Thursday, 5 July 2012

And for an alternative view...


Obviously I'm sure many of you know by now I posted a pretty controversial Sunday Sermon up on potential misogyny within the industry. Apparently I don't get to do that as I'm a male, well according to this article here at World of Wonder. While I disagree fundamentally with that assertion from Lo, and think it's terribly outdated view now, I do think she raises some interesting points and it's well worth a read. So I urge you to pop over and read just how stupid I am for raising the topic. As always people play nice, or don't play at all, I have a great amount of respect for Lo even if by the way she's written this she doesn't share the same respect for me, and I won't tolerate any of the foul abuse I've had over this topic being aimed in her direction. Period!!! Any way I'm going to be incognito for a few days, maybe weeks so I'll not be around to answer questions, so please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't get back to you pronto. Peace out!


  1. Hey, it was never like that.

    I have no issue with dudes saying "hey, I am uncomfortable with how x makes women look/makes me feel" etc. Or talking about it in an objective way. That's pretty ok, too.

    It's when the guys shout "what are you twelve?"
    Or "I am never reading this again"
    THAT is what makes me crazy.

    1. No Lo it is like that. I've asked a few females friends how they would read it, and they read it the same way I did. Not going to get into an argument here. You've said your piece and I agree with much of it, but on something we are fundamentally opposed. That's cool. I'd rather have people think I'm stupid for caring about something that doesn't directly impact me than not. So I'm golden and if that's the worst thing somebody can say about me when I kick off this mortal coil I'll be happy in the knowledge I was a pretty awesome guy. Peace out!

    2. It's when the guys shout [...] "I am never reading this again" THAT is what makes me crazy

      This being directed at me, given I said that, I'll point you Von's question to me and my reply later on - it's not always a black and white situation, and a complex issue not all of the relavent factors in one's opinion can easily be expressed in a comment (or be something to be shared in such a fashion).

  2. Have a good one one if you can, I'm heading over....

  3. I think you broke the internets....

  4. This is what a feminist looks like:

    There is no way men should step back from the conversation, on any front, if they do, it only leaves space for those that think it's alright. Anything else is wrong

  5. Thanks again for coming over. I have actually learned a few things from the conversation and may well go at the subject again when I have a clearer head. I'm still considering.

  6. Having read both sites and comments, I think its fantastic that both primary parties are happy to discuss and even look rationally at their own points and arguments. So many times (99% in my experience) people will stay on their own soapboxes, listening only to their own supporters and refuse to back down or even look at the other person's view.

    Both of you are a shining example of how this whole forum/blog thing should work. Nicely done.