Saturday, 27 August 2011

HoP Idol voting now open!!!

Yep that's right, voting on the International House of Paincakes Idol competition is now open, see here:

HoP Idol Week 1 Recap

Its only week 1 and there are hopefully going to be many more weeks for my good self to come. Obviously I'd love for you all to head on over to the website and vote for me, but honestly the competition was pretty darn tough and there were some really great entries. First up was my entry:

Golden Age of Gaming (Frontline Gamer)

It was a typical positive outlook article from me, almost a rallying cry if you will to other gamers out there to realise just how good we have it right now because I really think we do have it good. Hopefully those of you who have been brave enough to read my blog over the last few months will have got that from how I've enthusiastically written about my hobby and my love for all things gaming.

Second was Von, a blogger I personally have a lot of time for...

Lead us not into Nerdrage (Von)

This was a really cool little article that I personally really enjoyed reading, and I think most of my regulars would too. You see although I'm an opinionated git at times (I know, I know I hide it well :P ) I too am actually like Von, I started my blog you see to hear what other people thought of what I was doing. To play games and let people know what I thought of them and sometimes all the good positive things that are going on in the hobby gets drowned out in the noise and just becomes part of the static that is the interweb!!! Nice thought provoking article.

Third up was Inquisitor_Dunn...

Pro-tour 40k (Inquisitor_Dunn)

This article touched on something that I've been interested in myself, and that's sponsorship. Now other small scale hobbies have it and I've often wondered why it is that it hasn't crept into wargaming. However whereas I'm surprised that independent gaming clubs haven't picked up sponsors this article by Inquisitor_Dunn talks about a whole other level of sponsorship in wargaming. In this article they argue that there will eventually and indeed sometime soon be a time when maybe some of the top wargamers who go to tournaments actually pick up sponsorship. I guess it could happen and Inquisitor_Dunn certainly makes a passionate pro-argument for it.

The 4th article of the week was a passionate plea from Rob...

GW please keep it believeable (Rob)

Look we've all been there recently haven't we? We've all read some of the God awful fluff put into recent codices by Matt Ward, we've all of us I'm sure recoiled in horror at some of the stories of C.S. Goto ( are they the same person? ) and thought why Games Workshop? WHY!!!! Well it appears Rob has as well, and while I've long since stopped caring about how the numpties at Lenton Lane seem intent on bastardising their own background and ruining it completely, its nice to know that there are indeed still people out there like Rob who clearly still care passionately about it.

The 5th article of the week came from Lantz, another blogger I've personally enjoyed reading in the past...

6th Edition (Lantz)

The rumours about 6th Edition 40k has had the internet a flutter over the past few weeks and possibly because of the hatchet job the Games Workshop did on 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy most of the chatter has been reserved at best and most commonly outright hostile. But not Lantz, oh no, like me he actually likes to try and remain positive about the hobby and I admire that in a fellow gamer I really do. Especially when it seems like you're swimming against the tide of popular opinion.

The penultimate article is from some freelance chap called 'theotherguy'...

Price hikes (theotherguy)

Again I have to take my hat off and salute them for trying to be positive about things. Here we have an article that is trying to claim GW's annual price hike might be good for us all and the hobby... yeah I know some of you are spitting blood right now aren't you? Go on admit it! However you should hear them out and give it a read because he's possibly got a point, and as somebody who recently admitted to having a bit of a shopaholic problem with toy soldiers myself, I have some sympathy for theotherguy's views.

and last but by no means least we have the final article from HOT Panda (I know cool name right?)...

Kool Aid man Vs Games Workshop (HOT Panda)

A humourous attempt at looking at the Games Workshops launch of Finecast... as those of you who know me and who have read my blog from the start, I was actually quite enthused about the move to resin. Oh yes I was go back and have a look; one Aero Librarian Marine later and a wonky Gandalf that has now passed into infamy and I'm firmly in the its totally shit camp, and totally support Kool Aid mans one man / pop crusade to get the truth out there and hopefully wake the Games Workshop up a bit and get them to turn Finecast into the product it should have been in the first place,

I think all that's left for me to say is that I've personally enjoyed writing some articles where somebody else has set the agenda and parameters rather than me just waffling on in my usual manner without rhyme or reason. I have also genuinely really enjoyed reading the articles from the other bloggers too, and I think everyone has done a decent job, so I hope my summing up doesn't offend anyone. I'd urge you to at the very least give some of them a read and if you feel so inclined vote for the ones you like. Obviously I'd like it if you voted for me but its optional and I won't fall out with you if you don't. I think voting is only open for another two days or so, so don't miss the chance to vote... or if you can't be arsed, that's cool too. Peace out!


  1. Great snap shot on the HoP Idol Contest. Glad you are having as much fun as I am with it.

  2. Well I'm glad you liked my summing up, although I thought somebody at the HoP's would have done it for me!!! lol. However I'm really glad you're enjoying it. I'm using it as a mild diversion at the moment to take my mind off of real world stress that I'm currently facing. :P TBH I'll be glad if I make it through without being the first person dumped out. ;)

  3. Awesome recap man. Couldn't have done it better myself

  4. perhaps the first loser could write the recaps for the House Of Paincakes each time the voting goes up.

  5. @Deathtron, cheers, glad I could oblige!!!

    @HOTpanda that isn't a bad idea actually perhaps you should email Deathtron with the suggestion.

  6. PS I'll still do my own summing up if I feel like it because that's just me!!!

  7. I sent an email off to Deathtron but till then I will be stopping by here to see your take on the articles. I might follow suit and through up my own take on each of the submissions as well. Cheers and thanks for the inspiration.