Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My 100th Blog!!!

I only just realised that I've been sitting on 99 blog posts for nearly 24 hours. Its somewhat surprising when I look back at it all that I've actually managed to write as many articles as I have in such a short space of time it really is... admittedly most of them have been me rambling on about random crap and making little or no sense at all. However I think there are a few gems in there that I'm proud of and here's a list of those that you lot seemed to find interesting for those who are new to my blog:

Winning streaks, lady luck and the Dice Faeries
Dungeon Crawlers Approved by Girls: Part 1 (do read parts 2 and 3 as well)
Internet Army lists: Death of Originality?
Are you in an abusive relationship?
Infinity the best game there's ever been? Part 1 (again please read parts 2 and 3 if you get the time)

I have to admit though that none of those articles are actually my most viewed article; no that particular accolade belongs to my wonky Gandalf blog, which I think will live on in infamy for ever more (death threats now up to 4 and counting by the way). Thankfully though the above articles are rapidly catching that particular hobbying low point up at a rapid rate of knots!!! If people are wandering by the way, it is that particular episode that is the main reason this Blog avoids Games Workshop topics like a Nurgle induced plague, for the most part.

So which articles do I most like? Well I think the series of 5 articles on Game Balance are a particular favourite as is the recent article on Beer and Pretzels Games. However its the reviews I'm most proud of because so many shop owners and hobbyists have told me they find them useful and interesting to read. The article which says the most about me as a hobbyist however is the series of articles I wrote about playing Dungeons & Dragons with two female acquaintances, my other Half Dr Brainiac and a good friend Geology Girl, because that's what I'm about, trying to bring the hobby to new people or showing experienced hobbyists new games and experiences, all while having fun!!!

Now for some vital statistics:

  • My first blog Went live at 23:35 on the 20/05/2011 (and it was crap)
  • That means my blog has been going for roughly 104 days
  • That means I've put on average 0.96 articles up per day
  • You've all made 428 comments between you in that time
  • That's an average of 4.32 comments per article
  • and an average 4.12 comments per day
  • There are 100 subscribers (and only 1 of them is me!!!)
  • That's 1 subscriber per article
  • and 0.96 new subscribers every day since I started
  • My Blog has received 56,047 page views in total so far
  • That's an average of 538.91 views per day 
  • and 566.13 view per article
  • The USA accounts for the biggest proportion of page views with 14,251
  • The UK the second largest with 12,128
  • Firefox is the most popular web browser with 21,133 views being via it
  • And everyone who reads my blog is certifiably awesome by the Ministry of Awesomocity

All that's left to say is a big thanks to every single one of you who have read any of my articles, an even bigger thanks to those who have subscribed to my blog and I reserve my biggest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed comments to any article I have written anywhere. Because its you guys that leave comments that keep this blog and hobby alive for me, as you are the reason, or people like you are, that I started this hobby and laterly this blog in the first place. Thank you, genuinely for 27 years of awesome hobbying and 104 days of interesting comments in response to my articles.

Well now the soppy stuff is out of the way its time for a bit of light relief and fun. I tried this in one of my earlier blogs, and I keep finding awesome Panda pictures on the Internet so I've decided to do a Panda caption competition to celebrate my 100th post. I won't be offering any prizes except free 'internetz pointz' which you can use to impress your friends and the ladies (legal disclaimer: 'internetz pointz' do not exist despite what forum trolls think). Please do take part though, there might be a change of heart over the prize thing...

I think this is a doozy!!! Peace out!


  1. Grats on the hi score mate, keep it rolling and ignore the f-tards :)

  2. @Joe thanks, I'll keep writing articles if people keep reading them. As for the f-tards... well every walk of life is full of them but on the internet they seem to come out in force ;) Not too bothered to tell you the truth about them getting all upset by my opinions.