Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Just a gentle competition reminder...


Hello everyone, this is exactly what it says it is, it's a gentle reminder that currently I'm running in conjunction with the guys at Cool Mini or Not and Dark Age a story competition. You can read the original article here. We have just little over a month to run this competition as it will close on the 19th of November 2012, I'm not too afraid to admit that although we've had some entries already, we've not had as many as I thought we would... while that might be personally embarrassing for me, it does represent something of an opportunity for you lot. It makes it easier I guess to win, and while winning the nice miniatures and book is reason enough, if any of you are aspiring games writers etc. then it is an opportunity to get some of your writing actually published by a games company. Yep Dark Age will publish the completed story, with the conclusion by the winner on their website. If you aren't interested yourselves perhaps some of your readers might be, so perhaps some of you could pimp the competition out for me, I'd be really grateful. So here are the prizes in full again:

  • Dark Age: Devastation (expansion rulebook)
  • 1x CORE Pathfinders
  • 2x CORE Rends
  • 1x blister of CORE Menials
  • 1x Skarrd Nightmare Juggernaught
  • 1x Skarrd Abomination

The basic rules are as follows:

  1. You must write an ending to the story 'Sandstorm' on the original competition articles here.
  2. You must then email this ending to me at this email address TheFrontlineGamerBlog@gmail.com, with the following in the email topic 'Dark Age story competition entry'.
  3. Although Dark Age is a no holds barred sort of game I'd ask you to keep it 'clean' people. No unnecessary swearing or auto-erotic asphyxiation!!! I'll accept 15 rated entries, but R rated hardcore porn and gratuitous splatter fests might not be accepted. I will email you ASAP to let you know if I think you've gone too far.
  4. Entries must be no longer than 1500 words. I'd love for it to be longer, but if we have 100 entries... well you do the maths that's a lot of reading and a lot of words.
  5. You do NOT have to be a follower of my Blog to enter this competition. Although it'd be nice if you did follow me. I'm a truly spiffing fellow, and a thoroughly nice chap. Plus I think my Blog's awesome... although I accept I might be a tad biased.
  6. All entries must be submitted by 12:00 noon GMT on the 19th November 2012. I'll then have a chat with Bryan at Cool Mini or Not about when we'll announce the winners, and then we'll let you guys know. I think this gives you all plenty of time to get a decent story ending together so late submissions will not be accepted. Sorry!

So again can I urge some of you to get your creative juices following and start writing a blockbuster ending to the story. Peace out!

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