Sunday, 29 May 2011

Top 10 Infinity models - 10th to 6th

So here are the first 5 in my favourite top 10 Infinity models, enjoy...

6th  Marut

At first I really, really didn't like this miniature. I mean REALLY didn't like it. So its a testament to how good it really must be to actually make it onto this list, not only as the first TAG, but also as my first Aleph choice, because trust me the competition was stiff! Its another miniature you need to see in the flesh to fully appreciate. Its a powerful model and pose and I think its the definitive Aleph model.

7th  Deva Functionary (Spitfire)

Following hot on the Marut's heels is another Aleph figure. Again it was hard to pick just the one given how full of awesomesauce the Aleph range is. He's not as dynamic as most of the Infinity models you'll see, but he doesn't need to be. He's simply kick ass and he knows it. Oozing command and control. Its a powerful stance and the nanopulser arm raised thrusting into the air looks fantastic.

8th  Zerat hacker

At first I didn't really like the Combined Army range, maybe because the little boy in me just wanted all the big mechs and space ninjas... but slowly they grew on me. Now I love the range. The Morats are HUGE in comparison to their weedy human counterparts and look brutish, but the female Zerat is all dainty elegance and poise. This model captures so many of the good things about Infinity's sculpts that it demanded a place on my list.

9th  Karakuri

During the Beasts of War Infinity week they had a fantastic article entitled 'creating the Karakuri' . It just demonstrated perfectly the level of detail and thought that goes into every single miniature within the range. I always felt the Karakuri was such a beautifully awkward sculpt capturing the moving mannequin theme perfectly, hauntingly beautiful. They could however just taken inspiration from this bjork video.

10th  Cutter

This is the second TAG in the list and while it might not be everyones cup of tea (it is Pan-O after all) its here because of the affect it had on me. This model reminded me of all those Japanese anime films I used to collect and watch to death as a kid, the ones that made me wish the future was here now, so I could pilot big mechs and kick ass. This model just made me smile when I saw it.

Next up will be my top 5...

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