Monday, 30 May 2011

Infinity: The best game there's ever been? Part 3.

Welcome to the third and final part of my increasingly insane sounding explanation of why Infinity rocks the casbah, I'll keep this one short and sweet because its all about you. That's right you the gamer, the opponent, the Infinity community...
The Community

When playing  games sometimes we forget that it takes two to tango. The enem... ahem... opponent across the table is, when all is said and done, the most vital component in any wargame you'll ever play. Some games attract a certain annoying breed of gamer, while others seem to be a safe haven of civility. Without a decent community you'll not have a decent opponent and you'll probably not enjoy the gaming aspect as much. Because lets face it wargaming, despite what certain gamers feel IS a social hobby, or it should be.

Infinity as a game itself is almost like a natural selection process, it weeds out all the 'gamey' power gamers or what Games Workshop gamers refer to as WAAC gamers. Perhaps because they can't rely on cheap tricks or 'win lists' off of the internet. I think the fact that you have to rely on your opponent to be honest over the Lieutenant and the Lieutenant Order, as well as the Camo counters and even more so with the Thermal Optical Camo deployment, it just breeds a trust between Infinity gamers that isn't quite there with other systems. Its a game that requires you both to co-operate in holding a 'fair' game that is fun for both of you. There is a fair degree of trust you place in your opponent. I think its just a far better way to game. It also seems to appeal to a certain sort of gamer, who are just more helpful, friendly and all round top people! Go check out the official forums for yourself:

Official Infinity forum

Everyone is really helpful. But I'll list some of those that have stood out and made me feel welcome when I first started with Infinity:

  • Maru - Sage advice 
  • Cervantes3773 - For his saint like patience with me when I first joined and asked more dumb questions than I thought possible... and giving helpful answers to boot!!! 
  • PsychoticStorm - For being a forum legend, he doesn't sleep, he's always online and he's always helpful. 
  • Magno - For his stunning painting and tips and for generally being a top bloke. 
  • IJW - For being as knowledgeable as he is and always willing to offer his advice. 
  • Athanadros - For his awesome posts about his even more awesome scenery and inspiring me to try and become an all round better hobbyist. 
  • Tommygun - Like Athanadros being an awesome terrain builder and being so helpful. 
  • Xango - For being just a top community member and knowing so much about the broader hobby. 
  • Thunderpup - For his devotion to all things Yu Jing and for making me spit my tea out with laughter on more than one occasion. 
  • Panserkunst - for that gif... you know which one.

Hopefully I haven't missed too many people out who helped me when I was getting into Infinity and stuff. However there are so many top community members it'd be hard to list them all, suffice to say if there is a friendlier, nicer, more helpful bunch of gamers on the internet then I have genuinely yet to find them. Don't mean this to turn into a post about Guy Love so I'll leave it there I think... its probably for the best! That's it, I told you it would be short and sweet (well compared to the others). The most important thing making Infinity great is us the gamer, you won't find a better bunch! Peace out!


  1. I've only been a member on the boards for a short time, and I will be mindful of what I say (I have met some damn fine people in person from GW-themed boards). But I'll agree that you don't seem to get the 'nasties' on that board that you get on some of the GW boards, the borderline cases whom you don't want to offend in case they somehow find your address via the internet, and you find them stood at your bed in the middle of the night, clutching the model that you disagreed about :)

  2. @Pacific... PMSL, yep I know the sort you mean!!!

    Genuinely I'd been lurking on the Infinity boards for years had done other things in that time, but always felt Infinity seemed too complex. So when I popped up with questions and got nothing but supportive answer and friendly help and suggestions it sold me on the game! Because as I say it takes two to tango and there aren't it seems many better groups of gamer to Tango with!!!

  3. You've actually got me on the verge of seriously considering picking up Infinity. I don't know any gamers in the Coventry area though (moved here as I was giving up on GW and never made new contacts). I notice you're from nearby, so I was wondering if you have any tips for contacting people.

  4. Hi, I found your blog after the broken Gandalf rant. I've been borderline thinking of giving up on games workshop (or buying GW stuff) and switching over to Infinity, so I read your blog entries on it.

    The only thing that stops me from switching over right away is that I've only ever gamed in GWs, and of course I couldn't play infinity there, then I saw you were in bham, which is where I'm from, and I wondered if you knew of any places were Infinity was being played?

    Cheers for any info you can give on finding a place to play Infinity in bham

  5. @Kemp on the Infinity forums there is a mammoth thread about where Infinity players live, you have a look down and its likely you'll find people, failing that I live in South B'ham not a million miles away from you and would happily take you through some intro games if you'd like... being a huge faction whore I have pretty much all factions if you want to dabble, send me an email if you're interested I currently have a pretty big Infinity group network in the West Mids now.

    @Casper what I just said above still stands for you too. I believe there are a few peeps playing Infinity at the Dudley Dark Lords if you live that way, if not we have been known to play Infinity Sutton Immortals and peeps my have taken it up. But just to re-iterate I'd be more than willing to take you through an intro game before you take the plunge.

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  7. Hi Kemp I removed your comment so weirdo internet stalkers didn't have your contact details, not for any other reason.

    In terms of the Infinity translated rules, you're right they aren't translated the best, some bits are extremely clear and other bits just weren't translated all that well. However you get it all on a table and it does make sense. I think the guy who did the original English translation is wanting to re-do the translation again to tidy a few thinks up and replace the odd fusil with rifle!!! lol.

  8. Nice you are setting up a Midlands network. I'm living overseas at the moment, but when I return to the UK next year (hopefully!) I would be well up for it :)

  9. @Pacific not sure about setting up a network, lol. But certainly if people want to play people in the area I can try my best to get people in touch with each other. Where abouts abroad are you then? And where do you normally reside?

  10. Wow sorry for the very late reply (and not sure if you will even get to read this!)

    I'm in South Korea at the moment, and most likely will be until the end of this year or early next year. Although, speaking of the amiability of the Infinity forum users, I've even had another ex-pat contact me and say I'd be welcome to come and visit him for a couple of games!

    Previously I lived in Cheltenham in the South West, so hopefully it will be a good deal easier to get some games in when I return to the UK :)

  11. @Pacific, I get email notifications for EVERY comment somebody makes. So I read everyone and respond!!! lol. Yeah the Infinity community tries hard to get people opponents and that's just another great aspect of their behaviour and attitude. Its great. When you're back in the UK send me an email and we'll get some games in.

  12. ....
    Yes, I go through yer old posts sometimes....
    I am NEVER clicking another link around here....ever.

    ...goddamn Scrubs was so funny....

  13. @SinSynn, I'm glad people are still reading some of the classics!!! :P

    I still get quite a few hits every now and then on these Infinity articles, not too sure whether it's:

    A) To read the awesome articles
    B) To look at the pretty pictures
    C) To follow the funny links to scrubs videos

    B and C seem the most plausible reasons to me. ;)

  14. I've been reading through all your Infinity articles. There's apparently a large group of players here in town. I've been admiring the models for a couple of years and heard good things about the system. I think you've sold me on picking up a starter box once I can afford to. I read earlier that you had an article on background and faction details in the works, and look forward to seeing it.

    1. Well if there are a large group of gamers in town then you should definitely take advantage of that. There are a few fledgling communities growing now, so get stuck in. Yeah my Infinity faction introduction articles are taking longer than I'd want to perfect.