Thursday, 8 November 2012

Editorial Plug: Lost in the Warp

This is the miniature TKKultist will be painting, converted by Mike Butcher.

Every now and then I see that other Bloggers are up to cool stuff between them, and that it normally doesn't involve me. Which, lets face it is just downright sodding rude behaviour! Recently I stumbled across this post at Lost In The Warp. The idea is pretty simple, there are three bloggers who appear to be pretty good at converting and painting. These are TKKultist at the aforementioned Lost In the Warp, Michael Butcher at 'The Buther's Bill...' (look the three .'s are in the title of the Blog, I didn't add them) and PsychosisPC who writes 'The Madhouse Workshop', although if you take his banners word for it he runs The Madhouse Workshc... no I have no idea what a workshc is either, and I have no desire to find out. Sounds painful. Are you with me so far? Three Bloggers, who are good at painting, what are the chances they know each other? Pretty high actually, and it turns out they do. To try and drum up some traffic to their websites they've come up with this wizard wheeze of converting a miniature and then passing it on to one of the others to paint. Sort of like a toy soldier pass the parcel, but without the annoying music and multiple layers of wrapping paper... so actually sod all like pass the parcel. Any way I think it's an interesting idea and the guys do seem to have a modicum of talent with the old paint brush so I thought some of you guys might want to go check it all out. Peace out!

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  1. 'I have no idea what a workshc is either, and I have no desire to find out. Sounds painful'

    Yer a knucklehead.