Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Relic Knights Kickstarter!!!

OK, OK I know I said I wasn't going to cover anymore crowd funding projects on this Blog, but it's closing days of this pretty darn successful Relic Knights Kickstarter, and I just wanted to remind people of its existence. I'm sure the vast majority of you already knew about it already, and I'm sure those of you who want to have already pledged, but it can't hurt bringing it up again can it? I was actually just starting to pull together the strands of a 'Game That Intrigues Me article' when the Kickstarter actually went live and I thought "huh, what a coincidence". I'll still be posting that article eventually, just when I have a bit more info and time to do it now as there is more and more information flooding out about the game now. For now how about watching the promo video for Relic Knights:

I know the aesthetics won't be to everyone's taste, the sugary sweet primary colours and it has all the hallmarks of being heavy on the 'fan service' side of things... but I can't help but smile when I see the bright and vibrant universe Soda Pop Miniatures have created for Relic Knights. So much of what we play in our hobby is so grim, post apocalyptic and yeah OK dark. There's also copious amounts of seriousness involved in what is essentially a silly past time where grown ups play with toy soldiers. So to see a game that places its tongue firmly in cheek and is up for having a bit of fun, sometimes even at its own expense is great! Honestly, I think Relic Knights looks like a breath of fresh air if you ask me, not just in terms of the miniatures themselves, which are all really well realised in their chosen aesthetic art-form, and masterfully brought to life by their various sculptors... BUT... the pretty cool looking play mechanics too. I'm hoping I get to interview John Caddice at some point to ask him some further questions for you all with regards Relic Knights, and maybe their other products. Oh yeah, I do already own a few of their Relic Knight miniatures and I happen to think they're pretty darn cool, it was these miniatures that convinced me it was a Kickstarter worth supporting.

Who doesn't love a good looking hardback rulebook?

I'm not going to run through all the various options and add on sales because that's really boring and pointless at this point, plus you guys can read about all that shenanigans yourself if you really want to over at the campaign any way. Suffice to say I've gone for the 'Saviour of the universe' level at $100, yeah I missed out on the early bird $90 offer. For this I get two faction starters, one rulebook, two special edition figures, a signed lithograph and a whole heap of other stuff and bonuses, which I think are well worth it. It's this level that seems to be the sweet spot with the add on deals as well, although I guess if you were feeling really flush the 'Double Saviour of the universe' level at $190 or the 'Gotta Catch em All' (or triple saviour deal) are also bargainlicious too. Any way they already got to $435,313 when I last looked and cleared the $430,000 stretch goal target that unlocked the SDE Calico Kate & Skully. The next stretch goal is $460,000, which will double the amount of elite troops in each starter set. There's only 5 days of this Kickstarter to go before you've missed out forever, so perhaps you should take a closer look and decide if it is for you. Peace out!

Ooooh look loads of added optional extras!!!


  1. Unsurprisingly I pledged..

    It's strange. I know the miniatures should be too cheesecake for me. I've never been a fan of the whole 'going to battle in a bra' part of anime. But against my rational judgement, these sort of work. For me anyway. And I like what I've seen about the gameplay. And I agree, the whole tongue in cheek looks rather refreshing.

    That said, I will try to paint some pants on the girl piloting One-Shot.

    1. I might have known you'd have pledged. You're almost as bad as I am!!! Only almost mind.

      As to the whole cheesecake / fan service nature of it all you are right. It shouldn't appeal to me, I've never been the sort of anime watcher who was looking out for that weird scene where the heroine was running around frolicking at the beach in a bikini for no apparent reason... you're suppose to be a vampire hunter for Christs sake!!! But despite that, I actually find myself drawn to the candy coated brightness of it all. Perhaps I'm just a bit too feed up with dystopian futures and grim realities. Sometimes I actually want to be happy. :)

      So what factions are you going for? I'm stuck I really am.

    2. It's a disease, it really is :(

      I know what you mean! It doesn't help all those beach and/or onsen episodes are exactly the same in nearly every show..
      But you're absolutely right. Between the Infinity, Helldorado (thanks btw, it looks awesome) and Heavy Gear Blitz stuff that arrived recently I could do with something a bit lighter for a change. That's actually the reason I wanted to start Freebooter's Fate, but for some reason that one stalled on me. Not easy to have the attention span of a goldfish it seems.

      That's a difficult one isn't it! The Noh Empire is a sure thing for me because, well.. they're huge frikkin japanese demons with huge frikkin weapons. And then it gets tricky.. Either the space pirates because, you know, space pirates! Too bad I really don't like the mecha. Or Black Diamond, because I think they look cool and their allignment (or whatever) is corruption (sometimes it's that simple). Thing is, they look a bit normal compared to the rest. And if I'm going for a bonkers game, I might as well go all the way.

    3. Well luckily I've been able to rule out two factions from the get go. The Noh Empire being one of them. I have a friend who is a really big fan of Japanese Oni and I couldn't tread on his toes with that one, so I've ruled them out. I've also been able to rule out the Shattered Sword Paladins too. Primarily because I don't like the look of them... they look too much like goody, goody two shoes for me.

      So that leaves me with the following conundrums:

      1) Doctrine... I love the big Cat Relic, I also love some of the mini options for them. They're a real front runner for me.
      2) Cerci Speed Circuit... these are the mini's that got me interested in the first place. However I already have some of them, so do I really want duplicates? But I love the hover bikes... Arggghhhhh!!!!
      3)Black Diamond... Like you I'm strangely drawn to the bland military order of the, and the uniformity... but if I want a bright candy coloured experience why the hell am I going for the bland faction? But I like them.
      4) Star Nebula Corsairs... Like you they're pirates in space and their mini's look really cool, so in all liklihood I'll end up getting these as one of my factions I reckon.

    4. Well, that's about the sole upside when everyone just plays 40k :p But I completely agree about the Paladins. Doctrine and Speed Circuit look nice, but I like the other three that little bit better. And continuously doubting between three is bad enough :p

      Infinite cash sounds good right about now!

    5. Well I guess that's not too bad then is it buddy, at least you can rule some of them out...

      If there was an option to add a third faction onto the Double Saviour I'd do it in a flash!!!

    6. On one hand I agree, but my wallet is actually pretty happy I need to make the choice..

      I'm very curious what you'll choose in the end!

    7. Hmm, did you mean add a third faction to Saviour?

      If you did, you could always go Double Saviour and trade the second rulebook and fourth starter for $80 in credit. This only works if you're going for at least $80 worth of extras ofcourse.

    8. I too am really curious about what I choose... I'm going for a lucrative 6 month contract tomorrow. If it comes off I might, just might update my level to double saviour and get all four factions I want anyway!!!

      Le sigh...

      I'm such a faction whore.

    9. Leaving aside what you're going to do with your pledge, I really really hope everything goes well today mate!

      Faction whore is such a harsh word.. I prefer to see it as treating all factions equally regardless of background and outward appearances!

  2. Too hot on the heels of the Reaper Bones deal for me. Plus, as cool as the models are, my group is a slothful one and I doubt I can get them into something new right now.

    1. No, and your group are probably right and far more sensible about this stuff than I am!!! There does appear to be a plethora of really interesting and worthy Kickstarters around right now though. I wander if it is causing some campaigns issues getting noticed?

  3. Nice looking stuff but i'm waiting for,
    Wrath of Kings :)

    1. Yeah... no doubt CMoN will do a Wrath of Kings Kickstarter soon. They'd be wise to hold off for a month or two after Relic Knights calms down. People are all tapped out right now.

  4. Digging the anime stylings of this range, and the fact one of the bonus minis is a doing Vaye Valentine cosplay is just gravy ;)

    1. Do you mean Faye (Fei) Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, if so yeah I'd noticed that one!!! :)

  5. Wow.
    More scantily clad models for me to ogle!

    Oh, and another game for me to keep my eye on.
    Sigh @ being broke.

    1. Sigh at being broke indeed.

      God hates a nerd it would seem. Why else would God allow so much nerdy goodness to come out all at once?

  6. I'm going all out and pledging the "gotta catch em all" level.

    I'm a sucker for limited edition minis, especially now that they have added 2 SDE models (I've been playing a bit of SDE and I really like it; I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one!).

    I plan on reselling the addition starter sets and rulebooks to help pay for my own sets, or just selling them on to friends for cost (because I'm nice like that).

    The game mechanics look great, if a little like a card game with models.

    It's going to be a looooooong wait until shipping (I heard it was May!).

    1. OK... I might just be slightly jelous of you being able to afford plumping for all six factions!!! I'd have been over the moon getting 3 or 4 factions... but 6!!!!

      That's just greedy... o_o

      As to the long wait, meh, I've got more than enough to be getting on with in the meantime!!!

    2. Alas, the 6 factions aren't all for me....

      One is for me, one is for my wife, and the rest are to sell.

      I'll be selling them on at a profit, to pay for our sets, or selling them at cost to mates, so we have people to play against.

      If I could afford to buy myself 6 factions, I'd shout you one :P

    3. Yeah, yeah, yeah... Whatever!!! :P

      We know you want all 6 factions for yourself you faction whore. ;)

  7. Ahhh Relic Knights... Now this I have been following (to a potentially unhealthy level) for quite some time and I'm sure will be the first Kickstarter that finally gets my cash.

    Like others I'm having a real hard time deciding which starter sets to choose, the situation at present is as follows:-

    - Cerci Speed Circuit
    This is just a no brainer; absolute first choice

    - Shattered Sword Paladins
    These appealed to me straight away although the picture of the mini striking a pose on one leg was putting me off. Then, one of the stretch goals resulted in the jet pack paladins being included and the faction went up in my estimations.

    - Black Diamond
    I've liked these from the off, I can see that to some they might seem a bit boring I guess but I like them and that's it really.

    - Noh Empire
    This is the one faction that for some reason doesn't appeal to me, not sure why but I straight away was able to rule these out.

    - Doctrine
    I like these, there not my favourite but they're nice. These are the ones that are a mate of mines favourite so I'm going to have to leave them alone if there's any hope of convincing him to buy in.

    - Star nebula Corsairs
    These guys didn't appeal to me at first but they've grown on me quite considerably recently; I think the Wildspace Gabe might have had something to do with that.

    So, it looks like I'll be going for four starter sets and lots of extras.

    At the moment I'm holding out until nearer the deadline to make a pledge so that I know how much I'm going to need to spend to get everything I want. If I whack some cash in and then need to add to it (as new things are unlocked) can I up my pledge and, similarly, if I stick some cash in near the end and then new stuff becomes available right before the end is there an opportunity after the deadline to up your contribution?

    1. I too have been following Relic Knights for ages. When the since before the first mini's were released actually. I saw some pics of some the early greens, Candy & Cola I believe. Kept an eye on it since then.

      I wouldn't worry about pledging now buddy either because you can always change your pledge easily by clicking on manage pledge. I've even had some Kickstarters that have offered you a chance post campaign close down to up you contribution or even lower it... that's not guaranteed though.

      Plus you only have to select what you want after the Kickstarter has finished. They send a survey round to ask you what you want. Hope that's helpful buddy.

    2. I picked up one of the old Candy & Cola minis they did a few years back just coz I liked the look of it; it's now tucked away in a drawer in my hobby room still in the blister... you can probably see a theme developing... :)

      Thanks very much for the info re kickstarter; I'll make my mind up on what exactly I'm going for and make sure I get my contribution in!

    3. Yeah there's a definite pattern building up here... I too have the same Candy and Cola mini in my painting draw still in it's blister so I'm not one to preach!!! :P

      I'd urge you to take the plunge with some of the crowd funding projects because I think they're actually good value for money. Plus it's kinda fun watching the projects you back grow.

  8. I'm so down for this one. Can't decide on a second starter after Cerci, I like one shot alot but zineda/kasaro-to are helping Noh empire be cool as well.
    Really need to print out the cards/rules to try this one out in the next few months.

    1. Yeah I think I've settled on Cerci myself now. This means it's now coming down to a toss up between Black Diamond and the Doctrine I think. The Star Nebula Corsairs I think might be taken by an associate so no toe treading there methinks!!!

  9. Got in on this one with a mate. Have loved the Sodapopmini's style for an age, though never paid out for one. Until now - looks like I'll have a whole faction of overthetop anime stuff to paint come March. Saying that, with added options, I'm out of $100. On top of putting in on Sedition Wars, I'm having to sell a lot of old hobby stuff to afford these new Kickstarter opiates.

    Not sure if I've commented before, (Which is poo seeing as I read just about every post you put up.) but just wanted to say I like your style of writing and even though your opinions differ on a lot of things to my own, you always post up really well thought out essays. Keep it up.

    1. Hiya Dai,

      If you're selling old not used hobby stuff it's no real loss is it? Plus you're helping somebody else get enjoyment out of your stuff. This leaves you with some cash in your pocket to buy hobby stuff you do ant and will use. Win win I say.

      As to not commenting before, don't worry about it. Not everyone can be arsed and that's fine. As to not always agreeing with me... WHY NOT!!! No of course the world would be a dull place if everyone agreed with me... really dull. :P