Thursday, 9 June 2011

The rise and rise of the resin base!!!

Its fair to say that me and the resin bases did not get off to the best of starts all those many, many years ago. In fact one might even say we got off to a rocky start. I won't go into details but the first ones I had were rank, stupidly expensive and about as detailed as a flat thing... a blind, one armed gibbon could've done a better job. My next foray into the world of resin bases would be quite some time, I ended up getting some resin bases from Forgeworld for some Dreadnoughts. Again I have to say I wasn't overly impressed with the detail or the product but they did there job and didn't make me see red quite like my first lot of bases.

So what has changed? Well lots of things really, firstly the cost of buying resin bases has come down quite a bit and they're now probably more affordable than they've ever been. Coupled with this I'm actually playing smaller games now so I need fewer of them. Trust me the prospect of buying say a couple hundred resin bases for a Warhammer Fantasy army did not make my bank account very happy, but 20 or 30 for Infinity doesn't seem too bad. Finally there are way more companies now competing in the marketplace and the standard of the product on offer has gone through the roof...

...Ironically though It wasn't actually resin bases at all that got me considering resin bases again. After years of building my own bases using bits of scrap plasticard and enough PVA to stick countless Humpty Dumpty's back together again along came Malifaux, a quirky little steampunk wild west adventure thingy, and along with it some wonderful little metal base inserts that I personally readily gobbled up! They made my life infinitely easier and that was it, I had a fecking craving for sweet looking, making my life much easier bases. So I started a looking on the old interzweb, and found these guys:

Dragon Forge Design
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Micro Art Studios
Antenocitis Workshop

and recently these guys:

Voodoo Worx

I haven't brought product off of Voodoo Worx though, like I have the first four and as a newish company by the looks of things they don't yet seem to have a massive range but I'll keep an eye on them. As for the others, I can vouch for them and the products they sell. Over the next few days I'll be doing some reviews of some of their products, starting off with the wonderfully awesome Dragon Forge Designs Omega Prime bases that have made starting my Infinity Aleph force that little bit easier... cheers for that Jeff!!! Peace out!


  1. Great linkage mate. I been hunting for something to spice up my malifaux that arent the standard ones for a bit, looks like im getting poorer soon.

  2. @Grumhelden... sorry!!! But hey I think with all these little games that are kicking around right now you can actually afford to go out and drop some cash on nice little finishing touches like resin bases.