Saturday, 8 September 2012

Relic Knights update and Crusader

Right I know a few months back I said I wouldn't be doing the whole Kickstarter update thingy... and I still maintain I'm not! But, I feel as a games pimp and undeniable bad influence on all of your bank balances it is my honour bound duty to inform you all that you currently only have 40 hours or so to get in on the Relic Knights Kickstarter. That my friends is not an awful lot of time to grab yourselves some sugar coated anime fun. If it helps convince you further, I myself have pledged at Saviour level to get two starter factions myself. I've even decided which factions I'm picking, I'm going with Cerci Speed Circuit and Black Diamond. Here, have a look at the bargainlicious deal that is the Saviour level deal:

You can zoom into have a closer look HERE

The current campaign total stands at a pretty impressive $622,828's. This campaign is definitely being funded, which makes me happy.

There is however another Kickstarter campaign that I have to inform you about. No not Dreadball, although it is a fun looking Kickstarter. Nope this one is actually for a band. The band in question is Crusader. Why am I telling you about this? Well the bands drummer is Dethtron from House of Paincakes, who did a lot to help promote my Blog in its early days... so I sort of owe him. The second reason I'm telling you is because he's actually coming to the UK shortly and I'm not sure if you know this but drummers are actually normally slightly unhinged psychopaths who like to hit stuff. So I'm telling you because if I don't I fear for my own safety.

So what the hell is it they are trying to do? Well something that many people who have been in unsigned bands over the years will no doubt greatly appreciate is a bloody difficult task, and that is to self fund the production of a studio album. Trust me, that isn't easy! They're only asking for a modest sum of $1750's, don't worry that's not the pledge they expect you to make. Nope the most expensive pledge option is $25's, so it's considerably less. I know most of you won't be interested, but as I think Colin (dethtrons real name) is a pretty decent chap I wanted to give his band and their Kickstarter a shout out on this here Blog, and I know a number of you are metalheads... or was it meatheads? I can never remember! Any way here's the link to their Kickstarter Campaign. Do what you will with the info. Oh yeah, just in case you're thinking this isn't game related, and you're about to write a snarky comment, here are the lyrics to that song in the video Thunderkill:

Can you see the force approach?
See the tempest in the sky?
The hour of reckoning now at hand
As loyal warriors they die.
The battlefield is scattered
With wounded, dying men
Blood spilling on the ashen ground
Finding solace in their death.

From the other realm he walks,
A war-hammer in his hands,
The earth it trembles under foot
On the blood-soaked war-torn lands.
Vengeance burning in his eyes,
As the heresy unfolds,
His anger tearing through the night
As battle lust takes hold…


Sons turned against their father,
And the Imperium of Man,
Siding with the Chaos Gods
The lost and the damned.
The clash of mighty beings
Is written upon the stars,
As he hammers forth his justice
In the bloodiest of wars…

Yeah!!! So there. Rock on and all that jazz. \m/

Peace out!


  1. Glad to see you've been able to make a choice Frontline :) Always so many cool stuff to choose from!

    It's been quite a while since I bought a metal album and even longer since it's been trash metal. But $11 for a signed album, hmmmm..

    1. Well that's sort of my thoughts on it as well. That and it'll help a friend achieve something worthwhile. :)

  2. You chose the two best factions. And now they've announced the 1st Boss model stretch Candy and Cola mecha-style, and boy does that look sexi! Will work for all three good-guy factions, though their initial concept art really has more Racers type stylings to me, which is excellent. :)

    1. I thought I made the right choices. Glad to hear others think so too. :P

      Yeah they've announced loads of really cool things for Relic Knights so far, both bosses are a must for me, as are loads of the add-on sales and special edition mini's. I'll not be getting the SDE ones because I'm utterly skint. It's been another successful Kickstarter for Cool Mini or Not though hasn't it? And it looks like Soda Pop Miniatures has another hit on their hands.

    2. Been bloody loverly mate.

      Sedition Wars was stirling work, this one, similar. I'm skint as all hell as well. Not sure how I'll pass this one by the wiff, but meh - I could be into strip clubs and drugs so she can go back to her novelas.

      Coolminiornot know how to run a Kickstart campaign.

      And now my collection will be unnecessarily bigger all over again. (Wish I could afford the plushies...)

    3. I'm so in trouble with the add on sales I know I am. I saw those last two miniatures and I was so close to upping my pledge. When the survey comes round like it did with Sedition Wars I'm going to have to be so bloody strong it's unbelievable!!!

      CMoN have run an exceptional Zombiecide, Sedition Wars and Now Relic Knight Kickstarters. Rumours are we'll be seeing Wrath of Kings soon enough and apparently a Confrontation Kickstarter too. I'll be keeping an eye on what they do next because I think their Kickstarters have all represented excellent value for money.

  3. Pledge to Crusader, or I come to your house and forcibly introduce you to the tentacles.

  4. Now that they're including less cheesecakey Relic Knight sculpts, I'm more inclined to get in on the Relic Knight action. Sure, I love cheesecake as much as the next guy, but I'm not a fan of painting human skin.

    Personally, I'm leaning towards Shattered Sword and Space Corsairs, though I'm iffy on some of the Special Edition minis and extras. At least I don't have to come up with a final decision until the Kickstarter's over.

    1. Yeah one of my friends is definitely going for the Shattered Sword Paladins, and is tempted by the Corsairs. I don't mind cheese cake or pin-up as long as it's honest about what it is. I'm not too sure why, but I just really like the bright universe of Relic Knights, it just appeals to me.

  5. There's just so many choices. I've gone for Saviour plus another $35 for goodies, but I'm tempted to see if I can do what I did with Sedition Wars: once the survey comes in add stuff beyond my initial choices and then pay the extra....
    Tempted to bump it up to Double Saviour....

    1. After todays Sunday Sermon I'm sticking to my guns... even though I really want to do the whole double saviour thing. I'd so love to add both the Star Nebula Corsairs and Doctrine to my list of factions... but that's overkill and highly greedy. I cant justify it and I'll be highly lucky to actually paint one of the chuffing factions let alone four of them. Nope I'll stick to my guns, which include $35 add ons for both the factions I've chosen... all the special characters... plus bosses... and two $10 options for each faction. Oh God I need help!!!

    2. Pick on faction, trade in the 2nd one for the extras.

      "Control control, you must learn control!"

    3. Erm.... ONE faction. (Damn my drunken dyslexic fingers.)

    4. Yeah I know, but I'm trying to enjoy the fact that I've got a bit more spare in my 'goodies' budget each month so can afford to do stuff like this.
      And hey, I might get around to painting something soon!

    5. @Dai, this genuinely isn't an excuse, but honestly I do need two factions for most of the new games that I play. For a few reasons:

      1) I am the early adopter of my gaming group. So if I want a game of something I normally need two factions.
      2) I also pimp my games hard with demo games, thus I need two factions.

      Honestly it's this that is making me horn after a second faction for Heavy Gear Blitz, as I reckon I'd be far more successful at pimping the game if I had two factions. I actually had the option of extending my deal to the Double Saviour or Gotta Get Em All... but I was able to resist the powerful nerd temptation and stick to my guns.

      @Dawfydd, yeah I used to be like that when I was on £45k a year. I was able to save my money and do all sorts of things and still have plenty of money left over. I had no idea what to do with it all... so I wasted it on miniatures I'll never get round to painting or using. Seriously if I were you I'd consider what other uses you could find for your extra dosh. Trust me!!!