Thursday, 13 September 2012

Studio McVey webstore is up and running again!!!


Which can only mean one thing... there's a new mini being released. And here she is, plus her cool Jetbike:

Vrooom, swooosh, meeeeoooow... wait... what? Where's the cat?

Now I don't know about you, but I think that looks all sorts of cool. Apparently her name is Nikitta Perostek, and her vehicle of choice is apparently an SMM30 - O.F - 1... why are they never named whizz zoom zoom? Or jetbike? Any way you can buy SMM30 - O.F - 1 Nikitta Perostek here and she will set you back £29.99 of your earth pounds, and well worth it she is too!

Such a very, very cool paint job. Le sigh!

Obviously the Ali and Mike have been moving to new premises over the last month or so, and I believe they've been without the Internet, which must have killed them. I mean how else do you entertain yourself if you can't look up video clips of cats doing stupid things on YouTube? Hopefully this means things are getting back to normal at Studio McVey and things are a little less hectic. Obviously on the one had it's great the webstore is back up and running, on the other though Studio McVey is a terrible influence on my bank balance. Temptation thy name is resin miniatures! Why can't I be hopelessly addicted to crystal meth instead? Any way go have a browse at the new webstore and weep as you empty your bank account. Peace out!


  1. Oh my.. I want her!

    Good news about the webstore too, I hope that Maelstrom will be able to finally send my backorder of McVey stuff :)

    1. I had Akarui, Shisou and Kara's Last Stand still pending. But I was looking around in the new webshop and saw they had the Light and Day 'diorama' back in stock. So I ordered that along with dear Nikitta and cancelled that particular order with Maelstrom :)

      I probably should have just gotten Kara from the McVey's themselves as well, but I forgot about her :( Oh well, can't be helped!

  2. That bike just screams "put a shark mouth on me".

    Which I will do when mine arrives :D

  3. This is a really nice model, but the paint job strikes me as odd.
    Besides needing a shark mouth, as Gotthammer mentioned, why the 'merican markings, instead of red stars, or hammers and sickles?
    I'm glad Nikitta went with a winner, but it seems outta place.

    Ok, so obviously her pose serves two purposes- to make the model dynamic, and to display the generous chesticles.
    Whatevs- my concern is that some bad guy is on her (shapely) six!
    And her response is a sidearm? While both her and her pursuer are moving at however many miles an hour?
    Her and her clearly non-military haircut (which I understand, sorta, since flowing hair is a great visual indicator of movement)are seconds away from crashing and burning (whoops! Tree), or being shot down.

    Overall, cool model. No doubt. This one leaves me with a lot of strange questions, though.
    Far more questions than that Infinity model that some people claimed had a...'landing strip,' even though she was fully clothed. Heh.
    Studio McVey did a great job creating a dynamic model with an excellent sense of motion and action, but I like my jetbikers facing forward, thanks.

    1. You see the way I read this is that she's either nicked the bike, and is just starting up / getting away. Or at the end of a drive by shooting ready to kick the speed up a notch or three. Also from the surface on the base I'd suggest she's on some salt flats not in a forest.


    2. Whoops...she ran into Lot's wife.

    3. Lolz :D

      I'm planning on ditching the pilot and making a scene as if it's on a race grid, using Effigy Minis Pilot as the rider standing nearby.

      I question the ergonomics of where her feet are placed. They make her very squashed up if she was sitting properly.

    4. @Gotthammer, you'll have to post picks when that's done!!!