Monday, 15 August 2011

EotBS Work in Progress shots

Right one of the reasons I started blogging was to force myself to bloody paint some miniatures. However the fates conspired against me and I've been thrust me onto the scrap heap of society as one of the great unwashed and unemployed. Now this might seem like a good thing hobby wise, insofar that I would have more time to get some painting done wouldn't it? Ironically not! No I've spent the last two months sorting various crap things out and quite frankly my search for gainful employment has kinda become a 24/7 task... its grim out there if you're looking for a job. Seriously I've suffered more rejection than a ginger Jahovah's Witnesses going door to door trying to spread the word.

However recently I have been able to slosh a bit of paint on some miniatures with my airbrushes, I've started my Sorylian Fleet for Firestorm Armada and I'm writing up a detailed painting guide for them as I go along and I'll probably do something similar for what I'm about to show you, which is my Empire of the Blazing Sun Dystopian Wars fleet. I was in two minds as to whether I should paint my Kingdom of Britannia ships first or these Japs. I went for the Japs in the end as I just love the steam train vibe of them. Rather than going for the usual green theme many EotBS fleets seem to have I decided to go for a more traditional naval grey but with white dazzle for Arctic operations.

Here are some of my frigates, I'm quite pleased with them

Here's one of the cruisers which gives a better look at the dazzle pattern

Three Destroyers showing the look I'm going for

and finally three Escorts

I wasn't initially sure whether or not I was going to use metallic paint's on my Dystopian Wars fleets or try out some NMM technique, however I think my colour scheme has made my mind up for me and I will be using metallic paints. There's going to be a lot of copper and brass on these ships I think with steel reserved for the weaponry. I'll probably go for some quite dark looking wood for the decking too. Currently though I need to shade the white on them, and then pick out the metal details with black before painting the metal. Then the final decision will be what colour to do all those teeny tiny windows, the current contenders are either ultramarine or dark green... we'll see. Let me know what you think so far. Peace out!


  1. How did you mask the different colours please

  2. @Wolf I used Tamiya 6mm masking tape and a pair of scissors to cut interesting shapes and angles into it. Important though I sprayed the grey on first and I think if doing a dazzle pattern that way its best to get the dark colour on the ship first and shade that and then do the lighter colours as I have done here.