Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Infinity factions Haiku's

I've been asked to produce a Haiku about my favourite faction, so I've set about trying to write a suitable Haiku for every Infinity faction I hope you enjoy them:


Achilles it made
Posthuman Saviour brave
Aleph we all praise


Through worm hole they went
Lost from our gaze they flourished
They fight to be free

Combined Army

Sinister alien Force
Made Paradiso a grave
divided we'll fall

Haqq Islam

Holy Mohammed
Enlightened science they make
Silently they war


Shunned banished in space
Wandering D N A Change
Three homes have evolved

Pan Oceana

Powerful they be
Rich decadent and depraved
Technology crutch

Yu Jing

Glorious Yu Jing
None match our warriors blades
Honour is our way

So which one do you guys all like best? I honestly can't decide. I think that technically they're all haiku as they all meet the 5-7-5 syllable rule for the three lines. However I'm not a literary master so if I'm wrong please correct me. I'm liking Aleph, Haqq Islam and Yu Jing. There's a pole now live on the Official Infinity Forums. Peace out!


  1. My favorite is the one for Ariadna but they're all great and I'm likely biased, too. My absolute favorite line however is the final one for the Nomads. I really enjoyed this, thank you!

  2. Heya Papa, I aim to please. I think its just a bit of fun. I know they conform to the rules of Haiku in terms of the syllables, if not to the metaphorical nature of the art form. I enjoyed pulling them together and I think each... in a roundabout way captures the essence of each factions background.

  3. Well for the HoP Idol comp I went with the Combined Army one in the end. The bloody official forums left me with a dead heat between that one and the Yu Jing one so in the end I had to flip a coin!!!