Monday, 16 July 2012

Review: Micro Art Studio's Infinity Markers

The lovely Infinity MAS tokens

This is a bit of a weird review really. Mainly because although these packs are multiple products I'm doing this as a single review. This is because Micro Art Studios have, rather than lumping all the various Infinity Markers into one potentially very expensive set, actually decided to break them down into multiple sets. But, the reality is as a product one set in terms of structure and quality is very much going to be the same as any of the other sets. It's just the composition of the various counters they contain that changes, and as such this is just one big review, because not only am I lazy, but I think if I tried getting 15 reviews out of this one of you might actually fine me and kill me... I also think it'd be considered justifiable homicide if you did. So for my own safety and your sanityit's just a single review. Oh yeah and that is an Approved by Cats badge you see above... because the cats, they approve.

Product Description

Well depending on the packet you purchase it will contain either 6 or 12 acrylic disc counters. There is an odd one out packet as it were, in the shape of Infinity Special Markers II set, which only contains 11 counters as the Suppression Fire counter is the size of two normal counters and isn't round, but rectangular. Here's a list of what is in the various sets:

  • Infinity Camouflage Markers Azar: 5 Azar Camouflage tokens numbered 1 to 5 and 1 single 'Burnt' token.
  • Infinity Deployable Markers II: 3 AP Mine tokens, 3 M Mine tokens, 3 V Mine tokens and 3 Unloaded tokens.
  • Infinity Deployable Markers III: 3 Repeater tokens, 3 E/Mauler tokens, 2 IMM tokens, 2 DIS tokens, 2 POS tokens.
  • Infinity Irregular / Impetuous Markers: 6 Irregular tokens, 6 Impetuous tokens.
  • Infinity Special Markers I: 2 Green Holoecho tokens, 2 yellow Holoecho tokens, 2 Burnt tokens, 2 Hostile tokens, 2 Impersonation tokens level 1 and 2, 1 Unconscious token, 1 Porxy Active token.
  • Infinity Special Markers II: 2 Prone tokens, 2 DIS tokens, 2 Imm tokens, 1 foxhole token, 1 Link Team Leader token, 1 POS token, 1 Unloaded token.
  • Infinity total Camouflage Markers Purple: 5 Purple TO Camo tokens numbered from 1 to 5 and 1 Burnt token.
  • Infinity Wound Markers: 6 Single Wound tokens, 1 Double Wound token and 1 Triple Wound token, 4 Unconscious tokens.
  • Infinity Regular Markers: 11 Regular tokens, 1 Link Leader token.

Long and short of it is there are an awful lot of options and sets you can pick up and buy. These are just the ones I currently own, and I'd be very careful when ordering any sets to make sure you do get all the tokens you'll need for your specific force. Plus to make sure you don't end up with too many duplicate tokens.

Usefulness 9.5 out of 10

Anyone who has used homemade Infinity markers, using miniature bases and card board cut out tops probably let out a huge sigh of relief when they saw that Micro Art were bringing these out. Creating the card board cut out plus base markers wasn't really too much of an imposition I guess, but it was time consuming, a little bit messy and unless you were a Blue Peter badge winner (British cultural reference there folks) they tended to look... well... pants! They were also usually really rubbish to see on the board as you'd either use the Markers you got on the insides of your Infinity miniatures boxes or some laminated print outs, and as such any glare off of a light source could play havoc with actually seeing them. But, mostly they just looked ugly and Infinity is otherwise a very beautiful looking game. The really important thing though is that Infinity uses a lot of different types of markers for all sorts of varied and different reasons.

Seriously I've not really played a game like it in terms of using so many different, and specific types of counters and markers, you really need a lot. Plus not having them sort of stops you thinking about doing the things that you supposedly can do in the game, if you don't have the right marker. The most obvious one for me being Suppression Fire. The size and shape of the marker being so important to the function of the rule that it just initially felt wrong using the order without the correct counters. In other cases you can just completely forget that certain things exist, like mines. No mine counters and sometimes I forget to use them. So actually having some sort of official counter set is fantastic, and the fact that as far as I can see every option has been well and truly covered means that I should never be in any of these situations again mid-game. Strangely it felt like I was actually playing the game properly for the first time when I used these counters. Plus subsequent games have just flowed a little bit easier, as having these sorts of gaming aids tends to make things a little bit quicker and smoother.

So yeah Micro Art Studio's get a big pat on the back from me for developing these markers. Because re-sticking the cardboard cut outs onto the tops of gaming bases before you played a game at a local club could get really, really tired. Plus when demoing the game now at least I'll look a little bit more professional with my shiny new counters. Yeah sure, so I'll still look like a total rank amateur but my equipment will look top notch! The design of these though is what has really impressed me, I believe the idea for these actually came from somebody who goes by the name 'Sickhase' on the Official Infinity forums. Micro Art actually ran a competition of sorts to see if anyone could come up with a good way of developing some Infinity markers, and the design sickhase came up with was the eventual winner, and I must say they work really well. Further finesse of the product also came from another Official Infinity forum dweller when CelestialDragonKing suggested that the background colours behind numbers on things like camo markers should be different depending on the number, and trust me you'll be thankful for that suggestion when playing the game.

That last suggestion actually works exceedingly well if you ask me, and Micro Art Studio's ought to get Brownie points for at least asking the community what would work and what wouldn't. Because ultimately they've given the community what they actually wanted. Clear easy to read counters, that not only function really well during play, but also look good. They're hardy little acrylic discs with full colour print outs of the official artwork on them and are the official size as well, so no more arguments. So I'm personally glad that I have a large collection of official tokens that I can chuck in my bag now and just pull out when I want to game. No worries about gluing them back together again, or if my Suppression Fire marker is too big (don't ask), and my opponent can use them too. They're perfect for what they're designed for and I'm not so sure I could think of a way of improving the actual product itself. The packages some of them I'd possibly re-jig, but on the whole its a great little product range and a much needed one too.

Regular order tokens, useful, but not the most useful.

Detail 8 out of 10

Micro Art Studio's have been able to use the Official Infinity Marker artwork for these sets, and the full colour reproductions look brilliant for the most part. Obviously therefore artwork wise it's fair to say that these markers are incredibly in keeping with the game of Infinity itself, which given it is an officially licenced product range is pretty handy, and hardly surprising now is it? However, there is a weird effect that the magnification of the acrylic has on the print job of the token underneath, it sort of makes them look a bit grainy when you look at them up close. It's not terrible and down on the gaming table, and unless you have the eyes of a hawk, you really won't notice, but it does slightly take the sheen off of the finished product. Not much admittedly, but a bit.

A close up of the tokens, top and bottom.

Quality 9 out of 10

Well they're brilliant. I have used them multiple times in games and they have been thrown around on sanded boards. Admittedly and bizarrely in more games of Dust Warfare than Infinity, as I hand no tokens for that particular game while I was reviewing it, but regardless of what games they have been used for they have stood up pretty well to my abuse. I've had and used these for months now and they still look as good as new. No scratches on the acrylic surfaces, or the vacuum sealed / glued / heat formed / however they've attached it token on the underside as well. Neither have they begun to chip, peel or tear. Again given the treatment they've received at my uncaring hands, on what is essentially a giant coarse piece of sandpaper, that is impressive. I'm more than happy with the quality. I genuinely have very few complaints, even the slightly pixelated (and it is slight) look on the print job isn't enough to drag the score down. These are a well manufactured product, and I'd welcome some Dust Warfare versions, none too subtle hint there Micro Art or any other enterprising firm out there.

Service 9 out of 10

The service I received was excellent off of both companies I used. Yep I had to use two companies to get my various marker sets, because they sold out so rapidly when first released. I used Maelstrom Games and Antenocitis Workshop as well. Both companies got my lovely counters to me in double quick time, and both managed to pack them well. Postage was free on both of my orders because of the size of order and I've got nothing to grumble about really. Top job guys.

Price 7.5 out of 10

Wow, OK first minor grumble I guess, I think it's fair to say that these could be a little bit better priced as a product on the whole. Plus I personally think the way the tokens have been split up isn't the best if I'm honest. You will end up purchasing an awful lot of what I'd deem as wasted tokens to get the sets that you want. Personally I could do with a set of just 6 Suppression Fire counters... but perhaps that's just me! Any way Antenocitis Workshop charge £5.40 for the 12 tokens sets and £3.60 for the 6 token sets, which is as good a price as you're going to get in the UK. Maelstrom Games are charging £4.20 for the 6 token sets and £6.30 for the 12 token sets, again the price isn't too much more than Antenocitis Workshop, but over a large order the difference will add up. Me personally? I still think the price is a bit expensive for tokens, even though they are very good quality tokens. I'll be much more interested in seeing what's in this supposed 33 token starter set for the €15 price tag Micro Art hinted at.

Overall 8.5 out of 10

Yet again I'm looking at a very high quality product from Micro Art Studio's, pretty much everything they produce can be fairly described as 'high quality'. But, yet again I'm looking at the price of these and winching a little bit. They are pricey and although they're lovely looking, and fantastic down on the table, for some they'll just seem to be too much money for what they actually are. Especially as the different types of markers are spread across multiple packets. On that very note I'd like to say that Micro Art have at least wisely listened to some consumer feedback on the Official Infinity forums, and have said they're going to be releasing an Infinity Starter Marker Set with 33 of the most used markers in it. All for a pretty reasonable €15 price point. That will be well worth getting for newcomers to Infinity, and old hands like me alike, because these are a very good product and I'm starting to wander already how the hell I've managed to live without them for so long. Honestly, almost as good as the invention of sliced bread for me, as it has changed the way we play Infinity and we seem more likely to use abilities such as Suppressive Fire now. It's for that reason, and the fact they are so well made that these have earned their Approved by Cats award. Peace out!

Please remember I'm not around at the moment to respond to any questions or points you might have. So could I ask you to be patient and bear with me, I'll get round to it eventually I'm sure. Thanks!


  1. I got mine from Warhammer Trader, they do a pick and mix service that was excellent. Got exactly the tokens I wanted and I'll likely go back for more.

    1. I did not know that. I'll have to look it up.

  2. Sigh...I wish my online retailer would get these back in stock.
    Either that, or someone would open a FLGS near me...but that ain't happening...


    1. Is New York really that much of a gaming wasteland?

  3. Maybe its the photos but ima not really a fan. They look a bit cheap like just a cardboard cut our with perspex on the top.

    I am not sure your home made ones would actually look worse.

    1. Trust me they don't look cheap. I took some pretty extreme close up pictures so people could see the pixellation on them. They aren't just cardboard cut outs either its some sort of plasticised foil. All high quality components... and trust me... they're way better than DIY cardboard cut outs.

  4. personally I think these are great, I used to play infinity quite a bit but not so much now, the prices of these tokens are quite frankly mental and if they were cheaper I'd snap them up.

    1. Yep the cost is the main downside with these.

  5. Great review by the way!

    Although, I agree with Anton re. the prices. Yes they are nicely produced, but they shouldn't cost that much, and the 'starter' pack should be here already. I made my own tokens using a half-decent printer and some Mantic bases (which fit perfectly), and used some old CDs as bases for the smoke/explosion templates (which again fit to the milimeter!) - combined price of an entire set was probably £3-4, and I would rather use that money saved to get another boxset of models, or even an evening out at the pub for that matter! :)

    1. While I like the look of the tokens and such I have been using my Khador Warmachine tokens. Different shapes help with different affects but more importantly I can write on the tokens with a dry or wet erase marker. I simply love them.

      I hope some other companies come out with tokens that I can write on that are more generic. Say four shapes (circle, square, Triangle,pentagon or hex) and I can write on all would be great.

    2. You might check out