Monday, 11 June 2012

So who won the copy of Sedition Wars then?

It could be you...

Well, that would be telling wouldn't it? Firstly I'd just like to thank Mike McVey for donating such an awesome prize for me to giveaway on the Blog, and secondly I'd like to thank all of you lot for responding to it in the way that you all have, it's been Blogged, Tweeted and posted all over Facebook and Google+. So thank you so much for getting the message about my Birthday giveaway out there so well. Right I'll get on to telling you who has won the prize, it's:


So congratulations, you little scamp, you've won arguably my most hotly contested prize draw EVER!!! I was also really happy to find out that you live in South staff, that's like in the same region of the UK as I am!!! That's the West Midlands, huzzah I said. Then I remembered I wouldn't be the one posting the bloody prize to you any way, it'll be Mike. Bugger. Well at least I saved Mike some money. You have one full week to claim your prize from now, so that gives you until the Monday 18th June 2012 12:00 PM GMT. Right it's time to pimp his Blog too, it's called Excommunicate Traitors, I felt the tagline should have been something like 'and then exterminate them', but he went for the far less aggressive 'A wargaming and modelling blog'. I suppose it is descriptive, but my option sound more fun. Any way you should check it out as he has some pretty decent articles, my cats also approve as he owns cats, although Macca wasn't too happy with the insinuation that all gingers are mental... he has his eye on you buddy and given his size and what he's done to our neighborhood rats I'd be worried if I were you. if you email me at:

We'll see about sorting out how we get the prize to you. Obviously the game isn't out yet so I can't really get it to you before it's released. I'd love too, but you know, it's not possible. I'm sure Mike McVey will look after you. I also have to sort out the issue of the Victorian Darling Kraken hunter. Originally I gave the prize to Blackbrunswiker for making the 5000th comment on my Blog, but sadly he hasn't got in touch to claim it off of me. So I need to pick a new winner, so I had to decide who to give it to. So I've chosen to give it to the person that made the 4999th post on my Blog:

Kevin D

He posted the following comment on one of my crowd funding articles:

'Here's another interesting campaign:

I have no connection to the people involved other than buying the Holmes and Watson perk.

So as always, if you can get in touch with me at my email address above I'll try and sort out getting you your sexy resin miniature. I'm giving you the same five days I gave Blackbrunswicker to claim his prize. So if you don't claim it by Saturday the 16th June 2012 at 12:00 PM GMT I'll pass it on to somebody else. Sorry Blackbrunswicker, but you snooze you lose on this one.

Any way I'm going to give you a brief rundown of where the Sedition Wars Kickstarter campaign is right now. Because I know that there must be an awful lot of disappointed gamers out there who didn't win this competition. The good news is that Sedion Wars Kickstarter offer just keeps on rolling and keeps on getting better and better. On Saturday I told you that they'd managed to get up to $166,252US, which was just shy of their $170,000US Stretch goal. Well on Saturday they smashed through that Stretch goal, so everyone gets some nice branded Sedition Wars Dice:

Huzzah I say, huzzah. So Studio McVey and Cool Mini or Not decided to go for the early add on sales, you know, trying to squeeze even more cash out of those who are already signed up to the campaign. It's a pretty standard tactic to be honest with you, and one that has been deftly employed many times before by other campaigns. So what are the add on's then?

First up we have the quick win $10 dice pack, which I'm surprised didn't come much sooner if I'm honest. So if you want more Strain and Vanguard branded dice, well you can spend an extra $10's and get six more dice, three for each faction. This is a pretty good way of sneaking another $10's out of a lot of backers. Good call I say.

Now this next add-on option I wasn't expecting at all. However, I think it might just be genius. The dice won't appeal to everyone, while if I was flush I might be tempted to drop a further $10's on extra dice if a stretch goal looked really appealing, normally I'd by-pass them and be more than happy with what I've got. This terrain pack though has me wanting to find a further $30's to spend, which quite frankly I don't have. Why is is so tempting? Apparently these were meant to be released individually as resin piece for upgrading the game at a later date, but due to the overwhelming support the game has gotten they've decided to tool it up for a plastic upgrade kit and release it as a complete kit for $30's. All in you get seventy pieces:

  • 2 x Exocyst
  • 2 x Necrocyst
  • 2 x Macrophage
  • 2 x Genstation
  • 2 x Spore Engine
  • 12 x Security Doors
  • 12 x Normal Double Doors
  • 12 x Narrow Doors
  • 12 x Crates / Low cover / Terminals
  • 2 x Teleport Control
  • 2 x Havoc Defense Turret
  • 2 x Auto-Doc
  • 6 x Corpse

Personally I think this will add so much visually to the game that for those of you after the best Sedition Wars experience will almost certainly have to go for it. The next add-on option has a vaguely familiar air about it...

Holy Homage Batman! Yeah so Dr Susan Ridley is clearly based on a certain sci-fi heroine, which is a bit topical considering a certain blockbuster film has just been released. The concept sketch looks fantastic and I want her. The other reason I want her is that well, the next stretch target was to do with this add-on miniature too.

If the campaign reaches $190,000's then everyone who orders the extra Dr Susan Ridley miniature will get an infected version of the Dr and Girl as pictured above in this concept sketch. Awesome! Hang on. Wait. You what? You mean they've already passed that target too? Well slap my ass and call me Shirley! They breezed passed this target around mid-day on Sunday, or so the timing of the email suggests. So they whacked another stretch goal up.

Should the campaign reach $210,000's then everyone who has pledged at the Biohazard level or above will recieve and extra four Strain Phase 3 miniatures, two Scythe Witches and two Brimstones. I so want them to reach their $210,000's target because those are two of my favourite Strain miniatures right there. As of this morning when I checked the campaign to see how it was going they were already up to $209,385. So it looks to me that the campaign has started to set off early for the finishing line to me, what with these add-on's I think Cool Mini or Not and Studio McVey have stated their intention to really pull in some major money from their current backers, all 1392 of them. Think about it, how many of those backers are thinking I'd like some extra dice and that Dr Susan Ridley looks cool, plus I really like the idea of the scenery pack. At $50's for all the add-on's that's a potential of a further $69,000's, that's not too shabby a move. These sorts of moves are normally done in the closing straight, but they put them out there with 21 days still to go, and as of now with 19 days to go I'm going to say I can see this campaign maybe topping $400,000's at this rate. Any way, that's enough for now about Sedition Wars. Oh before I depart there a rather mental Panda I have to tell you about. HOTPanda over at the Blog The Chaos Manifesto is holding a prize draw of his own. He's going to be counting up how many new members his site gets from now until Friday the 13th of July and will giveaway a corresponding Games Workshop gift certificate. If he reaches 200 followers it'll be $50's, so you might be able to buy half a pot of paint by then. Peace out!


  1. Congrats to the winners!

    One other thing... "certain sci-fi heroin". I know what you were trying to say, but that's just funny on its own.

    1. Indeed it is, and as a Dyslexic I really must learn to stop trusting spell checkers.

    2. I have the same problem.

      but as a teacher i kinda use it to reassure my students who have similar issues.. it's a pain sometimes tho..

    3. Honestly 9 times out of 10 I'm fine and I do really well for someone who is as dyslexic as I am. But I'm not stupid and I'm fairly well educated guy who is normally articulate... but... the odd screw up like that is just so frustrating because I just can't see it. Genuinely, and even when I do I've learned over the years not to trust myself and second guess myself. *sigh*

      Still I'll keep plugging away at it. Besides my defective brain seems to conjure up this moments of hilarity for others, so perhaps it's not all bad.

    4. Your brain is fine! Sheesh leave the poor thing alone I am sure you over heat it at the best of times!

      I prescribe one pint of best bitter and a rock opera DVD

  2. so. Very. Awesome.

    cant wait to get painting and playing this awesome set!

    Thankyou so much.. email incoming!

    1. cheers email received and I'm glad I could spread a bit of gaming love.


  3. Yeah they've already reached the 210K stretch. I'm wondering how much more they can give us in stretch goals! And can my wallet handle any more extras being thrown my way lol.

    1. Have they really? Bloody hell!!1

      Be interesting to see how much extra investment these add-ons actually draw from current backers. It really could start getting silly soon. If the next stretch goal is more miniatures or further bling being placed in the game box it could see a lot of people who have been wavering on the sideline start pitching in too. The campaign already looks to be getting its second wind then. Interesting.

    2. I think the add-ons have already given it a big boost. Things seemed to be slowing down, Then they added the terrain set and BAM! an extra 50K in 2 days.

      But yeah if they keep adding to the game with the stretch goals like they have been then yeah i think it really could get silly.

      I just wish this game could start getting some proper coverage on some of the so called bigger blogs. And i'm wondering why it doesn't? considering how well its doing.

  4. Congrats to both Karitas and Kevin D!

    I'm very curious about where Sedition Wars will end, I really am!

  5. Congrats...Will buy a copy then :)
    Well, I am really curious about the end of this project, because it is getting quite huge.

  6. Awesome prize and an awesome game. I love the look of the models and the terrain pieces!

  7. Karitas' blog is indeed a good'n. Glad it's someone I at least have a little knowledge of that won! :)

    Sedition Wars is coming along nicely. Seems like every time I log on, the pledge total has gone up by another $3000 or so! Crazy. After watching Prometheus, I REALLY hope Mike offers up some more Ridley Scott inspired figs!

  8. Darn eeet. and I so wanted to win.
    Congrats to the winners!
    Now to go to that kickstarter and see what my little bits of cash can get me. If only Sedition wars had a hover tank...

  9. They have a Hover Gun Drone. And if they hit their next couple of targets you get 2 of them. YAY!

    Anyhow congrats to the winners.

    As for Sedition Wars their latest add on is a crystal (holocamo) Vanguard and Glow in the Dark Strain models, plus a mission pack that includes these models.

    Where the models are nice I for one don't think this add on will do very well. One of the reasons I want this game is because off all the loverly mini's that I will get to build and paint. Crystal and Glow in the Dark figures just make it feel a bit more Toy wargame then Miniatures wargame, if that makes sence.

    Only time will tell I guess, but this is the first thing that I'm gunna pass on.


    1. I see you have the Sedition Wars Avatar now Voidsign, looking good.

      As to the clear resin casts of the miniatures, they're probably not intended for wargamers or painters. You have to remember that a lot of board gamers are a very different breed to tabletop wargamers, and that's fine. With Sedition Wars Mike is trying to find ways of appealing to both markets and blurring the lines as much as he can. So this sort of move towards the sort of things board gamers find cool helps him do that, and I think therefore it'll do far better than many people think.

    2. That’s a very good point, and one that I must admit I didn't think off. Which is kind of embarrassing for me to be honest. Normally I'm a tad more open minded with this kind of stuff, but when you look at Studio McVey and the Miniatures that they produce I just didn't put it together.

      Sigh, I will self-flagellate later.

      As for my Avatar, I wear it with pride. And it lets everyone know that I'm gunna have loads of shiny goodness come Xmas... I have to put it away till then, its the only way my better half would let me spend out on it T.T


    3. No, no it's OK. Just say 100 Hail Mary's and humiliate yourself in public place. :P

      It's very difficult for us to look at products we like in different lights. For instance hardcore GW Tournament gamers just don't see the casual side of the hobby at all. It takes a special kind of awesome genius to be able to see the same subject from many angels... now I'm not saying that's me... but I'm not saying it's not me either. :P

    4. Hardcore GW Tournament gamers still exist. Odd, I thought GW had outpriced almost every wargamer on the planit and provided enedable grey Aero's to the rest. I find this information shocking.

      Well the 100 Hail Mary's are done, and as for humiliting myself, I do that pretty much everytime I walk out of the house, play a game, sleep etc etc.

      Anyhow our hobby involves us seeing pretty much every subject from many angels, otherwise only one side of our mini's would have paint on them.

      Ba dum Pshhhh...

      Sorry back to the flagellation I go T.T


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