Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Christmas Sermon: Give the gift of gaming

I so love Deadpool, he's just so badass!!!

I'm not going to keep you all long today because I know today is all about getting lots of free swag and being a glutton. So I wouldn't want to get in the way of this seasonal avarice now would? So a good friend of mine wanted me to do my Christmas sermon on Ho Ho HoMachine. I must admit I was sorely tempted, I mean the tabloid journalist in me felt the article title was just too damn good to miss out on. However, today I want to talk about something more inclusive and about the hobby as a whole. Right now as you sit at home, surrounded by people that you love, cherish and respect... and maybe some family members too, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many of the gathered throng assembled before you are into wargaming or board gaming?
  2. How miserable and unfulfilled would your life be without wargaming or board gaming?
  3. So don't you owe it to your fellow human to introduce them to this glorious hobby and bring the joy of gaming into their lives?
Following Lonely Island's example

I think for me 2011 will be mostly remembered for me rediscovering my adulation and love of all things board game related. That's saying something considering it was also the year that I lost my job due to Tory cuts and that my grandad got cancer! But hey, it's always best to accentuate the positive right? Board games have this year allowed me to introduce the hobby to new people, sceptical people. It's brought a little bit of joy into their lives, and isn't that what Christmas should be about?

So if you have any fun little board games, or even some space to do some intro games of whatever is your wargame of choice, make the offer to introduce some of your relatives to our hobby. Whip out your new copy of Gears of War (you'd better have put it on your Christmas list or I swear I'll...) crack out some Space Marines, even if you die a little inside every time you do, and give the gift of gaming. Our hobby is utterly awesome, and more people should here the true gospel of gaming. Besides, we're always in need of new opponents, am I right? Merry Christmas guys and gals!


  1. Step 1, cut a hole in the box.....

    Merry Christmas, Frontline

  2. @SinSynn, Happy Christmas my good man. Hope you've had a great day!!!


    Step 2, put your junk in that box
    step 3, Make her open the box...

    ... and that's the way you do it. It's dick in a box!!!

    For those of you who are deprived, and have no idea what we're on about:

    yes that is Justin Timberlake, and yes the fact that he actually did this means I do love him just a little bit!!!

    Merry Christmas buddy!

  3. Merry Christmas Frontline!

    I managed to get in a few games of Aye, Dark Overlord with the family today, and we really did have a laugh playing it!

    Unfortunately it's unlikely I can get any of them in to Wargaming, though it would be great to have that common ground between my brother and sister. The reactions I get from them when I suggest it go very quickly from impassive to dismissive to hostile, to the point where when I was considering asking them if they wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, I felt the kind of nervousness I would normally associate with asking a girl out. Typically I chickened out of it in the end.

    Still, more space for those of us who want to play! And judging by how kindly you talk of Gears of War, that will be next on my Fantasy Flight shopping list...

  4. @Matt486, I truly know what you mean. I guess though ultimately the fact we had a geek as a dad meant it wasn't so bad, even though my two siblings didn't really take to the gaming side of things. I have found people of non geeky friends though over the years who I've been able to entice with board gaming. Many of whom I still know in far flung parts of the empire are keeping their hobby going to this day... probably still cursing my name for getting them addicted to toy soldiers.

    Gears of War though is a pretty unique and recent tool in the armoury of the wargames geek evangelists out there. It's Gears of War!!! How many cool gamer kids, you know the geek chic kids as opposed to just the geek kids play Gears, and love Gears? According to Epic Games bank balance a feck load is the answer. I've read on message boards that the Gears comic got some kids into wider comic books, and I'm starting to read the same of Gear of War the board game. It's not a bad game to boot either.