Saturday, 13 October 2012

Review: Freebooter's Fate Casimeere Flynn

Well yesterday I reviewed an older Freebooter's Fate miniature, Miedo a Morir. So today I thought I'd better try and review one of the more recent releases. As a heads up, this was actually given to me by the lovely Hendrik who works at Freebooter Miniatures... although thinking about it I'm not sure what him giving me a rose wielding Casanova for a present says about our relationship... o_0 ... any way please bear that in mind as you read my thoughts on it.

Product description

Unlike many of the more complex Freebooter's Fate characters, Casimeere Flynn is absolutely no where near as complex in composition or pieces. He normally comes served in a plastic blister pack, but as this was a pre-release mini he came in a zip-lock bag. As always with Freeboter Miniatures products there is the sunken black plastic square base, and a metal scenic base insert. I'm kinda starting to wish more companies would go with this sort of arrangement as it really set the miniatures off nicely. Beyond that the miniature is made of metal and comes in three further parts. The main body, legs, torso, right arm and head cast as one piece and then the left arm wielding a rose and the right had brandishing a rapier. As always with Freebooter's Fate miniatures it also come with two cards, one in the native German and the other thankfully in English.

Character 8 out of 10

Rumours that the Casimeere Flynn miniature were modeled on a young Fabio can neither be confirmed or denied. Any way it's more than clear where Werner got his inspiration for this debonair, swashbuckling cad! It's quite clear that this miniature is a homage to Errol Flynn and his 'pirate' movies such as 'Seahawk' and 'Captain Blood'. Go on look up some of the images on Google image, I'll wait until you come back... you done? Good. He's actually a good little homage and in Werner's own way the likeness is quite close, certainly his outfit is. With a haircut that would make Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen (follow the link if you're not British) proud, it's clear that Casimeere is meant to be a bit of a dandy... no... scratch that, he's a lot of a dandy! He has clearly got a bit of the swashbuckling characters Errol Flynn played, but they themselves were born from the likes of Casanova and of course Romeo. Casimeere Flynn is meant to be a ladies man and with his swanky looking bell bottoms and what is probably a velour tunic I'm sure he makes quite the lover.  He certainly looks the part, with his sleek outfit... and even sleeker hair! No doubt he use's L'Oreal, because he's worth it, but all this joking and ribbing aside its fair to say that Werner has certainly achieved the look he was going for with Casimeere.

As always with Freebooter's Fate miniatures, he comes with his own scenic base insert.

His pose is exceedingly simple and hints at the coiled motion of a fencer. His left hand has grasped the hilt of his sabre at his right hip, and he's about to draw his weapon no doubt with a stylish flourish. He'll probably throw the rose at the feet of some nearby wench making her swoon... the git! Talking of the hilt on that sabre, it's arguably th emost embellished and ornate item on the whole miniature. It's clearly a fine blade, but the rest of Casimeere's garb is quite plain and understated. Sure I bet his leather boots are polished to within an in of his life, and you could see your face in them, but he is wearing plain trousers, a plain shirt with a neat and unfussy tunic over the top. what I'm trying to point at is that although Casimeere might at first seem like he's a bit of a fop, he's not. In fact I'd suggest that the fact his clothes don't have frills and billowing stylish pantaloons means he's motion is unhindered, the mark of a good swordsman. Yes he's just the epitome of that swashbuckling, rakish pirate that used to rule the silver screen, during Hollywood's heyday. Yes they were supposed to look dashing and debonair, but they always won the sword fights and kicked ass... I bet Casimeere Flynn is no different, he just wants to make sure he looks good while he's slashing his opponents to ribbons.

Detail 7.5 out of 10

Given how smothered in detail a lot of the characters in Freebooter's Fate are I think it's fair to say that with Casimeere they've gone for a more minimalist approach. As always with Werner, the cloth has folds in all the right places, even if those movement folds are slightly exaggerated to accentuate that motion. The clothes are not overly refined like some of the grander pirates or assassins. They appear positively sensible for a swordsman, almost utilitarian. As do the various leather pouches on his belt buckle. There's not a hint of a brocade or a fancy buckle, the only piece of finery is the sword Casimeere is carrying. The sword hilt and the scabbard it's in. The hilt is a delicate and detailed swept hilt, that were designed to protect the bearers hand from slashing attacks after blade were locked. They also had the double use of potentially trapping an opponents blade with the possibility of snapping their blade. It's Casimeere's face that's the real show stealer though in terms of detail. It's a haugthy arrogant face, that yeah has a touch of the feminine about it. He looks determined and like he means business those.

Quality 8 out of 10

This miniature was a doddle to put together, admittedly his rose arm is at a slightly 'off' angle to what was originally intended, but that's more to do with my dodgy pinning attempt, which I'm still embarrassed about. Nope the casting was pretty much immaculate, none of the components were warped in any way and the flashing was was minimal and easy to clean up. Another point to make is that the mould lines were virtually non-existent, and those that there were, were very easy to clean up because the moulds were done in such a way that they didn't run through or obscure detail. It's sort of what I've grown to expect from Freebooter Miniatures. The components all fitted together snugly, and in the case of the sword arm there were two good solid contact points with pegs.

Service 10 out of 10

Well... I was given Casimeere at Salute off of Werner and Hendrik. I didn't ask for it, and they were so terribly nice to talk to that giving them anything other than a 10 would be harsh. Obviously though for the majority of you this score means nothing at all. Still, it's nice to let the guys at Freebooter Miniature's

Price 8 out of 10

Obviously I was lucky enough to snare me Casimeere for free, but in terms of price out there in the real world I don't think it's too bad. I've tried looking up Casimeere Flynn on a number of Websites... and nobody is stocking him!!! That's a bit lame, but I'm sure if you ask nicely there are plenty of places that will order him in for you. In the meantime you'll have to make do with ordering him direct from Freebooter Miniatures.

Overall 8 out of 10

Casimeere Flynn isn't instantly the first miniature I'd personally think to buy, which is odd because he's actually quite handy to have on the tabletop! Not that I've had the chance to use him much, given my Amazon's and Assassins see more game time. Nope, it's just that a rose wielding dandy isn't exactly high on my wish list when it comes to miniatures to purchase. I more a fan of butt hard assassins, or dinosaur riding cowgirls... it's a long story. However, the simple pose and the swashbuckling (what exactly does that mean) Casanova vibe he gives off have slowly won me over.Yep I'm a Casimeere Flynn convert. I also think the fact that he appears to be a bit of a homage to silver screen legend Errol Flynn is a really nice touch too. He could've been over done, and had too much embellishment put on him, but for once Werner decided to show some restraint and not launch into the overly theatrical style he's normally known and well loved for. Peace out!


  1. Courtesy of our good friend the Wiki: "Swashbuckler (a.k.a. swasher) is a term that emerged in the 16th century[1] and has been used for rough, noisy and boastful swordsmen ever since. A possible explanation for this term is that it derives from a fighting style using a side-sword with a buckler in the off-hand, which was applied with much "swashing and making a noise on the buckler".[2] Later the name "swashbuckler" (like Gunslinger) became common for an archetype and the accordant special film genre.[3] In Italy the genre was known as Cappa e spada."

    1. You see you learn something new everyday. I'd assumed it had something to do with buckler swords... the great thing is I no longer have to even bother Googling things myself anymore, people do it for me! :P

  2. Gosh they're quite awesome miniatures. One day...

    I think the best thing so far aside from the rules and actually well proportioned females is the sceneic bases what a brilliant idea why don't more companies do that? I hate basing - I always rush it and regret it.

    1. I really like the Freebooter's Fate miniatures... and I think the game is really good fun.

      As to the scenic base inserts. I wholeheartedly agree, I'm a big fan of resin bases. I pretty much put all of my forces on them, I've even started making my own... although I'm saving that for another day right now. So yep the metal base inserts, many of which are actually part of the miniature sculpt, are a great idea. I'm a big fan.

  3. I love Freebooter's Fate miniatures and this one is no different. Although I agree, considering the competition, he wouldn't be my first purchase either.

    I'll be keeping an eye on their indiegogo campaign as well, they look like amazing sculpts.

    1. There's an idiegogo? Aeria_GLoris what have you done?!

    2. Don't blame me, blame Werner Klocke!

      It's not for a new expansion or faction or anything. It's 'only' a set of miniatures to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Well, they'll have rulecards to use in game though.

    3. Yep you beat me to the punch Aeria. I was going to post my pimping article for the campaign tomorrow... and yes Minitrol, it's a damn good campaign and one I will have to get in on somehow because I just love the miniatures!!! Damn you Werner Klocke, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!

    4. I'm a bit too enthousiastic it seems!

      I send something extra your way this month, it's still not much but perhaps enough people follow suit to get you that pledge. I want to hear your thoughts on the miniatures ;)

    5. No there's no such thing as too enthusiastic where toy soldiers are concerned!

      Thanks for the contribution, although alas I doubt very much that I'll get enough contributions in a month to get a pledge level of the Freebooter's Fate Indiegogo campaign. I spend a lot of the contribution money I get buying stock images to post up on my Blog, and I don;t get that many regular contributions any way. There's a few stalwarts and that's about it.

    6. It's better than nothing, but that really is a shame. Times are hard for everyone I guess.