Friday, 30 November 2012

Last few days to pre-order your HGB Southern Forces


This is only a very brief article today to remind people that this weekend is the very last time they've got to pre-order any of the Southern faction stuff for Heavy Gear Blitz. Yes Forged in Fire is on its way and Southern players heads must be close to exploding with excitement. I just want to get my hands on the rulebook and see what the hell it is like. I've already got pretty large NuCoal and PRDF armies and going for a third is just out of the question! Must... resist... third... faction...

Any way there are three bundle deals available:

Southern Reinforcement Deal
Southern Super Bundle Deal
Southern Epic Bundle Deal

If you pre-order these bundles you get some extra gubbins, and I think a Diamondback a few months before they're actually released. Sweet! There's also a new re-configured Southern Starter Army boxed set as well. I suppose we shouldn't forget the Southern Faction Field Guide as well, Forged in Fire, as a bare minimum I'd suggest all HGB players will want to pick that up. Any way this is my last warning about this topic, this stuff is launched on Monday the 3rd of December and if you don't pre-order, you don't get the extra free gubbins. So consider yourselves warned. Peace out!


  1. These deals look great.. Too bad about the timing :s I love mechas and love the setting. But with KD:M currently running and Freebooter's Fate just ended. Can't have it all.

    So I'll just be getting the Field Guide and perhaps the Drake as well.

    PS: the guys from Freebooter's are insane! Their funding was only over for a few days and I already had part of my pledge!

    1. What have you had from the Freebooter guy's? Your starter set and books? And yeah, their customer service in pretty damn good actually.

    2. Yup, double codex pledge. But yeah, even swapping out the second starter for some blisters was no problem. Hello Brotherhood boys!

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