Sunday, 29 May 2011

Incoming - Metal Vs Finecast

Hi Guys, I'm just about to start putting the finishing touches to my Metal vs Finecast comparison. However I have got some initial thoughts on the Finecast models as I look at them now that I thought I'd share before going into the detailed comparison:

  1. The resin Games Workshop are using appears to have a quite high plastic content to it, not quite to the same degree as Privateer Presses 'plastic models', which we all know are a resin really.
  2. The casting is quite frankly appalling. I won't go into too much detail here, but there is far too much work to be done on these mini's before I can even consider undercoating them and given the price that's simply unacceptable.
  3. The level of minor miscasts will piss the Games Workshops younger audience off I'm sure, not too sure how they'll deal with this challenge IF this poor standard is continued. Will they allow returns for air bubbles on detail, or try and convince kids to try their hands at green stuff... bearing in mind many of these same kinds don't think cleaning mould lines is necessary!!!
  4. the amount of ejection fluid on the mini's is quite immense, far more than even I'd expected. They will all definitely need to be fastidiously washed to remove the shiny film on them... again how will this play with their 'hobby light' core market of young children?
  5. Packaging... the new blisters with the colour cards are a welcome change from the old blisters and show Games Workshop can learn from their younger nimbler and better competitors like Corvus Belli and their Infinity packaging... however while the blisters will let you view the mini inside and ensure you're getting the best cast on the shelf the boxes are awful. Given how dire the casting is the shrink wrapped card board boxes represent something of a 'leap of faith' from the consumer because lets be honest here you don't know what level of casting you're getting. My advice, open it in the shop, inspect it and if it is crap change it there and then and rinse and repeat until satisfied!!!

Those are some initial overall thoughts that I've had so far and I think its fair to say that I actually picked the best possible versions of the miniatures, I'll be reviewing them so its not like I deliberately went and picked a group of mini's that were awful on purpose, in fact in the case of one I went through all three the shop had and picked the best looking cast I could. Any who I'll be comparing the following mini's:

  • Terminator Librarian
  • Gandalf the white on Shadowfax
  • Dwarf gyrocopter

I chose a Space Marine because well, people buy Space Marines and the Terminator Librarian is a nice model with some nice detail. I chose Gandalf because the fact that the horse is rearing up on its back legs and if any model was going to show a weakness in the Finecast for gaming pieces it'd be the Gandalf (health warning though the two Gandalfs aren't quite the same version). Finally I went for the Gyrocopter because I hate it as a model!!! lol. To put together of course, I've built about 3 or 4 of the metal ones and as a model its a pain in the arse to pin. The blades don't stay attached and its far too heavy for its flight stand and just doesn't like being used on a board or transported... I figured the lighter resin version would possible be the better of the two and show Finecast in a positive light. Comparisons will contain photographs and I'll undercoat them all in white for final comparison. Peace out!

Update - right I'm not doing this on purpose but seriously the Finecast mini's I've got are anything but 'fine' in fact they're shyte, not at all impressed and they're going to take far more work than I thought they would so I'll update when I can...


  1. Finecast = Games Workshop's death knell... ^_^

  2. Maybe, maybe not. Its not been a great launch, I'm hearing a lot of grumbles off of my friends and while that's not a representative sample its not sounding good... but plastic was going to be the death knell of GW as well and now the detail on their plastic mini's is really good. It'll take them time to get into their groove with resin so I'll reserve judgement for now.