Friday, 24 February 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz New NuCoal releases.


So Friday looks like it's rapidly becoming new release day round these parts, and yeah, I'm not so sure that's as 'snappy' a headline as it could've been. I guess I'm not going to get a job working for News International anytime soon because I can't hack mobile phones either. So what use would I be to Mr Murdoch's sleaze and lies empire? I can however fully appreciate 'awesome' when I see it, and report truth bombs. Truth bombs being the one thing the UK's tabloid media is scared of, the truth in bomb form! Heaven knows it's not the corrupt police at Scotland Yard, whom they can buy off as casually as a Tory Peer or MP, shesh, what the hell is my country coming too?

  • Truth bomb number 1: Gears are utterly fricking awesome. 
  • Truth bomb number 2: Stealthy things utterly rule. 
  • Truth bomb number 3: Stealthy Gears make my head explode. 

So Mrs Frontline Gamer wasn't best pleased to hear that DP9 had released the Espion two pack, because these bad boys are stealthy Gears. Que head explosion! This meant the long suffering Mrs Frontline Gamer has been cleaning up bit's of my exploded skull off of the floor, ceiling, walls, behind the sofa... you get the point, since I first saw them. Sadly no sooner had she cleaned that mess up than I saw the giant Armadillo beasts!!!

  • Truth bomb number 4: More things need to have giant Armadillo's.

Oh my God, people riding giant Armadillo's, seriously what the hell is not to love about that? Armadillo's people, GIANT Armadillo's!!! I might need to go take a lie down in a darkened room... here look at some pretty pictures:

It's painted black, that means it's all stealthy and stuff...

...although I'm not quite sure how a missive big robot can be stealthy. This is the Firestorm variant...

...or for that matter why being painted black would help! This is the Flechette variant...

...surely they should be painted sand coloured as Terra Nova is mostly desert. This will be the Grenadier variant...

...any way here's a giant armadillo!!! So kewt, ahhh look at the angree armadillo.

At some point soon I hope to be able to discuss the various variants at depth, like I do with Infinity's releases. But right now, I think I'm not really in a position to offer an 'expert' opinion. So I figure it's best I keep my trap shut on that score, at least until I actually do know what I'm talking about. Then I'll feel perfectly fine humiliating myself with my lack of knowledge and showing up just how big a n00b I am. What I will say is that I think the armadillo's rock! I have no idea if they're any good or not having only had the briefest of dalliances with Heavy Gear Blitz so far... but on coolness factor alone I want some. I also think they should get their own mini game, I don't know, say like Armadillo jousting or maybe even armadillo racing! That would work for Heavy Gear Arena surely? Nope? Ah well, maybe I'll not make it as a game designer then. Bugger. Peace out!


  1. Hahaha! Yes, the armadillo beast is all kinds of awesome! It wouldn't be unfair to say I suffer from armadillo envy as a Northern player. :)

    1. What so the north don't get Armadillo's? That totally sucks!!! They so aren't going to be my second choice faction in HGB then. I'd feel deprived. :P

  2. The Armadillo is cool. A north starter box is on its way, looking forward to stomping ass on Terra Nova. Hope you can get more stuff up on blitz soon. Nice one ....

    1. Another northerner, good! We do have the nicest looking gears. Hehe!

      It's been a while since I blogged about Heavy Gear myself but you can see my gradual build up of forces here. Oh, and for some more north goodness I can recommend Flatline's blog I'm Huge on the Internet, he has a lot of nice stuff painted.

      I like your 15mm stuff by the way. :)

    2. @Pancake indeed they are. I'm hoping to get some HGB article's up soonish, but you know me I like to do things properly so I'm taking my time to ensure they're quality articles and not just any old tripe. I also wasn't aware you had a blog. On my spreadsheet of followers (yes I have a spreadsheet of you all) I didn't have a site down for you. That's now rectified and I'm following you.

      @Martin, you should Blog some more about HGB. I'd read them any way!

  3. Sir, that is not just a giant armadillo.
    That is a giant armadillo with a friggin' laser mounted on it.

    I wonder if I could use that as a proxy for a King Tiger or Sturm Tiger in FoW.
    I'm afraid there would be like, a trail of exploded heads or sumpthin,' though.

    1. Why the hell not give it a go? I'd love facing off against a quirky looking FoW force... but I'm not too sure the FoW crowd are like that are they? I once saw a guy go ape over the camo pattern somebody had painted on a tank that was used in the Italian campaign and told his good friend, in a highly rude manner, he'd got it very wrong... hmm wander what he'd say about giant armadillo's?

    2. Some people take alla fun outta livin,' buddy.

      I could prolly get away with it if the model is EXACTLY the dimensions of the model I'm proxying...but even then I'm pushing it, since FoW is all 'historical' and whatnot.

      Gotta tell ya, I don't understand why a lot of FoW players go to GREAT LENGTHS to paint their models to look....basically like a lotta other folks.
      Weird, man.


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