Monday, 30 May 2011

Infinity miniatures honorable mention

As I said in my previous blog, I really struggled to pick my top ten Infinity figures, here are my ten that came close but no cigar:

Senor Massacre

Can you say Deadpool? Look at him, he's cool.

Speculo Killer

This sexy looking lizard lady is just a fantastic looking model. She's the bad ass in the middle if you're wandering.

Shevastii Noctifer

Yet another special looking Combined Army model. Just looks every inch a predator stalking his prey.

Naga Hacker

Most of the hackers can look a bit strange in some ways with their hands punching invisible buttons mid air, I won't mention Mrs Jazz Hands. However every now and then they just look spot on, the Naga looks like he's hunkering down to do some hacking and also he just looks like a spec-ops bad ass which gets him kudos points.


I had to check whether I was picking this because of Angels gorgeously subtle paint job and intricate work on the coat... I wasn't he just looks so heroic.

Moderator Spitfire

Look at that pose... LOOK AT IT!!! Would you get in his way? Hell no.

Trauma Doc

I'm not sure Angel painted this one... hence the link to Corvus Belli's site. Any way this sci-fi Florence Nightingale deserve her place simply because she looks like she is shielding a patient while calling for help as she desperately tries to save the life of some Pan-O scu... I mean soldier.

Highlander Cateran

I'm not the biggest fan of the Arianda stuff, don't get me wrong they have some truly great models, but their retro chic doesn't float my boat. I do however make an exception for this bad boy. He's wearing a skirt and still looks hard... ooooh errr missus!!!

1st Highlander SAS

Another Ariadnan, perhaps I'm mellowing!!! No he just looks like he could kill you with a desert spoon. I just love the steadily advancing pose and all the spec-ops detailing. He might not be the most dynamic, or indeed a standout sculpt... but that's exactly why it works.

Female Fiday

And last but by no means least another deadly female Assassin type. Yeah she looks deadly, but thems child bearing hips and that ass just looks like a juicy peach you want to sink your teeth into. Chica indeed!!!

The awful truth is that even after this, nearly top 10 list there are some stunning sculpts that I haven't even looked at... also there's not a single bloody remote!!! That's a travesty. What I'm really trying to say is go take look at the miniatures yourself because I bet I could do a top 50 and still feel guilty, hell maybe even a top 100!!! Best model range around bar none. Peace out.


  1. Hi,

    can you tell what the name is of the figure to left(our left) of senor Massacre.
    Would really appreciate it.

  2. Yep of course, its the Nomad Tomcat Engineer.