Thursday, 8 November 2012

Who'd be up for a DreadBall tournament?


With the imminent release of Mantic's DreadBall I've been wandering what sort of appetite there would be for players to attend a day long tournament event in the West midlands would be? I'm not promising I'll be running such an event, but I am giving it serious consideration. So how many of you would be seriously interested in attending an event held at some point during the end of January 2013 or early February 2013, in the West Midlands. It'd most likely be a single day event held on a Saturday. I'd be looking at around maybe £10 a ticket. Let me know what you all think. Peace out!


  1. I would - a welcome return to moi old stomping grounds!

    1. Will, sorry I somehow totally missed that someone had responded to this. I've had a good number actually email me to say they'd be up for it. SO maybe I'll look into doing something in the new year, and I'll try to make it a bit special.

  2. Sounds like fun but I afraid that gas would be to high for me

  3. The wrong side of the pond in souther Indiana so I am sure Im out