Thursday, 10 May 2012

Freebooter Miniature's Caption Competition

Insert caption to win prize... just not here OK. The competition is elsewhere.

We all like a good competition right? I mean who doesn't like winning free swag. I'm sure we also all love funny pictures too, that capture amusing moments. So I guess caption competitions are made of pure win. While at this years Salute Dr Brainiac and I visited the Freebooter Miniatures stand and got to meet both Werner and Handrik, two thoroughly nice chaps. While taking pictures Dr. Brainiac managed to capture a 'momentary expression' on Werner's face, a brief moment of confusion or incredulity, whatever it was the expression on Werner's face made me smile. Well it seems it tickled the guys over at Freebooter Miniature's as well and they're hosting a caption competition. Just follow this Link to find out more. Oh and good luck with it everyone. Peace out!