Sunday, 18 December 2011

Handing control over to the Ministry of Cats

Macca in early negotiations

Against my better judgement I will be handing over editorial control of this blog to the Ministry of Cats later this evening. I have been really busy with the build up to Christmas and have been unable to produce or work on many articles to keep you all entertained and occupied while reading your smart phones when you should be out get the last bits of Christmas shopping. So the Chaircat of the Ministry of Cats came to me with a proposal. He told me he and his fellow cats had been working on a number of articles that he thought my readers might appreciate. He wasn't exactly insulting about the content of my blog... but... he wasn't polite either.

Macca after concluding negotiations

Still I was impressed he'd taken the time to put together a gantt chart and some PowerPoint presentations. So I thought what the heck, it's Christmas. Plus it means I'll get plenty of time to select the right mince pies and single malt whiskey to leave out for Santa Clause. Getting the whiskey right is a terribly important and time consuming job, and it deserves my full attention. So starting tomorrow there will be some articles the cats have produced. Well I say 'cats' the reality is that this is Macavity's pet project and it is he who has put all the work in, although I have had to edit some of the content. I hope you will all give Macavity a fair hearing and I hope you enjoy his 'unique' style of blogging. Peace out!


  1. Finally!
    Maybe we can get a positive review for Super Dungeon Explore now.
    Surely the pieces were good for batting around the floor....and under the frig or couch.
    Maybe the box was extra comfy?

  2. On the subject of selecting single malts, I was pleased yesterday to discover the Singleton at only £20 in Sainsbury's. Every once in a while they pull out a better deal than Tesco.

  3. Super Dungeon Explore has been well liked here, but it is NOT for me. I didn't enjoy it; but I know I may not be the intended audience.

  4. check out Bruichladdich whiskey, its great stuff and single malt incase you prefer that.

  5. @SinSynn, not bloody likely the SDE box collapsed under Poppy... you'll see what the cats think of my dungeon crawlers though!

    @Pete, Sainsbury's wine and whiskey buyers are actually some of the best in the business. I'm actually constantly durprised at some of the out of the way spirits they purchase and stock. Always an excellent selection. They're not too bad on the old Bourbon either. But I have an exceptional whiskey shop nearby that has a load of gems and 9 times out of 10 sells the good stuff cheaper than the super markets any way.

    @Duce, Bruichladdich is an Isley single Malt is it not? Has a duck egg blue label? If so I tried a 10 year old bottle a few months back actually because they've just bottled it haven't they? I think it's a newish whiskey distillery / whiskey opperating out of and old site. It was very smooth, non-peated, nice taste as I recall. Alas the bottle wasn't mine! :( thanks for the tip though, I might look it up.

  6. @Lo, while I'm sure this isn't the case for everyone, from the reviews I've read of SDE I personally think an awful lot of people have simoply been hood winked by the undeniably excellent design and aesthetic style. In fact I know one such individual myself who after reading my review said that actually I was right and that he'd had similar experiences with it. Thing is I am totally the intended audience for this product. And I'm a little gutted by it, I was so looking forward to it. However, John Cadice was good enough to answer some questions for me and took the time to chat to me about SDE and Relic Knights. I think he has some good plans for SDE and I hope he pulls them off.

  7. Aye, they do have a grand selection. Ah, we used to have a wine and spirits specialist in town, but it shut quite quickly. When I went back to my old uni I found one there, and got some cash strength Ardmore, which was gorgeous. It did feel as though my nostril hairs were melting when I smelled it, mind! :-D On the Tesco front, they used to be the place where I'd get Yamazaki 10 year old, but I think the tsunami has eliminated production, as I haven't seen it there in an age. On the other hand, they have now got the Peated Penderyn, which is that Welsh whiskey aged in old Laphroaig casks. Simply superb.