Thursday, 1 November 2012

Walking Dead apology

If you've never read the comics or watched the TV series, what the hell are you waiting for?

Right I owe you guys an apology I guess, why? Well I'd intended to review the Walking Dead Boardgame this week, but as I started writing the review I just felt I really hadn't played enough games of it to fully judge it. I would have been winging it and that's not fair to the product or you guys. So I'm putting the review back until I can actually review the product properly and give you a full verdict. However, there is a zombie review still to come later on today, as you have my review of Last Night on Earth to look forward to. Even though Will Wheaton has somewhat stolen my review thunder recently. Peace out!


  1. There's a Walking Dead boardgame????? Excellent!

    1. I can blow away Lori???? Excellent!

    2. You see I can't tell you whether the game is excellent or not... or whether you can kill Lori. Truth is I just don't know enough about the game... although if you can shoot Lori that's the first thing I'd do!!!