Monday, 28 May 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz bring on the NuCoal tanks...


I think it's more than fair to say that in the past I've been pretty darn critical of some of the Heavy Gear Blitz vehicles. Some of them don't look so good, I'm thinking of the jeeps and trucks mainly. Some look a little bit chunky and blocky. So when I was told the Voltigeur was on it's way I was a little apprehensive if I'm honest. Why? Because the line sketches / schematic drawings of them in the NuCaol Perfect Storm book looked brilliant, and I have to be honest I quite like tanks, and I'd quite like to buy these specific tanks and put them in my NuCoal forces and when you hear something you want is about to be released you just hope they don't look like a pile of old crap don't you? So what do they look like? Well they're actually quite nice looking:

This shot gives you a good idea of the size of the Voltigeur relative to some Gears.

This might look like the same picture... but it's not! The gubbins at the back denote this as the CV variant

This is the hammer variant, and the one I like the look of the most. I have a thing for big barrels!!!

Gratuitous close up shot of a Voltigeur... does this count as tank porn?

Ooooh, it's opening it's flaps now to reveal missiles. I'm rubbing my thighs like a dirty old man.

Phwoar!!! A Voltigeur doggy style.

Full on frontal shot, giving it both barrels...

...and I'm spent!

So these shots show it's not too bad looking. I'd be happy to put them on the tabletop with the rest of my NuCoal forces. In fact I want three or four of them, because they look nice and I'd love to have the option of fielding them with the rest of my stuff. Alas I'm skint. The SRP is around $30 CAN, that works out at $30.31 US, €23.12 and in real money it's £19, that's for one resin mini with all the options in the box. I'd also say the Voltiger is a step up on some of their previous tanks and vehicles, which as a miniatures company is what you want to see, that you're continually improving on what has gone before. I'm also starting to get the hang of the game and what the various things do now, and I think the various Voltigeur options are actually quite good for their respective TV. They're pretty good as a fire support option but have enough firepower to punch a pretty large tank shaped hole in your opponents battle lines, yep along with a few more Sampson APC's I think it's pretty fair to say three of these will be going down on my shinies I want list.

I'd also like to point out to people that right now Dream Pod 9 are having a bit of a sale on their scenery and resin bases. The sale is on until Monday the 4th of June 2012, and offers a pretty whopping 25% off the retail price. That's not bad you know when other certain companies are hell bent on raising their prices to pretty much unaffordable levels for most of us. I don't own any of the Heavy Gear Blitz Terra Nova terrain pieces, so I can't vouch for them personally myslef but you can take a look at them here. They look pretty good for the most part and I particularly like the Badlands Outpost, Stone Heads Four Pack and the various scatter terrain like the Water Condenser, Windmill and Solar Panels. The resin bases come in two flavours, Desert and Techno and can be found here. Now I'm a fan of scenic resin bases and pretty much all my forces are mounted on resin bases of some kind, and I like these two base types... but I do have a slight issue with the larger bases being round. It's my OCD kicking in but I want my entire force to be on hex bases. But hey that's just me. Peace out!


  1. Tanks iz sexy, no matter the game.
    I luvs me some tanks.
    Rubbing my thighs now....

    1. That's it, rub those thighs SinSynn.

      I swear to God I need serious psychological help!!! There's just got to be something wrong with me, but God damn it as a male I just find the idea of tanks really, really cool. Future tanks are just made of even more win!

    2. Sigh.
      Even the most erudite, honorable, chaste gentleman in the world has a pre-programmed, genetic weakness for two things:

      1) cool shooty things
      2) boobies

      It is what it is. I never deny my love of either, and I like 'em both dirty.

    3. Heaven help us if Kingdom Death ever decide to make a Sci-fi game then... They'd release tanks covered in slimy boobs!!!

  2. Replies
    1. So they are. There appears to be lots and lots of little resin add on pieces designed to allow you to sort of personalise your own tanks.

  3. Very nice. Almost enough to make me consider forking out a fortune for a NuCoal force to supplement my Emirates army.

    1. I'm really chuffed I went with the NuCoal stuff because it means I get to buy and play with all the really cool shiny toys... and NuCoal have plenty of really shiny toys.

  4. I do like the new tank for NuCoal, all there stuff just keeps tempting me into yet another army, but I must resist.

    I did a bit of a review of the DP9 scenery I purchased a while back. I must say it's pretty nice stuff, very little mould lines etc, and again it's made of that rock hard resin they use, so it should take a fair amount of wear and tear.

    My review is here if you're interested.

    1. thanks for the review of that stuff Mecha Ace. Really useful to read.