Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A geek in need is a geek indeed

Today we have the opportunity to be a super hero

Look we're all geeks right? We all know the odds of our Halfling Paladin killing a fully matured Red Dragon with a rusty bastard sword, for those at the back its slim, very slim. However when it comes to real life situations we're not necessarily that good at knowing the odds on winning. Sure we know how to set up a great gun line defence, and trust me when alien overlords attack us and humanity is forced to huddle in underground caverns and fight a guerrilla warfare type offensive, our tactical brilliance with toy soldiers will come into play and we'll all be hailed as heroes!!! But until that glorious day comes to pass most of us will continue to struggle with life's little competitions...

Unless we band together. Think about it for just a second. There are loads of us on this spinning rock and we all talk in our own language that only we understand. We have math geeks, science geeks, art geeks and all sorts of other geeks. We've seen countless diabolical plots thwarted in comic books, we've witnessed great tragedy in the Lord of the Ring books and ultimate triumph too, probably repeatedly... we're ready to make an impact on this world if only we came together as a collective force for change!!! Well an opportunity has arisen my fellow geeks, oh yes we have an opportunity to do something utterly awesome for a fellow geek. Yes Venerable Brother over at the blog Sons of Sanguinius has managed to snare himself a female of the species... no I don't know which prescription pharmaceutical drug he used to achieve this feat, and no I'm not sure if it will show up on his Xbox Live account, and no I won't ask him Jeez!!! Listen...

Look he's one of us. Don't you want to help?

Any way all is not well. Having completed the first part of mission Geek gets the Girl (or GgtG) he has hit another foul snag. When will life give us geeks a break man? Roll him a critical hit sometime will you fate!!! You see Venerable Brother is a poor public servant trying to follow the path of a Lawful Good character doing the best he can to improve the world around him when we know the world really wants you to be unlawful evil... you know like bankers, lawyers and Matt Ward the sort of scum who think nothing of parasiting off of the hard work of others just so they can buy another Ferrari... bastards. So he is struggling to give his fair maiden the perfect wedding she so richly deserves... I'm sorry I need to take a pause for the moment... *sob*... I'm getting all emotional here... *sob*...

My fellow geeks we must all unite, Venerable brother has entered a competition, a real life competition. Not for gold or treasure or for leveling up, yeah I know I think its a little odd too, but hey each too their own. No the prize is much greater, its to win his fair maiden the wedding photographer of her dreams. To make her special day all that more special and to ensure the memory of their momentous occasion lives on in awesomely epic photography!!! My fellow geeks we can help them win if we all pull together and do something amazing. He doesn't need our money, he doesn't even want our money... oh no. he wants us to visit this site Here and vote for Andrew and Mikaela, that's them for those of you who scrimped on your characters intelligence. Follow the instructions on that website, yes I know that's a life skill we're all good at having played so many games and read so many rulebooks, and vote now, we don't have long left... be a super hero!!!

...and remember my friends our day will come, for we are legion!!!

Peace out!


  1. @Atreides, it was worth it then. Its for a good cause. We can help Venerable get the prize and level up his wedding day to EPIC!!! Come on peeps get voting. I don't care if you think the other couples are more deserving... just remember like you Ven has rolled double 6 twice in a row on a Leadership test requiring 10 or under with a re-roll, just like you and just like me. We have a shared heritage people... we're gaming geeks!!! Now sally forth my fellow warriors and gain victory for geeks everywhere!!!

  2. I, like Atreides, laughed very much out loud.
    I love this dude, I really do!
    Absolutely pure awesomeness.
    Thank you so much!

  3. No problem ven, its for a good cause and I really do hope you win.