Thursday, 4 October 2012

Paint the City Pink (PLEASE READ)


HendyBadger is trying to drum up some support for his endeavours to raise cash for Cancer Research UK and the Breast Cancer Campaign. First things first, there are a number of pretty good reason as to why I'm highlighting this competition:

  1. It's run by HendyBadger over at 'Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher' who is a thoroughly nice fellow and a proper gentlemen.
  2. It's a really, really good cause. I'm sure that absolutely everyone of you who reads this will have known someone affected by some form of cancer. Right now my Grandfather is fighting a difficult battle against cancer. It's horrible illness that destroys lives and families, so anything we can do to help is a good thing.
  3. It's pink! Look at my Blog, although the pink and purple theme was an accident I've stuck with it through all the insults and ridicule!!! So I have to support anyone who is willing to turn their own Blog pink.

So what exactly is going on over at Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher? Well read on and I'll let you know!

First and foremost there is a painting competition, and I know a lot of you who read this Blog are incredibly keen painters, with a fair modicum of talent when it comes to slapping paint onto miniatures. So I figured to those of you out there this might actually appeal. The idea is pretty simple, you take a Pulp City 'Superhero' or 'Supervillain' and totally mess with their cool threads by painting them pink and getting all the other Superheroes and Supervillains to laugh at them! HendyBadger though knows that not everyone will be able to lay their hands on Pulp City miniatures readily, so the competition has been opened out to Superhero or Supervillain miniature you can lay your hands on, which should make your life a little bit easier. There's a two pronged approach with this competition though. Firstly HendyBadger is giving away the following prizes:

So there are some good prizes in there, and make no mistake! However, giving stuff away does not normally raise money right? Well yes of course you're right. That's why when the competition is finished HendyBadger is going to auction off your miniature to raise cash for the aforementioned charities.

Really nice gesture from those at CMoN

That's not all HendyBadger has on offer though. He's also got whole bunch of highly limited edition Dark Age Sisters of Charity, cast in pink resin to sell as well. The terribly nice chaps over at Cool Mini or Not only cast up 52 of them to help with fund raising for cancer, and HendyBadger has managed to snare himself 24 of them. Although I have no idea how many of them are still left, so if you want one I'd act quickly. To get your mitts of one you just have to click on the donate button on his website, he's left how much you choose to donate up to your own conscience, which knowing what a thoroughly reprehensible lot of miscreants you are might be a mistake! He's asked that you add £1 for postage and packing if you are in the UK and £2 for the rest of the world.  Also please remember that this is for a good cause and donate accordingly as your conscience dictates. Peace out!


  1. Very worthy cause, just wish my painting skills were up to the task. Saying that, I haven't painted pink in a long time.... hrm.....

    1. Go for it Dai, a pink mini is a pink mini!
      Always worth trying with that many awesome prizes up for offer.

    2. Yeah I second Hendy's urgings, if you feel up to it, give it a go!!!


  2. I will participate ... not for prizes
    I have not done a mini for competition since 2004 but i will make an exception ...

    Be ready for a pink surfer