Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Devil Team Infinity Army Builder

I've now had a few new people to Infinity ask me what this mythical army builder I often speak of is. Well apart from being more important to the development of human civilisation than the discovery of fire, antibiotics and sliced bread... its also darn handy when playing Infinity. If you play Infinity and you don't already have the Devil Teams Infinity Army Builder loaded onto every digital device it can be then what the hell are you waiting for? Go get it from Devil Teams Webpage.

The bit you want is the green box I've added to the right of the screen shot

So what does this amazing tool of epicness allow you to do? Well it allows you to select what army you want and if you like which sectorial force. You can then browse through all your factions troop choices and their individual load out options and then selected them to put into your army list. Here let me talk you through it with the aid of some screen shots and lovely orange boxes:

You see here we have the faction choices pick one

Hover over the faction badges and sectorial options will appear

After you've made your choice the troop options will appear along the top

When you click on a troop choice the loadout options appear

After you've selected your loadout options they appear in the right
as part of an army list. If you click on the green tick it'll tell you if
your force is legal.

It really is that simple. But wait there's more. You can get an export code so you can post your latest army cretion on the Official Infinity forums so people can mock your Achilles Paradiso Aggression force!!! You can also print your army out onto A4 paper using your branded printer of choice and have all you troopers weapon choices stats and special rules to hand without actually having to flick through the two books. Seriously this is arguably the best and most useful army builder I've ever used, because flicking through both the Human Sphere and 2nd Edition Rulebooks to find the right trooper profile can get old real quick. Do yourselves a HUGE favour and download the Army Builder now, you won't regret it. Peace out!


  1. This is seriously one of the most helpful tools out there for gaming, if only every game system had something like this available. I used Devil Team's builder endlessly when I was trying to decide on which faction to start out with for Infinity, and then also which miniatures I wanted to buy first. I must have made at least a dozen different lists for each faction initially as I tested out what was possible and what looked interesting, but then I kept going just because it was so much fun. Thank you for pointing out that this can be downloaded from Devil Team, I believe I was launching it directly off the Infinity website from which it could take a while to load. Thanks, Frontline Gamer!

  2. That's what I'm here for Papa JJ to try and be helpful, if I can be!!! I totally agree its easily teh best army builder tool their is out there. I just wished they'd do one for every single game I play... perhaps I should send them a begging email.

  3. You forgot to mention that it's 100% FREE!!! (Beat that Lone Wolf Development!)

  4. @Jordan you're right... as penance for that terrible oversight I will force myself to read some Matt Ward fluff!!! Oh the pain... Necrons and Blood Angels the bestest buddies 4ever... arrrgggghhhh!!!!

  5. I too would like to recommend Army Infinity from DevilTeam, don't leave home without it!

  6. @Angus. Amen brother, amen!!! I have no idea how Infinity players would cope without it. If they had a PayPal donate button on their site I think I'd possibly have donated at least £10 by now as its been that useful to me. But they stoically remain true to their word that its a free community resource... personally I think they're heroes!!!

  7. I have to join the choir and profess my love for this little program!

    Not only does it allow you to construct armies with ease, it also actually help teach you the game. One of the features that it took a while for me to discover is that when you click on any on the skills listed they link directly to the relevant wiki page. It helped me enormously as I started learning the game!

    Might also be worth mentioning that both Android and iOS version are in the works. Can't wait!

  8. Thanks Martin I totally forgot about the Infinity Wiki links!!! See another reason to love the program. It'll be so good to have it on Android and iOS. being able to carry your army lists round with you on your smart phone will be awesome.

  9. I just got this, it's neat. Also, you post too much good content too often, I can't keep up!

    So,I'll be randomly showing up and commenting on things weeks after they've been posted :D

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  11. PMSL @James S nah don't worry about it at all, its good sometimes to go back to older articles and have a look at them again after some time has passed. Somebody commented on one of my first few articles a few weeks back now and it was really interesting to look at it all again after some time had passed.