Saturday, 30 June 2012

Who won my final Birthday Giveaway?


So I've made it through my mammoth Birthday giveaway in double quick time... and more importantly I seem to have survived! It's obviously taken over the Blog a bit this past month, as has the naval gazing about where to take my Blog next that this anniversary has triggered. However, I think this past week has proved I'm getting back on track with what I'm doing on here, and this past week has had no filler, and I think it's been all killer... and tomorrows Sunday Sermon will hopefully see me back to my thought provoking best... but for now you just want to know who has won the signed Dwarf Kings Hold boxed sets don't you? Well it's...


Yeah I know I've just disappointed about 120 other people... yet again... but, on the plus side I've probably made Sunfyre exceedingly happy. So that will balance out my negative karma, won't it? I hope so because right now I feel like my karma is taking a battering, or it must be with the crap I've had to deal with lately. Any who Sunfyre is another rootin' tootin' America from the good ol' US of A. Yeehaw and all that jazz. He's actually from the State of Oregon, which is in the Pacific northwest of the USA. Oregon is a State I know something about, because a uni friend of mine was from Portland!!! Apparently is was very green and hilly / mountainous and is also famous for making horrible cheese (I forget the name), well according to my mate. He also said it had the deepest lake in the USA, Crater Lake. They also grown a mega crap ton of hazelnuts in Oregon. Yeah so it's not as detailed as it could be, but hey we aren't taught this stuff in our schools in the UK. We just know you guys like guns. Any way Sunfyre also has his own Blog, Gamers Phalanx, pop over and check it out... just don't leave any threats because you missed out on the prize!!! So congratulations Sunfyre, if you could email me your details to:

I'll sort you your prize out as soon as I can.

So that's it. That is me and my Birthday Bonanza done for this year. Will I be giving away free stuff again in the future? No doubt I will. I've even had a few companies ask me if I'd be interested in giving their fine produce away... of course I would. I'm keen to promote all aspects of the hobby AND give you guys who read my Blog as much free stuff as I can. But I'm going to take a rest from it for a while and work out how I want prize draws to be run in the future. So if any of you have any ideas I'll be happy to hear them. For now though congratulations to all of the winners and commiserations to all of the you out there who won diddly squat. If it's any consolation I rarely win anything either. Peace out!


  1. Nice one!! and well done to Sunfyre!!!!

  2. Thanks a ton. Certainly was a shock to get the message, but no less grateful for it. E-mail has been sent.

    1. Cheers, I've emailed both Ronnie and Jake with your details. Its really them you should be saying thanks to, not me. I'm just a glorified lottery machine... :P

  3. An idea for future prize draws:
    Just send the stuff to me directly. You'll get tons of positive karma from me, and no negative karma, as the other 120 or so people don't know anything about it. Also, no hassle with prize draws, and you can concentrate on your interesting articles and reviews.
    A sure win-win situation, don't you say?
    Cheers, and thanks for some very good articles, and a lot of suspense the last couple of weeks.

  4. Bah! Euh.. I mean congrats! :p

  5. Congratulations Sunfyre, I'm not the least bit jealous. Not at all... :-)

  6. Congrats!
    That's a super prize you got there.

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