Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oh crap!!!

Yeah I stole your image!!!

I entered the House of Paincakes Idol competition a few weeks back because it looked like they were struggling to get the numbers up with some 'begging' posts. So me being a good Samaritan decided to help the guys out and chuck an entry in, not expecting to get picked, you know because my blog is crap. Well that's the last time I ever do a good deed because they only went and picked me. Clearly the guys over at HoP either have very low standards or just don't know what they're doing... I guess I should fit right in then because I too am clueless...

So now I've landed myself with extra bloody work, yep I have the added task of writing more chuffing articles, and the worst thing is, as those of you who know me will know I have a pretty ruthless competitive streak. If I'm in it, I'm in it to win it, so I'll be taking it quite seriously I guess. Damn my male ego, it always sets me up for a fall!!! What this does mean as well is that I've now given myself a platform with which to fail and now that failure will come with added public humiliation and ridicule. Fanbloodytastic!!!

I'm going to give myself a very simple target, nothing too fancy or ambitious, because ambition just leads to painful crushing despair and misery I find. In short I don't want to be the first person ejected from the competition!!! At least that way anything beyond that is a bonus. Is that setting my sights too low? Possibly but hey you've all read my blog and well... it could do with improvement!!! Still I expect all of you to vote for me, multiple times if you can, unless of course you too have been shortlisted for the competition in which case genuinely good luck. Peace out!

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