well here they are, the second part of my personal 10 10 favourite Infinity models, 5th to 1st and I personally think this list contains some stunning miniature...

1st  Anathematic

Just look at it!!! Have you ever seen anything so cool in your life. Its awesome in the flesh as well and the surface detail is outstanding. The pose is just so threatening and its just full of kick ass alien bad assery!!! The two whip like strands of hair, I wanted to say plaits but I was scared the Anathematic would take offense and come get me, slash round the sculpt adding a bit of drama and animation. The claws look ready to rip stuff to shreds on the end of those powerful arms... put it this way would you argue with it?

2nd  Lasiq Sniper

The pose's on pretty much all of Infinity's snipers could be fairly described as 'cool', but none are as purposeful and dynamic as this little lady. The pose stepping forward onto a stone to steady herself as she aims carefully down the sights, coat fluttering gently in the breeze screams HEAD SHOT!!! The length of the sniper rifle jutting out over the base leading the pose off into the distance makes her feel like she's on a battlefield.

3rd  Saito Togan

We've all of us watched the odd classic Samurai film I'm sure (Seven Samurai, Seppuku, Yojimbo, Kagemusha and although not considered a 'classic' Zatoichi). The exaggerated stances, the balletic poise and strong swift movements... they are undeniably stylish and totally cool. This miniature captures all of that in one fell swoop, what a pose, what a sculpt... awesome, he looks every inch of him a noble capable warrior.

4th  Cassandra Kusanagi

The one and only dirty space pikey Nomad on my list. But she fully deserves this place and was very nearly in 3rd place. The pictures on Angels Blog might not do the pose and detail justice, but then no photo can. The movement and animation in this miniature is genuinely breath taking, its a space nun diving backwards and sideways, double pistol shooting John Woo style. In the flesh its utterly convincing and stunning. Words fail me. At no point is the illusion of movement ever broken by a piece of the sculpt not being 'right' the motion is all spot on.

5th  Oniwaban

I was torn over whether or not I preferred the standard Oniwaban or Shinobu Kitsune but in the end the bog stand Oniwaban won out with his great stance and faceless menace. Again much like Saito Togan he is full of poise and is clearly offering some poor schmuck 'out'... whoever it is you know in a blink of an eye a neon green flash with a monofilament blade will end said poor schmuck's pitiful existence in an explosion of blood. Simple and effective composition.

So there it is my top ten favourite Infinity models. I'm pretty sure not every Infinity fan will agree with my choices. Others could easily come up with an equally cool and valid top ten I'm sure. I've also compiled a top ten honorable mentions because some truly stunning mini's hit the cutting floor when doing this list and I felt really guilty. Peace out!


  1. Can't argue with the top spot, but where's the female Yuan Yuan? Where's the ariadna 112 emergency service doctor? (only contender for no. 1 spot for me) And the Ariadna Troupes Métropolitaines or Mirage 5?

    Makes me realise how many figures I love for this system and that it's about time I start my French force.


  2. Ah yes the Yuan Yuan got cut for the best of the rest 10!!! Its so hard because they're all so damn fine. I shed a tear for some of the casualties. However although some of the Ariadna mini's are damn fine mini's, on the whole their aesthetic just doesn't appeal to me. I can see their being punch ups over this list Dan with some of my friends who'll think I'm mad!!! :)

  3. Everyone has their own favorite I suppose, but the Djanbazan sniper is the one that got me hooked...that calculated, cross legged pose, rifle cradled in the hook of the arm...pure 18+ rated joy.

    Great write up btw!

  4. @Grumhelden, as I said I know people could pick and equally compelling top 10 and not even have any of my top 10. That I think just shows the amazing strength of the miniature range!!! I really agonised over which mini's were going to make it in... and even after my 10 best of the rest list there are mini's that also deserve a big shout!!! Its hard man, really hard. Glad you liked the write up... I tried hard. :)

  5. In my humble opinion I really love the Caskuda and the 112, but as this is your top ten I will say I agree that the anathematics is a REALLY GREAT miniature

  6. @Bernohn hell yeah the Caskuda is a sweet mini, and I'll be helping a friend to pin it as well. But at some point somethings had to be cut. I've had people send me their top 10 mini's and as I've said not include a single mini I have, although quite frankly how anyone could leave the Anathematic out is truly beyond me... you know who you are!!! Hang your heads in shame. Lets be brutally honest here, the vast majority of infinity models are just so damn good its hard to pick just 10.