Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bushido Ito Clan Indiegogo Campaign

They are indeed...

Right, a few weeks back now I did an article about crowd funding, or what business types refer to as distributive funding... or what the rest of us call Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Well the guys over at GCT Studios are trying to raise some dosh via an Indiegogo campaign for an extra faction called the Ito, obviously for their game Bushido. They already have four factions made and ready to rock and roll, but you know, you can never have too many factions right? Any way I'll let the guys explain what they're up to in their own words...

Their campaign was initially pretty conservative (with a small 'c') in terms of the level of funding they wanted, well I thought it was, as they were only after $5000 to be able to get the miniatures sculpted and then shipped. Not a lot is it? Well that's turned out to be the case, and they've breezed passed that target so the Ito are definitely being made, which is great news I guess. They have launched some further stretch targets though:

  • $12,500 Itsunagi model available on release of the Ito starter faction
  • $15,000 Itsunagi model FREE to everone signed up to receive the Ito faction!!! AND an additional model available on release of the Ito starter faction.

Well it seems they sailed passed their first stretch target of $12,500 pretty quickly, and they're not too far off of stretch target number 2. They're currently at $14,441 and they still have some 24 days left to go, so they're not doing too badly if you ask me. Hopefully they'll actually go for some serious stretch targets after they smash the $15,000 target! Now obviously I've given Bushido a bit of coverage here on this Blog already with a game that intrigues me article and a review of the Cult of Yurei Starter Set and Prefecture of Ryu Starter Set. I think the games compact nature actually means it has a lot going for it. There's no need for shed loads of terrain, unlike many of the games I'm currently playing, and if you live in a city center apartment you can play it on a coffee table, which is a big bonus to some of you I'm sure.

I'm not going to lie to you and say this has become a massive part of my gaming life, because it just simply hasn't. But, it is a game worth playing, plus it's not for want of trying my part to convince people... and it's certainly a project worth supporting. It's just a fledgling game right now and so isn't quite as easy to sell to friends as perhaps some other games are. If they get funded to do a full sixth faction on top of the fifth they've already received funding for, maybe some tokens, and a full colour rulebook the game might actually take off somewhat. Their demo tables were certainly busy enough at Salute this year, and seemed to have a constant crowd around them. So the buzz about the game is building steadily that's for certain. Here is some artwork for the Ito Clan:

A samurai gorgon... what's not to love?

Yeah... I'm not too sure she'd make good girlfriend material.

Don't know what it is and I don't care. It's awesome!

There's just something undeniably cool about Katana wielding ronin.

As you can see from the artwork they're sort of a human faction with a reptilian twist. Personally I think they look all sorts of brilliant. I hope they manage to reach their second stretch target of $15,000 so everyone can get an extra free mini, that would be ultra cool for everyone involved. So if this looks like the sort of thing you'd bee interested in, perhaps now is the time to get involved in crowd funding. Also if there are any projects you see up on Kickstarter or Indiegogo that you think I should be promoting do let me know by dropping an email to:


I'm not guaranteeing I'll post an article in support, because I might not support it, but it's worth at least me taking a look. Peace out!


  1. i think the first one is a Naga, or that could be the third one... or both for all i know...

    1. Yeah, I believe they'll call them Naga's... but hey here in Europe we have our own mythical snake people and we call them Goron's!!! :P

      Whatever they're called they look spiffing.

    2. *Gorgon's* Bloody wireless keyboard!!!

    3. haha. i think Gorgons have snakes for hair, but not as the lower half of their body. then again, as mythical beasts, they can look like pretty much anything you like! :)

    4. Yeah and strictly speaking Naga's are an Indian Hindu thing I believe. Although there is bound to be Buddhist crossover somewhere along the line! Gorgons are invariably depicted in many ways, but most commonly Medusa's sisters Euryale and Setheno were depicted as having large snake like bodies. Their children I believe were snake people. Does make you wander what the hell our ancestors were smoking when they came up with this shit doesn't it? :P