Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dark Age Story Competition Prizes Turn Up

Yay!!! Competition Swag.

Well it's exactly like the headline suggests. I've got those prizes I told you guys about in my Dark Age Story Competition Article... except I have more than I originally thought I would:

  • Dark Age: Devastation (expansion rulebook)
  • 1x CORE Pathfinders
  • 2x CORE Rends
  • 1x blister of CORE Menials
  • 1x Skarrd Nightmare Juggernaught
  • 1x Skarrd Abomination
Yep you read that right a Skarrd Abomination has been added to the pile of swag that I've got to give away for the story competition. So hopefully that will give you guys further incentive to get your entries in to me here, so far they've been a bit slow, but I'm hoping that's because you're all taking your time to perfect your stories! I hope.

On another note or two I've lined up two more product reviews for you:

Yep, that's right I have a review copy of Zombiecide, which I'm really excited about playing. We all love zombie games and I've been playing a fair few for the past couple of weeks now. I'll be showing you all why in due course. I was not able to back the Zombiecide Kickstarter, but hey at least I've got my hands on a copy now. Yep the second game is Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance, the Limited Edition version. In case any of you are still after a copy I can inform you that the Birmingham Games Workshop still has a boatload of them! I'm looking forward to reviewing this because it's the first review I've done, which has been funded by you guys, my readers. So thanks for that! Any way, I better get off, I've got products to review. Peace out!


  1. Ooooooooh, shiny!

    That Juggernaut looks awesome! I think I just found a Demon Prince stand-in :p

    And damn, I thought the choice between Core and Cult of Metamorphosis would be easy. I guess not then.

    1. I think some of the new stuff looks pretty darn cool. I've had a good look at the Core stuff through the blister packs and it's all looking rather nice.

  2. Cool on the give away. Will need to look back at the criteria for that, but more so cool on the upcoming reviews!

    I also was not able to back the Zombiecide kickstarter, but would like to know if it is worth picking up or not. And the LE:DV box set being funded by your supporters so that you can review it? Damn.. thats just pure awesome on top of awesome there. Congrats for that! Can't wait to see how they both work out..


    1. Well yesterday I glued the LE:DV boxed set together, no dramas, all do in little over an hour. So I'll be playing the scenarios in the boxed set and trying to shut out all of the other stuff I know about 6th Ed and review the boxed set on its own merits, as well as the merits of the game itself. Initial impressions are that it's a usually slick starter set from Games WOrkshop.

      As to Zombicide... already been pouring over everything in the box, and I'm really quite excited to get it out and play it properly. The figures are the usual rubbery PVC stuff, but are a step up on your normal board game fare. Not surprising given the the Guillotine Games product is published by CMoN. Hopefully you'll have the review shortly.

  3. This is my sort of competition, but I just don't have the time to commit to it right now :(

    And if I won I probably wouldn't end up the using the prize, which means it would be much better off going to someone else.

    1. That's a real shame James. Maybe I'll consider running something similar in the future if this one turns out successful.